#2018PilotSeason By the Calendar


February 27

Guess Who Died (NBC)


March 7

The Rookie (ABC) – Los Angeles

The Village (NBC) – New York


March 8

Dead Inside (The CW) – Vancouver

Manifest (NBC) – New York


March 12

A Million Little Things (ABC) – Vancouver

F.B.I. (CBS) – New York

For Love (ABC) – New Orleans

Get Christie Love (ABC) – New York

God Friended Me (CBS)

In Between Lives (NBC)

In The Dark (The CW) – Toronto

Staties (ABC) – Portland

The Finest (ABC) – New York

The Fix (ABC) – Los Angeles

Playing Dead (The CW) – Toronto

Murder (CBS) – New York

Roswell (The CW) – New Mexico


March 13

The Mission (ABC) – Vancouver

The Passage (FOX) – Atlanta

Untitled Bad Boys Spin-Off (NBC) – Los Angeles


March 14

Bellevue (NBC) – New York

Main Justice (CBS) – New York

Red Line (CBS) – Chicago

Salvage (ABC) – Charleston


March 15

Grand Hotel (ABC) – Miami

The Greatest American Hero (ABC) – Los Angeles


March 17

Single Parents (ABC) – Los Angeles

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC) – Prague


March 18

The End of the World As We Know It (The CW) – Vancouver


March 19

Charmed (The CW) – Vancouver

False Profits (ABC) – Dallas

Four Rivers (ABC) – Los Angeles

Gone Baby Gone (FOX) – Chicago

Infamy (FOX) – Chicago

L.A. Confidential (CBS) – Los Angeles

Mixtape (FOX) – Los Angeles

I Feel Bad (NBC) – Los Angeles

Suspicion (NBC) – Boston

The Code (CBS) – New York

The Enemy Within (NBC) – New York


March 20

Bright Futures (NBC) – Los Angeles

How May We Hate You (ABC) – Los Angeles

Magnum, P.I. (CBS) – Honolulu

Our People (FOX) – Los Angeles

Spencer (The CW) – Los Angeles

Untitled Bowman Comedy (ABC) – Los Angeles


March 21

Skinny Dip (The CW) – New Orleans

Steps (ABC) – Los Angeles

Untitled Tim Doyle Comedy (ABC) – Los Angeles


March 22

Mrs Otis Regrets (FOX) – Chicago


March 25

Chiefs (CBS) – Atlanta


March 26

Abby’s (NBC) – Los Angeles

Cagney & Lacey (CBS) – Los Angeles

Friends-In-Law (NBC) – Los Angeles


March 27

Like Family (NBC) – Los Angeles


March 28

Dan The Weatherman (FOX) – Los Angeles


April 2

So Close (NBC) – Los Angeles


April 4

Untitled McAuliffe Comedy (CBS) – Los Angeles


April 9

25 (CBS) – Los Angeles


April 11

Man of the House (ABC) – Los Angeles

Pandas in New York (CBS) – Los Angeles


April 19

Most Likely To… (ABC) – Los Angeles


April 24

Fam (CBS) – Los Angeles



Bless This Mess (FOX) – Los Angeles



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