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NBC’s 20 most exciting projects for 2017/2018 pilot season


The following article is based on descriptions mixed wih talents attached ONLY. None of the scripts have been read at this point. 



  • A fitting show to pair off with hit family drama This is Us
  • The right series to follow The Voice on monday.
  • Comedies in the same vein as Superstore & The Good Place to finally have a new comedy brand


NBC is having a stellar season compared to the other networks, even though The Voice is fading and some dramas are struggling. They shouldn’t have thrown Blindspot to the wolves this early, especially since Timeless was not the right fit for the post-The Voice slot on mondays, and they should have protected Chicago Med a little bit longer to sustain the momentum it had last spring. Other than that -and not finding a spot for Cruel Intentions- they took risks and those paid off.

They really believed in This Is Us, they gave it their best timeslot against all odds and it worked even better than they could have hoped for. This is THE HIT of the fall -maybe the only hit we will have the whole season- and they may even bring home Golden Globes and Emmy Awards in a few weeks/months. Meanwhile, the Chicago franchise is alive and well, Law & Order: SVU is somewhat still a thing, The Blacklist is not dead yet and they’re finally having the beginning of a comedy brand with Superstore, The Good Place and maybe Powerless, all centered on strong female leads. A ton of news shows have yet to premiere though, most of them will probably crash. We’ll se what happens with Emerald City on friday, which is generating some buzz, or comedies like Trial and Error and Good News.

For next season, they won’t have that much space to launch new shows but their primary goals will be to rely less on the Chicago franchise, strengthen their comedy brand and have more hit shows produced in-house at Universal Television (This Is Us is from 20th Century FOX Television, The Blacklist from Sony Pictures Television, Blindspot from Warner Bros. Television). Already ordered to series are Law & Order True Crime: Menendez and police procedural drama Gone. Both might end up on the fall schedule.



THE ARK (20th Century FOX)

What? about an engineer who, after the death of his wife, has a vision to construct a ship capable of sustaining life in space; when the build happens to coincide with the coming end of the world, the engineer realizes there may be a larger story at play…

Why? Let’s be real with this one: it has a very slim chance to get picked-up, even though Robert Zemeckis is behind it. FOX could have kept it for themselves if they didn’t already have a sci-fi show ordered (Orville). It’s hard to imagine this working on NBC but it’s still one of their most exciting buy of the season. And it’s realistic! The brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking just explained that we really should continue exploring space because in 1000 years, life on Earth won’t be sustainable anymore…


BOYS (Universal Television)

What? follows the formation of a hugely successful boys band and captures all the excitement, competition and fun, but also provides an inside look into the pressure that follows…

Why? I’m not sure the fact that Zayn Malik, an ex-member of One Direction, is an executive producer of Boys is that important. They are just using his name to give it some credibility and buzz. He probably won’t participate in the making of it. At all. The most surprising thing about this project is the fact that it’s coming from… Dick Wolf! He has never done anything like it, but he’s one hell of a producer. NBC is looking for a musical scripted series for a long time. Maybe this is the one. It’s easy to imagine them launching it behind The Voice… Will it turn into another Smash situation? That’s the risk. Maybe it’s one worth taking.


CANYON CITY (Sony Pictures Television)

What? Canyon City is the ultimate company town where everyone who lives, works, goes to school or visits does so because of the multiple prisons that surround this idyllic location. From a prison guard to a boarding house owner to a death row inmate’s fiancée, this series explores the lives, loves and crimes of those forced to co-exist in a world with both visible and invisible boundaries. It’s a world where people of all ethnicities and social-economic strata are suddenly thrust together to create new communities, new power structures and new families.

Why? It doesn’t sound sexy or warm, it might even look a bit depressing but it’s an interesting concept for a show based on characters, emotions and daily lives, like This Is Us. It’s the right time to offer such a drama that could resonate with America, and many other countries in the world actually.


C.R.I.S.P.R. (Universal Television)

What? set five minutes into the future, it explores the next generation of terror: DNA hacking. Each episode will explore a bio-attack and crime — from a genetetic assassination attempt on the president to the framing of an unborn child for murder. The show’s central character is a scientist with the CDC who is paired with an FBI agent. In the same vein of Castle, romance will blossom between the scientist and the FBI agent as they team to bring down a diabolical genius with a twisted God complex: her former boss. The drama will see mentor and protégé battle for control over the human genome in a game of cat and mouse in which the future of our species may rest and all disease could one day be eradicated.

Why? Wow. This is complex and ambitious, and we already know all there is to know about it in these few lines. It doesn’t sound like it but it’s produced by Jennifer Lopez. After Shades of Blue, she seems to be very serious about her producing career. I don’t really know what to think about CRISPR. It could be a perfect disaster but at least they are trying something which seems both compelling and not too disturbing for the conservative audience thanks to the Castle part of it. This title is terrible though. May be an interesting midseason alternative.


GOOD GIRLS (Universal Television) picked-up

What? what happens when three “good girl” suburban wives and mothers from the suburbs of Detroit suddenly find themselves in desperate circumstances: they decide to stop playing it safe and risk everything to take their power back, descending together into a life of crime…

Why? Apart from the evident Desperate Housewives resemblance, this show is created by Jenna Bans, a writer who learned from the best: Shonda Rhimes. She did The Family for ABC last year, which was a very good show that sadly didn’t find an audience. She also worked on Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and shortlived Off The Map. There are good reasons to bet on it.


SPIN (Universal Television)

What? A high-powered Los Angeles public relations firm is run by a dysfunctional family. The Kraffts are equally skilled at getting their celebrity clients out of jams and getting themselves into personal crisis…

Why? Singer and The Voice judge Pharrell Williams is producing this project that could be described as a mix between Scandal, less political, and Empire, less musical. Mixing two hit shows rarely make a new one but the idea has a certain appeal and NBC needs something soapy.


THE CURVE (Warner Bros. Television)

What? about an attorney who decides to leave his white shoe law firm and give back by teaching, but he finds his idealism challenged when he signs on to work at the worst academic institution in the country – Manhattan Law School, located in Gowanus, Brooklyn…

Why? Idealistic characters have disappeared from television. Anti-heroes are still a thing but we’ve seen so many over the past few years it’s getting old. Coming back to hope and admiration wouldn’t hurt from time to time. That’s what Designated Survivor is trying to do. The Curve seems like an interesting idea to do so in the legal drama department. Plus, it’s been a long time since we had a great show taking place in a school. Okay, there’s a bit of this in How To Get Away With Murder but I’m talking about a more realistic approach. It’s from the creator of The Mysteries of Laura. Depending on how you felt about that show, it’s either a good or a bad news.


THE LAST POLICEMAN (Sony Pictures Television)

What? follows a detective in New Hampshire during the final years of civilization as a catastrophe-level asteroid hurtles toward the planet; despite the social, political and economic effects of preparing for impact, he keeps his head down and hope alive by solving cases amidst the ever-increasing chaos…

Why? NBC is definitely into the end of the world with several projects built around it. This one is the police procedural version of it and it looks promising, depending on the actor chosen to play our hero. If it’s yet again someone like Jason O’Mara, let’s just forget it. Also depending on the weekly cases. They need to be different from what we’re used to. The “chaos” needs to play a big part in it. If it’s just solving “classical” crimes while the world is ending, don’t even bother ordering it NBC.


TREASURE (Universal Television)

What? a group of grad students in Washington, DC accidentally uncovers a 40-year-old secret which leads them on a wild ride through real history as they attempt to unravel an unsolved murder, find hidden blood money, and avoid being killed by an assassin from the past…

Why? How To Get Away With Murder meets Indiana Jones. It’s pretty fucked up, right? That’s why it’s attractive. I’m curious to see how it could look like. Perhaps it could be a fun summer show. More than that, I’m not sure.


SALVATION (Sony Pictures Television) picked-up

What? on Fourth of July weekend. A summer storm unexpectedly intensifies and changes track to New York Harbor. Power goes out. Flood waters rise. Most Brooklyn hospitals are forced to evacuate. With few doctors on call, and without any warning, the recently downsized Our Lady of Salvation now becomes the borough’s last viable trauma center. Salvation, the first real-time hospital “extreme event” drama, will capture the life-and-death choices nurses, PA’s and other front-line caregivers make as they struggle to provide care and triage.

Why? Filmmaker Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale, Collision) is producing the project and he has the intention to direct it. That makes it even more exciting. We’re still waiting for a credible medical drama with a real high-octane feel and Salvation looks it could be the one. I don’t see it as a weekly show though, but more as an event series.



What? A mother and a daughter, while learning to put their differences aside and forge a strong partnership, transform a struggling funeral home with dancing and singing pallbearers, and even a pimped out hearse – turning death into a celebreation of life. This unconventional family will be charged with finding closure for those who have suffered a loss, while learning what it means to be truly alive themselves.

Why? If I had to pick up my favorite project to follow This Is Us on tuesday, this would be the one. The idea was first developed by NBC last year with Jason Katims. They believed in it enough to order a new script with an all new team. Can a show about a funeral home can be made after Six feet Under? I like to think so as long as it’s different and it seems to be. It could be fun, heart-wrenching and heart-warming.


VOX (Universal Television)

What? The renegade team of undercover journalists at Vox believes that everything in the news has become subjective and corrupt, and that is a threat to the American way of life. So they’ve decided to do something about it, and much of it is illegal, unscrupulous and downright dangerous…

Why? We’re still waiting for a good drama about journalists. And these days, while Trump and many others are trying to communicate without them, it would be interesting to see what a TV show has to say about it. Not sure NBC is the right home for it but it’s certainly not something we want to see on FOX (you know, FOX News…). The key here: great, inspiring characters. If they have that, then let’s do it!


NBC also has a lot of legal dramas in development like Blood Defense, adapted from Marcia Clark’s book; Ritter, based on an Icelandic format; an Untitled One starring Morena Baccarin; Flight Risk produced by John Wells; or In Defense of Tom Parish, produced by Sean Hayes. Also remakes are hot with The Italian Job, Sneakers & Blue Crush. A few police procedurals are in the mix like The Evidence Room; Family Honor; Last Hope; or Twist (a reimagination of Oliver Twist as a woman). Dick Wolf is working on a new franchise set in the world of the FBI; while numerous thrillers are developed like Walking Lions from Gideon Raff; First Responders by Vin Diesel; The Eight adapted from Michael Connolly; and Blackmail produced by Aaron Paul.



ACTION LAND (Universal Television)

What? follows the exploits of the employees of a struggling local amusement park in Arizona.

Why? Parks And Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & The Good Place creator Mike Schuur is behind this project. Parks and Rec in a local amusement park? I’m sold! As long as the characters and the actors involved are good, it’s pretty much a sure thing for me.


THE BABY (Universal Television) picked-up

What? about the youngest male in an organized crime family of all women; though he’s tough at work, his mother and seven older sisters mercilessly push him around at home…

Why? Amy Poehler is producing, Seann William Scott as the lead seems to be a good idea, and the pitch is interesting and different enough for a comedy. That’s a yes.


SPACED OUT (Warner Bros. Television) picked-up

What? single-camera workplace comedy which is set in the world of commercial space travel…

Why? Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougar Town) is struggling a bit with his shows lately,  this one looks better and promising. Plus, it’s a workplace comedy and those kinda work on NBC, and NBC only.



What?  about the first white family to move into a predominantly black, newly gentrifying neighborhood in Cleveland…

Why? Even though this concept is not as new at it sounds -sitcoms in the 70s-80s tried the same thing- I’m interested to see a modern update of it. Bill Lawrence is also producing this one, alongside the famous basketball player LeBron James who’s from Cleveland. NBC may not resist. And why should they?



What? about a 30-something father who’s trying to navigate his life a year after his wife suddenly dies: how to live, date, parent, etc., all with the unrelenting, unsolicited advice of his in-laws, parents, friends, wife’s friends and nanny – aka his new makeshift family…

Why? Sounds like a heartwarming, positive comedy. That’s all I got, folks!


UNTITLED DAVIS & YU PROJECT (Universal Television)

What? Nora, a young researcher, travels to the extreme environment of Antarctica with big plans but is surprised to find she’ll need a different kind of survival skills to navigate the eccentric people who live and work in this office space at the end of the world

Why? An office comedy -something NBC did great repeatedly- taking place in Antarctica? I’m more than interested! I want to see that. Of course, the actress who will be chosen to play Nora can transform a good idea into a great show. So cast it well NBC! It could fit well with shows like Superstore, The Good Place and Powerless. The downside is FOX is working on a similar idea with New Girl creator. Let the better one win!


UNTITLED KOURTNEY KANG PROJECT (20th Century FOX Television) picked-up

What? explore what it’s like to grow up as the only girl in the only mixed race family in the suburbs of Philadelphia, dealing with real-world issues like race and gender while never losing focus of her life goal… to become a Laker Girl like her idol, Paula Abdul…

Why? It sounds a lot like Fresh Off The Boat. And it’s from Nahnatchka Khan, who happens to be Fresh Off the Boat co-creator! She also did Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. So she’s good and there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be good too. It’s certainly more on brand with ABC but NBC would be stupid not to try having their own sweet family comedy.



What? a sweet, funny but lonely funeral director decides to have a one-night stand on his birthday with his complete opposite and winds up with a big, instant, messy family…

Why? With Grimm ending, NBC will probably try to keep producer Sean Hayes happy. He’s a good friend of the boss… But honestly, this project sounds fun.


What projects are you the most interested in among these? Take your picks!

Grey’s Anatomy : what if Shonda Rhimes creates another spin-off? Here are 5 ideas!

GREY'S ANATOMY - ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" stars Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, Gaius Charles as Shane Ross, Tessa Ferrer as Leah Murphy, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards, Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson, Sarah Drew as April Kepner, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber. (Photo by Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images)

While ABC is having a hard time finding new drama series that stick, Grey’s Anatomy is still a ratings monster on Thursday in season 13 (!!!) with more than 8 million fans watching the show live, adding another 4 millions in the 7 days that follow. Of course, the show will get a 14th season renewal. But isn’t it the right time and the last chance for ABC to order a new spin-off? That’s probably something the network dreams about for years -since Private Practice run has ended- while Shonda Rhimes is rightfully resisting the urge. She now has 5 shows on the air (Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, The Catch and midseason entry which has yet to be renamed Still Star-Crossed) and a handful of new projects for next season. But what if they do it? What spin-off should they go for? Here are 5 ideas. Feel free to discuss them and add yours!



  1. Callie’s Anatomy

Since Sara Ramirez departed the show in the end of season 12, she cut her hair and came out as bisexual, juste like our beloved Callie. Wouldn’t it be great to follow Callie’s professional and sexual adventures in New York? She could dump Penny quickly and make love to Sofia’s lesbian babysitter! It’s just an idea. We want her to go rock’n’ roll. She would met new colleagues there, new friends, in a little clinic, not a huge hospital, maybe in a poor neighborhood to deal with different issues than in Grey’s and Private. It’d be one of the rare TV shows with a bisexual lead (The 100 and what else?) and one of the rare drama with an hispanic lead (Shades of Blue and ?). Make it happen, ABC!



2. Call Me Izzie

Well, Izzie… Every year, everyone thinks there’s a storyline that might be finaly introducing Katherine Heigl’s long awaited comeback but it never happens. And this year is no exception with Alex and Jo separating. As much as we know, there is no such plan, especially since Rhimes & Heigl are still at odds. But we’re allowed to dream a little. Izzie coming back in Seattle for a few episodes and then leading her own show would certainly be a ratings success if things are done the right way. But Heigl has her new series Doubt (from ex Grey’s Anatomy producers) coming next year on CBS, which rules it out completely, at least for 2017. Too bad.



3. Warriors

It seems like nobody’s missing Kim Raver’s Teddy. It was a nice player though, a really interesting character that departed too soon. It’s certainly too late now to re-introduce her in the show, but a few years back they totally should have given her her own spin-off. It would have been centered on her mourning trip to a war zone where she would have led a team of courageous doctors saving lives in dangerous situations. And sleeping with each others of course. ABC developped similar ideas a few times the past years but without Shonda involved. Maybe they should re-think the idea, with her this time…



4. Grey’s Anatomy: the Young Years

Remember this season 6 episode where we flashbacked to the hospital in the 80s when Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother, and Richard met and fell in love during the AIDS years? It was a damn good one. And the great Sarah Paulson was in it. It was before she became Ryan Murphy’s best friend. Making a whole show about this period of time would be risky, especially since we already know how the couple ended up in life and since period dramas tend to flop on networks, but at least it would have been interesting and kind of new.



5. Grey’s Kindergaten

Okay, this one is very unlikely, but I like it. Have you ever asked yourself what happens for our doctors’ kids when they are all together in the Sloan-Grey Memorial’s kindergaten? That show would be a workplace comedy following the nurses that take care of them. Occasionally, one of Grey‘s stars would make a guest appearance.


And yes, a show about Cristina in Switzerland would make sense too, but I feel like everything has been said and done about her. It wouldn’t be a good idea and we need Sandra Oh in something new!

How to fix ABC in 5 easy steps [My Take]


As you probably all know by now, ABC is in trouble with two of their new shows, Notorious & Conviction, not surprisingly starting poorly, with no hope for potential recoveries over the next few weeks. They can’t even count on a good word of mouth: they were not well-liked by both critics and curious viewers. The question now is whether the network will let them stay on the schedule until the remainder of their initial order (which consists of 13 episodes), trim it to 10 or even less, or cancel them altogether with an immediate effect. Since ABC didn’t order that many new shows for the entire season overall, they will probably stick with them through the fall, at least.

Not everything is this dark for ABC though: Kiefer Sutherland-starrer Designated Survivor looks like a hit with very decent live numbers and huge DVR; and comedy Speechless fits perfectly with the ABC Funny line-up alongside The Goldbergs & Modern Family. American Housewife has yet to start but stuck between The Middle & Fresh Off The Boat, it’s expected to make decent numbers.

While making too many changes too soon is never a good idea, ABC has to make some anyway so they can stay competitive before starting anew next season, with the first shows developed by the new regime. And by the look of things, Channing Dungey shouldn’t rely too much on procedurals: that’s simply not ABC’s brand, even if they’re more profitable when they actually work.



Unless ABC can start the 6th season of Scandal sooner than expected -I doubt it because of Kerry Washington’s pregnancy- they can’t let their best drama lead-in –Grey’s Anatomy– go to waste (Notorious). Since HTGAWM has a hard time at 10 with its live numbers -the +3 & +7 are still potent- it wouldn’t hurt to move it to 9 where it can do a little bit better. The more they wait, the less the move will be effective. They can put Notorious at 10 or…



Is it too late so save the L+7 blockbuster? Probably. At least, the show helps keeping the lights on at 10 on sundays, where anything new would crash and burn. And that’s probably why they decided to keep it that way this season. BUT as numbers suggest, Quantico is not dead. Not yet. And it’s still an asset for the network. Giving it a push at 10 on thursdays, which was not possible when the TGIT was still a thing, is now very much possible. It probably won’t rise that much, but any rise is good to take, even for a few weeks! Justice for Quantico!



They’d make a perfect march, wouldn’t they? Of course, ABC will be tempted to launch the Shondaland’s Romeo & Juliet soap on their TGIT night come spring, but it certainly would be a better fit with The Bachelor, which is now, by the way, a better lead-in than Dancing With The Stars on the demo. They could also put it on sundays after Once Upon A Time, and it’d be fine but not ideal. If ABC wants a try at another hit this season, they know what to do…



Don’t make the same mistake you did with Forever, ABC. There are still very angry fans out there, and we can’t really blame them. What you did with Forever made sense somehow but you could have handled things better and give it a push. Give Time After Time -which is not that different tonally- a real chance to shine and find its audience, even though it’s not produced in-house but by Warner Bros. once again. And what does it mean precisely? Don’t hide it somewhere at 10. Don’t put it after Dancing With The Stars for example. It wouldn’t be a good fit. Don’t waste it on fridays. But you’re not FOX, I guess you would never do that, right? So what? Yes, it’s a difficult timeslot but sundays at 9 seems to be the best option. Once Upon A Time is not a good lead-in anymore, but at least Time After Time is compatible with it. Doing the same numbers or slightly better would be a victory of some sort.



Meaning doing this (either during the winter hiatus -if there’s one- or this spring)…




I know most of you will call me crazy but it’s all about changing the narrative! Let me explain. Can we agree that ABC is dead on sunday for multiple reasons (football on NBC, no sports before 8 to support the night like this is the case on CBS, The Walking Dead on AMC… and of course shows which are not Desperate Housewives)? Yes we can. What if ABC self-proclaimed sunday night as their “prestige night” by scheduling there the shows that critics give much praise to but viewers don’t massively go to? The only “veteran” American Crime could be put at the center, at 9. Right before that, they have two midseason comedies waiting in the wings with a real cable feel: Imaginary Mary & Downward Dog. Make it a combo. And put When We Rise, a period drama about the LGBT movement, at 10. ABC could use the Oscars to promote the four of them heavily for a March launch. Of course, the numbers won’t be impressive but at least ABC could proudly turn a bad night into a prestige night where numbers don’t matter that much.


What’s your opinion? Feel free to comment!

2016/2017 Ratings Predictions: which new shows will be hits? which ones will get the ax?

This article is pure predictions (based on timeslots, buzz, critics) and has no other value than having some fun. Feel free to comment and give our own predictions.

abc-gold-logo design

SPEECHLESSMODEST HIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2


NOTORIOUS – Cancelled by january

CONVICTION – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE – Back Nine (or less) – Cancelled by may



TIME AFTER TIME – Cancelled by may

STILL STAR-CROSSED – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre numbers

IMAGINARY MARY – Cancelled by may

DOWNWARD DOG – Cancelled by may


nbc                        goodpli

THE GOOD PLACE – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre numbers

THIS IS USMODEST HIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2

TIMELESS – Cancelled by may

EMERALD CITY – Cancelled by may



CHICAGO JUSTICEMODEST HIT – Renewed for season 2

THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION – Renewed for season 2

GREAT NEWS – Cancelled by may

MARLON – Cancelled by may

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS – Cancelled by may

POWERLESS – Renewed for season 2

TAKEN – Cancelled by may

TRIAL & ERROR – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre numbers


CBS-Logo                 buuul

KEVIN CAN WAIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2

BULLHIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2

MACGYVER – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre numbers

MAN WITH A PLAN – Cancelled by may

THE GREAT INDOORS – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2

PURE GENIUS – Cancelled by may



DOUBT – Cancelled by may

TRAINING DAY – Cancelled by may


fox                         exor

SON OF ZORN – Cancelled by may

LETHAL WEAPONMODEST HIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2

PITCH – Renewed for season 2

THE EXORCIST – Cancelled by december



24: LEGACYMODEST HIT – Renewed for season 2

APB – Cancelled by may

MAKING HISTORY – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre numbers

THE MICK – Cancelled by may

STAR – Renewed for season 2


cw               roiver

NO TOMORROW – Renewed for season 2

FREQUENCY – Cancelled by may



RIVERDALEMODEST HIT – Renewed for season 2

UPDATED | 2015/2016 Ratings Predictions: which new shows will be hits? which ones will get the ax?

This article is pure predictions (based on timeslots, buzz, critics) and has no other value than having some fun. Feel free to comment and give our own predictions.

First published on september 15th 2015


abc Blood-and-Oil

BLOOD AND OIL – Cancelled by december – Will swap timeslot with Quantico at some point check

DR KEN – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2  check

THE MUPPETS  – BIG HIT – Back nine (or even more) – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

QUANTICOMODEST HIT – Back Nine – Will swap timeslot with Blood and oil at some point – Renewed for season 2 check

WICKED CITY – Cancelled by january check


THE CATCHMODEST HIT Renewed for season 2 check

THE FAMILY – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

KINGS AND PROPHETS – Cancelled by may check

THE REAL O’NEALS – Renewed for season 2 check

CBS-Logo Angel-From-Hell

ANGEL FROM HELL – Cancelled by january check

CODE BLACK – Cancelled by december CROSS

LIFE IN PIECES – MODEST HIT – Back Nine (or less) – Renewed for season 2 check

LIMITLESS – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

SUPERGIRL Could go either way… Back Nine – Cancelled by may check CROSS



RUSH HOUR – Cancelled by may check


nbc hero

BLINDSPOTHIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 check

CHICAGO MED – MODEST HIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 check

HEROES REBORN – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

THE PLAYER – Cancelled by december check

TRUTH BE TOLD – Cancelled by november (october?) check


CROWDED – Cancelled by may check

GAME OF SILENCE – Cancelled by may check

HEARTBREAKER – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre ratings CROSS

HOT AND BOTHERED – Cancelled by may check

SHADES OF BLUE – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre ratings check

SUPERSTORE – Cancelled by may CROSS

fox Rosewood-FOX

GRANDFATHERED – Back Nine – Cancelled by may check

THE GRINDER – Cancelled by december checkCROSS

MINORITY REPORT – Cancelled by december check

ROSEWOOD – Cancelled by december CROSS

SCREAM QUEENS HIT Renewed for season 2 CROSS check


THE GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE – Cancelled by may check

LOOKINGLASS – Cancelled by may check

LUCIFER – Renewed for season 2 check

THE X-FILESBIG HIT – Renewed for another season check

The CW | 2016/2017 – Fantasy Schedule


Those are predictions based on feelings and The CW final schedule may end up very differently! It will be announced on Thursday. Stay tuned and until then, enjoy the read!



After a pretty good year but poor on new offers, The CW has a shot at being stronger than ever this fall with potential big hit Riverdale from Greg Berlanti, the second season of Supergirl, sent there after CBS passed on it, and pretty much all of their shows renewed, including their awards-friendly sensations Jane The Virgin & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. They have to be smart if they want to improve year to year and they possess enough shows to offer a year-round programming with few interruptions. Things look good…





With the moving from CBS to The CW, they’d better leave the show in the same timeslot, so people find it easily. And it’s a real opportunity for them since monday nights use to be deserted for quite some time now. New blood could even help Jane The Virgin. Both shows are about strong female women and rely on light comedy. But do they really share an audience? That’s debatable.





Riverdale is certainly a strong enough property to launch itself, like Arrow and The Flash did. But it’s a little bit darker than their usual 8pm shows and it certainly fits better at 9pm. Plus, The Flash is such a good lead-in that pairing them might help Riverdale becoming more than a safe option but a big hit instead! They can move it in the second year.





With moves everywhere else on the schedule, The CW should play it safe on Wesnedays without changing a thing. BUT they could launch Frequency there at midseason. That’s where it fits better. Their more adult new show paired with their most adult “old” show. It will have to face Empire at some point but it doesn’t seem to be such a problem anyway.





In order to avoid football during most of the fall season, the Legends of Tomorrow/The 100 pairing shouldn’t come back before january in my opinion, especially since they don’t have 22-episode season. They can bet on a more feminine option instead: new dramedy No Tomorrow with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This one could have wait for a midseason slot but having it on the schedule on fall might be important if the  show and its star, Rachel Bloom, get nominations and/or wins at the Emmys.





No need to touch the night, hoping it become The Vampire Diaries‘ last season. Finally.