Quickie: CBS orders medical drama pilot “Austen’s Razor”


This doesn’t come as a surprise since CBS had an hefty commitment – a pilot production one- with this project but it’s now official (kinda): Austen’s Razor, a medical drama, is ordered to pilot. It centers on a character inspired by Arthur L. Caplan, an authority on bioethics, who works for the NYU Langone Medical Center and consults for companies and organizations all around the globe. In the show, the hero is described as a brilliant bioethicist called in at crisis moments to solve the most complicated, dynamic and confounding medical issues imaginable. Caplan co-wrote the project with David and Perri Klass, a brother and a sister. David wrote screenplays for Kiss the girls and Emperor, and a few scripts for Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Perri didn’t write much as of now but she’s  a well-known pediatrician. Meaning it could be medical version of Scorpion, but smart! We’ll see if CBS orders another medical drama pilot. It’s a strong possibility.


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