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FOX | 2015/2016 Pilot Season: The Best & Worst


Before FOX reveals its new schedule next Monday, here’s the best & worst of their pilot season ! Just my humble opinion.



1. LUCIFER – Ordered to series

It’s vivid, energetic and a lot of fun (…)  an almighty entertaining and funny as hell detective dramaFull preview here

2. STUDIO CITY – Dead but could be redeveloped

“I’m always suspicious when a show is officially described as a little bit of this mixed with a little it of that. But this time, they’re not playing with us: it really is The OC meets Shameless. With a bit of Nashville too.” Full preview here

3. FRANKENSTEIN – Ordered to series

“This pilot surprised me. In a good way! (…) It’s alive! It’s watchable! But a good pilot doesn’t always become a good series and I tend to think this one is more a good pilot than a good series. It could be really cool, if it was not meant to be a procedural in the end.” Full preview here

4. MINORITY REPORT – Ordered to series

definitely a hot property, with a honorable pilot script (…) It looks like a failure because those who liked the movie are not remotely excited by the project from what I understand and those who are not familar with it probably won’t find any good reason to give it a chance.” Full preview here

5.  ROSEWOOD – Ordered to series

“Dead on arrival. It’s boring and it has zero originality -except if you consider diversity as an originality of some sort.” Full preview here

Not reviewed: SCREAM QUEENS – Ordered to series

Not reviewed: THE X-FILES – Ordered to series

Not reviewed: HOUDINI & DOYLE – Ordered to series

Golden Globes Nominations


1. THE GRINDER – Ordered to series

“This one made me laughed a lot on the page. And imagining Rob Lowe doing the crazy made me want it bad. I don’t know how long the show can maintain the fun but for now, it’s a huge YES!” 

2. THE GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE – Ordered to series

“Can’t say I liked everything about this pilot, but it certainly has a lot going for it, starting with a good appeal for the younger demo. I laughed a bit and I can see it last. Every episode is a lesson, and I want these guys to teach me some more”.

3. DETOUR – Officially Dead

“Your good ol’ coming of age story, but feels kinda fresh somehow. Sweet and funny, without being hilarious. Way broader than I expected.” 

4. THE PERFECT STANLEYS – Officially Dead

“Multicamera comedies and FOX don’t mix really well since… well, forever (the exception being “Married… with children”). This one, no surprise, has nothing that makes it special, except it feels quite authentic. The “sisters hate each” gets old really fast sadly.”

5. FANTASY LIFE – Officially Dead (but could be redeveloped for next year)

“Like The Pefect Stanleys, it’s another multicamera that starts with a character taking a selfie… All the sports jokes didn’t work for me. And there’s a ton of it. Regardless, it’s not that bad. Just not my thing and probably not the thing of enough people.”

6. 48 HOURS TIL MONDAY – Officially Dead

“The concept seemed original. The series is not. The concept was not, in fact. It’s just a pretext to make yet another family comedy that has nothing special going for it. It’s not horrible, but it adds nothing to the table”.

7. GRANDFATHERED – Ordered to series

“Maybe it’s just me but I found this script so pretentious! A total turn-off. Like the character John Stamos is playing in fact. But this guy is magical and I can totally see his performance improving the whole thing.”

What pilots are you rooting for?

“Luther”, “Frankenstein”… FOX rolls first batch of pilot orders


After the “Minority Report” order a few days ago, things are really moving now at FOX with the new regime ordering a first batch of drama pilots coming from in-house studio 20th Century FOX Television. 

Producer Howard Gordon (24, Homeland, Buffy, Angel) & new FOX CEO Dana Walden works together for a long time (since their days on The X-Files), so it’s no surprise if she decided to move forward with his Frankenstein project, vaguely based on the famous story by Mary Shelley. The sci-fi drama tells the adventures of Ray Pritchard, a morally corrupt retired cop who is given a second chance at life when he is brought back from the dead. Now younger and stronger, Pritchard will have to choose between his old temptations and his new sense of purpose. Doesn’t sound very original, to say the least… Looks like his other project, POTUS, more ambitious, won’t get a pilot order. But you never know…

The UK drama Luther from the BBC will get its US adaptation, with original creator Neil Cross writing and original star Idris Elba producing. A direct to series order was expected but FOX finally decided to go with a classical pilot order, maybe because of fall drama Gracepoint (Broadchurch remake) doing poorly. Important information; it’s cast-contingent, meaning the order can be cancelled if they don’t find the right leading man to replace Idris Elba in time. It will be a hard search… Luther is about John Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions. It’s a police procedural heavy on character development.

The third drama order is for Todd Hathan (Psych, Crash, Dominion). Rosewood revolves around the brilliant Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., the top private pathologist in Miami. As owner of one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art independent labs in the country, he finds the secrets in bodies that others usually miss.  Despite being constantly surrounded by death, Rosewood is obsessed with life and savors every moment. Looks like a police procedural hidden behind a medical one. FOX certainly needs a replacement for Bones, ending its run soon.

Last order is for single-camera comedy 48 Hours Til Monday, from Universal Television. It is written by Charlie Grandy, a previous Saturday Night Live alumn who worked on The Office and now on The Mindy Project. It tells one husband’s desperate struggle to not let every weekend go completely to hell. Sounds like a very narrow concept to make 22 episodes out of it per season…

Expect FOX to order around 6 more comedies and 3 dramas, one of which could be DC Comics’ Lucifer.