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ABC’s 20 most exciting projects for 2018/2019 pilot season

The following article is based on descriptions mixed wih talents attached ONLY. None of the scripts have been read at this point. 


ABC had two priorities this fall: The Good Doctor and the comedy duo Blackish/The Mayor. The Good Doctor became the new drama hit of the season, on live ratings and also delayed viewings with rare numbers these days for a 10pm slot, while Blackish lost some steam and The Mayor flopped despite good reviews. They have every reason to be both happy and sad. Other new fall entries Ten Days in the Valley, Marvel’s Inhumans and Kevin (Pobably) Saves The World did terrible, as expected, while the friday night block where Once Upon a Time and Agents of SHIELD are now paired is a black hole. TGIT is doing okay, with Grey’s Anatomy still being an incredible beast in its 14th season. The wednesday comedy block has had better days but still does solid business, despite a weakened Speechless. Designated Survivor and How To Get Away With Murder are struggling but managed to keep their heads out of the water.

Pretty much every new show with big or moderated potential were kept for a midseason lauch, to bank on the Oscars’ usual big promotion push and the American Idol revival that may or may not do great for ABC. The kind of big bet where you can be rewarded tremendously or lose a lot. We’ll see. The Grey’s Anatomy firefighter spin-off as well as the Roseanne‘s return are the two shows with the biggest chance to work, while Deception, The Crossing and comedy Alex, Inc. are given a satisfying shot with good scheduling. But then again, if American Idol is a flop, it will be harder for them to survive. For The People and comedy Splitting Up Together are given death slots, while the third season of Quantico will mostly air in the summer.

Next season will be crucial for the Alphabet Network for many reasons. First because they won’t have The Middle and Scandal which are both in their final seasons right now. Also because Modern Family should end in may 2019, with no spin-off in sight at this time. And since Shonda Rhimes has signed an exclusive deal with Netflix, she won’t be there to launch new buzzy dramas. President Channing Dungey made it clear she wanted to focus more on light procedural dramas like The Good Doctor & Deception. Let’s see if their development season reflects that:




What? described as a sexy, multi-generational, comedic drama” inspired by Russell T Davies’s U.K. entries “Cucumber” and “Banana”

Why? Anyone who saw Cucumber and Banana, which are excellent shows by the way, will have a hard time picturing such a series on network television in America. The UK series was groundbreaking and racy. What this very short pitch doesn’t say it’s that it is about the LGBTQ community. At least the original was. Will this version be opened to heterosexuals too? I wouldn’t mind, as long as it’s not gay-washed. I don’t think ABC would but who knows? Oh and by the way, it’s produced by Shonda Rhimes. In fact, since she left ABC Studios for Netflix a few months ago, it’s her last show in development at ABC. Which means they may want to pick it up no matter what, to make sure they have more Shonda one more year. It’s The Catch/Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg who’s adapting. I’m very curious to see how it will turn out, though honestly, it’d be better on Netflix. If ABC doesn’t go with it, maybe Shonda will bring it with her…


AFTERLIFE (20th Century FOX Television)

What? A small mid-20th century social-service-style office is a waystation for the souls of the recently deceased, where they are processed before entering their personal heaven – a single happy memory re-experienced for eternity. Every Monday, a new group of recently deceased people check in, and the “social workers” in the lodge explain their situation. Once the newly-dead have identified their happiest memories, workers design and replicate each person’s chosen memory, which is staged and filmed. At the end of the week, the recently deceased watch the films of their recreated happiest memories in a screening room. As soon as each person sees his or her own memory, he or she vanishes to whatever state of existence lies beyond and takes only that single memory with them. 

Why? It sounds like a very positive concept for a Black Mirror episode. It’s a beautiful, feel-good idea. I don’t see how it would work on a weekly basis without becoming boring very soon, unless the system starts to go wrong at some point but we probably shouldn’t count on it. So I’m on the fence with Afterlife but there’s a part of me who thinks there may be an audience for it. Plus, it’s one of the few projects produced by 20th Century FOX Television that ABC has in store, so maybe they’d want to give it a chance…


BLACK WIDOWS (Sony Pictures Television)

What? about three wives and best friends trapped in abusive marriages to husbands who all work at the same company; when all three husbands die in a mysterious explosion during a group vacation, the wives are pulled into a spiral of lies and crime

Why? I have my eyes on this project for a few years now. It’s CBS that got it the first time and they didn’t pick it up to pilot. A good thing probably: they wouldn’t have known what to do with it. On the contrary, ABC is the best place for it so I’m happy they snatched it, with Leonardo DiCaprio now as producer. Hope it will help it get an order. It’s not exactly a light drama, but they should keep a few darker ones too. With three diverse and strong actresses, it could turn out very well. It’d be their own Big Little Lies.


FLIGHT 410 (ABC Studios)

What?  after a commercial flight vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean, a disgraced journalist whose wife was on the plane is driven to solve the mystery as he leads an unconventional group with other family members left behind

Why? It would be “fun” if both NCB & ABC ordered to pilot their “Lost in reverse” dramas. May the best win! But since Lost was an ABC show, I’d prefer this one to survive pilot season and succeed on the air. It’s hard to tell which one is the most promising though… Flight 410 doesn’t have Robert Zemeckis or any big name attached to it. Other than that, we’ll have to wait and see. It would be cool if Carlton Cuse, who signed a rich overdeal with ABC Studios, came on board!


GET CHRISTIE LOVE (Universal Television & Lionsgate)

What? Christie Love, an African American, female CIA agent, leads a highly trained elite ops unit. Beautiful and charismatic, Christie transforms into whoever she needs to be in order to get the job done especially when it’s down to the wire and the stakes are life and death…

Why? With Scandal ending, ABC is looking for a new drama with a strong black female character at the center and they already chose the great Kylie Bunbury (Pitch) to star. Meaning it’s a sure thing, at least for a pilot order. Get Christie Love is based on a cult 1974-75 blaxploitation-themed TV movie/series so I’m hoping it won’t only be about dangerous missions and weekly investigations but that it will also have things to say about being a young black woman in America today. Something that some other shows did but mostly on cable or streaming (Insecure, She’s Gotta Have It…).



What? set in the town of Harmony, NY, where residents have the most unique dialect in the world: they sing their feelings and dance their emotions; when a brutal murder rocks this thriving tourist destination, a repressed detective must return to the musical town he left as a teen – to solve the crime and confront the ghosts that have haunted him since he fled.

Why? I know a lot of people think this concept is shitty and that it would never work. It resembles one of ABC’s biggest flop ever: Cop Rock in the 90s. That show was ahead of its time in my opinion and I think the audience would be more open to something similiar these days. That being said, it would have to be very very well-made to work. As a big Eli Stone fan, I want it bad, so sorry if I’m biased! One thing we can all agree on: it’d be a nice way to spin the usual boring cop show…



What? about the cut-throat world of the start-up gold rush, where three young entrepreneurs share this obsession with greatness in an elite shared workspace known as “The Forge”; a hotbed of competition and sexual tension where no one is safe from elimination

Why? And now, let’s welcome a start-up version of Grey’s Anatomy (or Quantico)! That’s a bit how it sounds like and it’s a good thing I think. That’s a show millenials would watch it it’s any good. Competion, sex, money, fresh faces… I’m in!



What?  dramedy about a group of friends, 4 women and 4 men, who, for different reasons and in different ways, are all stuck in their lives, but when one of them dies unexpectedly by comitting suicide, it’s just the wake up call the others need to finally start living…

Why? This project is THE project I love the most in this development season. I’d be very very sad if we never hear about it again. The interesting story behind it is that creator DJ Nash did a comedy pilot for ABC last year, called Losin’ It’ -which was pretty good and almost got a series order but was considered too dark to match the rest of the network’s comedy line-up- and it’s this “failure” that gave him the idea and the courage to work on this other one, based on a personal experience. “Sometimes in comedy, you have to apologize for adding drama, which is why I was so thrilled to see ABC’s passion for a drama that has comedy” he said. I have a feeling the “next This Is Us” is hiding here. I already see it paired with The Good Doctor!



What? about two estranged brothers who, after the death of their father, try to reconnect by taking their families on a trip together; but when their boat crashes, the two families find themselves trapped on a deserted island and must battle the elements (and their secrets) to not only survive but to build a life for themselves in this new home

Why? Even though it’s not official, this is clearly a rip-off of the cult novel Swiss Family Robinson! And why not after all… It’s a good premice and you can do a very strong and emotional family drama with such a starting point. One thing I’m wondering though: how long can the island stay deserted before it becomes boring? I mean… unless this family is incestuous, no love stories are possible. And if people actually live on this island, are they called “the others”? Do they whisper in the forest? Are they from the Dharma Initiative? You know where I’m going…


THE ROOKIE (ABC Studios) picked-up to series

What? about the oldest rookie in the LAPD: at an age where most are at the peak of their career, Nolan cast aside his comfortable, small town life and moved to L.A. to pursue his dream of being a cop

Why? Without any script to read, ABC ordered this project straight-to-series, with ex-Castle star Nathan Fillion attached to it. The same way it happened with Designated Survivor. I feel like it’s too soon to welcome back the actor on the network, especially on a new cop show -though this time he’s the cop!- but if ABC said no, it would have gone to CBS or NBC probably so they didn’t really had a choice quite frankly. Plus, it fits perfectly with what they’re looking for.



What?  billed as a modern update of Dickens’ novel, “A Tale of Two Cities,” set against the backdrop of a society on the verge of revolution, where the tensions between the haves and have-nots has reached a breaking point…

Why? Dystopies are too rare on television in my opinion, especially when you look at all those books that are made. So it may be a little weird to make one based on a novel that was not a dystopy at the time when there is so much material out there just waiting to get adapted, but why not? It’s a strong base to create something great. You can’t do something more timely than that. And The Handmaid’s Tale, which is exceptional, proved that there’s an audience for it. Of course, Two Cities will never be that good. My main concern is: do the Americans want to watch something that will remind them their own society, their terrible president and all those things that are going wrong right now? Not sure.


VOWS (Sony Pictures Television)

What? told through the POV of four diverse and interconnected couples [and] explores the whirlwind road to the altar and the profound journey that begins after we say, “I do”

Why? Another This Is Us wannabe that sounds good, especially if there are strong ties between the couples, that they are not just neighbours or something. We could also see it as a drama version of Modern Family… It’s almost suspicious that it hasn’t been tried yet.


Among other projects ABC has a legal drama called Big Law produced by Ellen Pompeo; a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice named Elligible from Pretty Little Liars creator I, Marlene King; The French Detective from Luc Besson starring Jean Dujardin about a Parisian detective who moves to New York and joins the NYPD in order to leave his previous life behind and start fresh; the soap Grand Hotel based on a popular spanish series championed by Eva Longoria; an action drama by Felicity Huffman about a New York City public school teacher-turned-FBI agent, Kristy Kottis; a new Ghost Whisperer called Spirited with Laverne Cox playing a fake psychic who realizes she can really communicate with the dead; and finally a comedic espionage show from Bill Lawrence named Whisky Cavalier starring Scott Foley.





What? about three former sorority sisters who lost touch after college reunite during a pivotal point in each of their lives and realize that now that they are of a certain age sometimes it’s okay to crack and no one will be there for you like your sisters

Why? Okay, let’s be clear: it’s off-brand for ABC since it’s not a family comedy at all but it’s totally on-brand if you think about ABC dramas. The tittle suggets that it will feature an all-black female cast so putting it behind Blackish could make sense (and could end up as another The Mayor, yeah…). Viola Davis is producing. She might as well keep the project for her and star in it once How To Get Away With Murder is done in one or two years… Alongside Kerry Washington & Octavia Spencer?! Okay, stop. I’m going crazy.


BORING, OR (ABC Studios)

What? about a small town with a serial killer on the loose. It follows Jonna, a police officer who is determined to stop the killings while the rest of the townspeople remain dead set on not letting it affect their day-to-day lives

Why? Sounds like something that’d be a better fit with NBC’s brand. Jack Black, who’s done some crazy shit, is producing. Could be their “totally off-brand but fuck it!” pick up of the year, that will end up in the summer with no life support.


GLENFIELD’S GIRL CLUB (Warner Bros. Television)

What? In high school, Liz Cooney had everything and Markie McQueen had nothing. 20 years later, they’re reunited under the same roof as single moms and unlikely housemates.

Why? ABC has yet to provide a comedy with single parents at the center, whether they are mothers or fathers (Suburgatory is long gone now). Other networks don’t have any either. And I think it’s a problem in a world where single parents are more numerous than ever! If they want to keep on broadening and diversifying their family brand, it might be a good one to do so. It’s produced by Greg Berlanti, who had a good comedy pilot last year in Raised by Wolves that was unfortunately not picked-up.


THE JETSONS (Warner Bros. Television)

What? live-action take on the 1960s Hanna-Barbera animated series, a multi-camera sitcom which is set 100 years in the future and looks at America’s favorite future family through a modern filter

Why? ABC is pretty high on this multicamera project produced by Robert Zemeckis, that could fit well with Roseanne if the revival gets another season. Despite being filmed in front of a live studio audience, there are plans to incorporate futuristic visual effects. No brainer.



What? about a millennial couple who buy their first house only to discover they’re living on a block where privacy is a myth, and everyone’s drama plays out 24/7 on the street’s secret Facebook page

Why? A millennial couple? That’d be interesting to have one on ABC for once. But it’d be even greater if they had kids to fit the brand better. At least a very little one… Something in the vein of Desperate Housewives tonally could make miracles for them. It’s produced by the same team as American Housewife, which is good news I guess.


THE REAL FAIRY GODMOTHER (Universal Television)

What? about a self-absorbed “real housewife” who learns that she’s descended from a secret order of Fairy Godmothers and has an inescapable destiny to use her magical abilities to help those in need

Why? Okay, it’s a little too crazy. BUT they have Kristin Chenoweth starring! And you can’t say no to Kristin Chenoweth, right? Plus, it would be very Disney of them to order such a project… It could be reallt fun to watch. That’s all I’m saying.



What? about the Sharif family, an ordinary Middle Eastern American family with two superhero parents at a time when it’s illegal to be a superhero, so they are forced to save the world in secret

Why? A family of superheroes in the comedy format? ABC doesn’t have that. Or any other network for instance. We have superheroes everywhere, way too many in my opinion, but this concept should be given a try, especially with a Middle Eastern American Family at the center, ‘cos we don’t have this either on the air. There’s an irony in this pitch that I like. It’s a smart way to be timely and send important messages. Plus, Larry Wilmore is behind it.



What? about a man who, along with his husband and son, moves back in with his Mexican-American family in the heart of Texas, where he struggles to navigate his family’s deep-rooted traditions

Why? Since The New Normal failed on NBC, networks develop family comedies around a gay couple every year but they never go beyond the script stage, as if they were afraid. Maybe it’s time to try again? After all, Cam & Mitchell from Modern Family may soon be gone… It’s important to keep on showing gay couples founding a family on TV.


ABC also have a straight-to-series multicam sitcom starring Alec Baldwin as stuck-in-his-ways, opinionated, fading TV star who moves in with his progressive daughter, her girlfriend and the child they are raising together; a female version of The Greatest American Hero from Fresh Off The Boat creator starring a 30-year-old Indian-American woman; Bright Futures from Kenya Barris (Blackish, Grownish) about  a group of friends who are stumbling through the transition from the clueless, immature 20-somethings they are now, to the successful professionals they have the potential to be; a comedy based on the life of Indian actress and global icon Madhuri Dixit, produced by Quantico star Priyanka Chopra; and White Dave, from Gabrielle Union & Lebron James about a young African-American teenager, who has grown up in an all-white suburb, and suddenly moves to an all-black neighborhood when his mom remarries.


What projects are you the most interested in among these? Take your picks!


ABC 2017-2018 Schedule [+ THOUGHTS]




















10- 20/20







What’s good?

  • All the moves within the comedy blocks are quite unexpected but they’re smart. Fresh Off The Beat will finally get the chance to show all its potential with a decent lead-in, American Housewife will be able to get stronger behind Modern Family, and Blackish -already sold in syndication- should be fine there.
  • Even though Deception looked like the best option to air behind Dancing With the Stars, The Good Doctor is the second best choice and it’s a good thing it airs in the fall. It’s ABC’s best shot at drama success right now. Very hopeful with this one.
  • Keeping the TGIT intact against NBC’s “Must See TV” is the right move.

What’s bad?

  • ABC basically gives up on sunday until American Idol arrives in spring. I think they could and should have fought a little bit more. That being said, moving The Shark Tank there makes sense as well as moving family-friendly fares Once Upon A Time, Marvel’s Inhumans and later on Agents Of SHIELD on friday. It won’t do well but it’s not gonna look as bad as it did on sunday.
  • The Gospel of Kevin on tuesday at 10? It’s gonna be uuuuuugly. I don’t think the show really had a chance anyway but here? Oh God…
  • Three new dramas premiering in spring? Plus two new comedies… That’s a lot. It’s a pity for Deception and Alex, Inc. They have potential but they probably won’t get the treatment they deserve…

ABC | 2017/2018 – Fantasy Schedule

Those are predictions based on feelings and ABC final schedule may end up very differently! It will be announced on Tuesday. Stay tuned and until then, enjoy the read!








Without a doubt, the biggest shocker of the upfronts 2017 is the arrival of American Idol on ABC for a march 2018 spring run, possibly on both sunday and monday nights. The 40 hours it will take may very well have changed the network’s initial plans for midseason and maybe even for fall as a consequence. A lot of decisions don’t feel right -especially renewing Once Upon A Time for a rebooted 7th season- but they obviously emptied their pocket for Idol… Once again, they will have to rely heavily on their comedies and hope for the best in the drama department with Deception & The Good Doctor looking like their safer bets… Will ABC wait for Idol to use them while throwing their wildest cards in the overcrowded fall? That’s a theory…





Deception is the closest thing to Castle ABC has in their options. The magical part of the FBI procedural would mesh well with Dancing With the Stars; the pair seems to be a no-brainer. Except the network is always reluctant to give their best slots to shows they don’t produce in house (that’s why Forever didn’t get much of a chance two years ago…). Maybe it’s finally time to take that risk…



First 6 weeks – MARVEL’S INHUMANS



Now that ABC has finally found a way to get some life on tuesday night at 8 thanks to The Middle and new entry American Housewife and now that This Is Us is gone to another night on NBC, they really have a chance to do better at 9. Marvel’s Inhumans doesn’t look like a massive hit but whatever happens with it, it’s only there for 8 episodes and possibly only 6 or 7 weeks. They can use that time to promote heavily their new comedy pairing, a combination of Blackish, which should move after 3 years behind Modern Family -it’s supposed to have its own viewers- and The Mayor, a new show that’s different from other ABC comedies, being mostly a workplace one with musical elements (!) but the network allegedly loves it, it’s worth a try. Fresh Off The Boat is waiting in the wings anyway…





While Modern Family is not eternal -but renewed for 2 more seasons- ABC has to use it to launch a new family comedy while it’s not too late. Zach Braff’s looks like their best shot this year, though Splitting Up Together would probably be okay there too. Nothing else should change on that night.





With This Is Us moving at 9 on NBC, the TGIT will be in danger and there’s no way now ABC premieres the new Shondaland show For The People in the fall. They’ll have to wait for This Is Us to end and use American Idol to promote it the best they can so it doesn’t turn out as another The Catch. The final season of Scandal will have to air against This Is Us which is, in a way, not so dramatic: it’ll be gone by the end of the season anyway. Grey’s Anatomy should be fine against Will & Grace, unless Will & Grace comes back bigger than expected. How To Get Away With Murder may be impacted if Scandal takes a hit but it survived after the low-rated Notorious last year so there’s every reason to be optimistic.





Cheap friday coming our way! With Last Man Standing and Dr Ken cancelled, ABC may not be ready to invest on that night. They have a ton of game shows that could do as well in the 8pm slot. Of course, I thought about throwing Once Upon A Time there, and that’s where it could end up when Idol will take over coming spring, but in the fall, let’s just say stability is the key.





Awful you say? Well yeah, you’re right. But Once Upon A Time is renewed whether we like it or not, it has to air somewhere and launching three new shows back to back on sunday would be a suicide mission at this point. Two is already too much to be honest. The Gospel of Kevin seems compatible with OUAT somehow and I don’t see it anywhere else quite frankly, except summer. 10 Days in the Valley is a 10pm show, has a cable feel and is only 10 episodes.


THE GOOD DOCTOR should be paired with AMERICAN IDOL on sunday, like House was a long time ago on FOX. I feel like this show has a big potential and while it may be very tempting to launch it in the fall, ABC should wait for the right moment to give it the best chance.

THE CROSSING is kind of a question mark. I’m convinced it’s the kind of high-concept show that won’t do well after a few airings but it could start big and here again, waiting for AMERICAN IDOL to promote it might be the answer. Tuesday at 10 when Agents of SHIELD is done?

With a 13-episode renewal, QUANTICO will be back… somewhere.

What do you think? Feel free to comment!

ABC 2017/2018 Comedy Pilots ranked


ABC had a rough year in the drama department but comedy wise, all’s good in the hood! That’s where they excel. Modern Family has lost ground but it’s still fine and remains the center piece of ABC Funny; The Middle moved quite smoothly to tuesdays and helped significantly what once was a dead night for the network; The Goldbergs proved they could anchor wednesday nights as well as The Middle did for the past years; Blackish is not a huge success but the Golden Globes and the Emmys love it; Fresh Off The Boat managed to keep its head above water facing NBC’s tremendous hit This Is Us; and Last Man Standing once again did miracles for friday nights. But that’s not it for the winners: the two new fall entries American Housewife & Speechless also did amazing and fit perfectly with the comedy blocks. They’re probably here for the long haul.

Bad news are for Dr Ken, which might not be worthy of a renewal despite satisfying but not great numbers after Last Man Standing; The Real O’Neals, which showed promise during its first year last spring but couldn’t resist to This Is Us with disappointing numbers all year long and ABC doesn’t have any room for a pity renewal; and spring entry Imaginary Mary that didn’t deliver, the Jenna Elfman’ curse striked again. With theorically only one slot available for a new comedy next year and 13 pilots vying for it, ABC will have tough choices to make, especially since they had once again a great development slate. Will they add one hour of comedy on sunday night? Will they get rid off their friday night sitcoms for single cams?



  1. LIBBY & MALCOLM (ABC Studios)

    Two opposing pundits also happen to be married. One’s black, one’s white; one’s left, one’s right. Bitter rivals at work on their own political talk show Black & Wright, Libby & Malcolm have to turn conflict into compromise at home when it comes to raising their kids. With Felicity Huffman, Courtney B. Vance, Gary Cole, James Lesure…

Libby & Malcolm is about finding strength and answers through our differences, whether they are political or personal. It’s about unity. And unity is exactly what is missing in this sad sad world. It gives reflection, hope and fun. There are not so many comedies like that on television right now, let alone on a network. The next great comedy is here. And we’re ready for it. Felicity Huffman & Courtney B. Vance will get awards recognition with this one. ABC just can’t do without it. Pure and simple.


Read the full preview


2. RAISED BY WOLVES (Warner Bros. Television)

    Sheila Gable is a one tough mother struggling to support her five opinionated, eccentric kids on a shoestring budget in a Midwestern town. With Georgia King, Craig T. Nelson

Raised By Wolves is a like an edgier version of The Middle, with a different parenting dynamics since it’s about a single mother and I’d like ABC to think of those families too that do exist. It’s not always a mommy, a daddy and three or four kids. There is a big Shameless feel to it, which is not so surprising since it’s also the adaptation of an english series, with Diablo Cody’s unique voice making it even more special. It totally fits with the actual line-up and adds something more. A no-brainer to me… if only a more well-known actress had accepted the leading role!


3. STARTING UP (Sony Pictures Television)

     About all the things that happen — the good, the bad and the ugly — when a guy in his mid-30s with a wife and two kids makes the crazy decision to quit his good job and dive into the brave new world of starting a business. With Zach Braff, Tiya Sircar, Michael Imperioli…

Fun, smart an inspirational, Starting Up feels like Zach Braff’s feel good movies. It’s part family comedy, part workplace comedy, and the two genres mesh surprisingly well. It shares a lot of DNA with Blackish by the way. Scrubs fans will be happy to have Braff’s voice over back on TV on a weekly basis. And ABC should be happy to have a comedy that may skew more male than what they’re used to. A safe bet for a pick-up.


4. THE MAYOR (ABC Studios)

    Courtney Rose, a talented but struggling hip-hop artist, runs for mayor to promote his mixtape – and wins. The guy is a quitenssential optimistic, a dreamer through and through. He’s the coolest, most fun dude in town, and if you don’t believe it, just ask him and he’ll tell you. With Brandon Micheal Hall, Lea Michele, Yvette Nicole Brown…

It starts like a comedic version of Designated Survivor, it ends up like nothing else on the network or any other network for instance. So yeah, it’s a little off brand, it’s a wild card, but ABC should take this risk while they can. It’s political and topical; there’s a bit of a Parks And Recreation vibe because of the setting and the group of characters that will soon become a family of some sort. And there’s music too. What else?


5. LOSING IT (ABC Studios)

    About three misfit adult siblings and their parents who — between divorce, new parenthood, early-onset dementia and let’s just say life — are all losing it in different ways. And family is the only way they’re going to find it. With Jon Cryer, Natalie Morales, Sam Huntington, Gerald McRaney…

Adult siblings, death, alzheimer disease… Losing It is not your typical ABC family comedy. It can get really dark. But it’s very funny too and definitely different. It’s hard not to think of This Is Us, especially with Gerald McRaney being part of the cast and some sort of surprising twist towards the end. Will the comparison help it or doom it? I’m not sure but I want to believe there’s a special place for it somewhere on the schedule.


6. SPLITTING UP TOGETHER (Warner Bros. Television)

      The story of a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce. With Jenna Fischer, Oliver Hudson, Diane Farr…

The logline is a little short and doesn’t say what the show really is about. It’s a modern, emotional & edgy tale of a divorcing couple that decides to keep on living together with the kids for financial and sentimental reasons. I think it can really strike a chord with the audience if the cast delivers and if the execution is as impressive as the script asks it to be. But ABC will probably have to chose between this one and Raised By Wolves, since both are produced by Warner Bros. In a perfect world, they’d take both.


7. SCHOOLED – aka THE GOLDBERGS SPIN-OFF (Sony Pictures Television)

    Set in the 1990s and follows two high school teachers who become unlikely father figures to the kids at their Philadelphia school, the same school Adam from The Goldbergs graduated from. With Nia Long, Bryan Callen, Tim Meadows

ABC never tried to spin-off Modern Family or The Middle. Why starting now with The Goldbergs? I don’t think Schooled is needed and I’m sorry to report this pilot is not as good as the mothership’s. That being said, it’s effective, funny and it has potential moving forward. It’s yet again a family comedy but the difference is it’s mostly set in a high-school. Beverly Goldberg makes an appearance at the beginning but other than that, Schooled is its own thing. From a marketing perspective, ABC might be very tempted to give it a try and noboby could blame them.



  Captain Charlie Taylor, a cautious, lovable dentist stationed at Fort Bragg, promises to look after his brother’s impulsive fiancée and her two misfit teens while his brother is deployed in Iraq… With Jason Biggs, Ana Ortiz, Swoozie Kurtz, Robert Baker…

Well. I’m not sure why ABC decided to order a pilot for this one, other than the military is very trendy these days and they probably wanted to be part of it in their own way, through comedy. But the problem is this script is really weak and I don’t think this quite good cast can do anything about it. It’s way too cheesy to be taken seriously and not funny enough to be watched like a guilty-pleasure comedy. Don’t make this mistake, ABC…


9. JALEN VS EVERYBODY (20th Century FOX Television & ABC Studios)

  Former NBA player and current ESPN personality Jalen Rose juggles his career responsibilities with the challenges of being a single dad. With Jalen Rose, Anna Maria Horsford, Marla Gibbs, Rich Sommer…

I’m not familiar with Jalen Rose but I can recognize a good comedy and this one is not. There is too much sports talk and private jokes to be appreciated widely and the central story about a dad who doesn’t want his children to grow is overused to death. It has to stop now. We get it. The behind-the-scenes part resembles Libby & Malcolm‘s except here we just don’t care. It’s just an excuse to have famous faces passing by. Creator Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off the Boat, Don’t Trust the B****) is worth better than that…


BLACKISH SPIN-OFF (ABC Studios) > Haven’t watched the planted episode focusing on Zoey Johnson as she heads to college but people don’t seem to be very happy with it and it’s probably not a good idea for ABC. Maybe for Freeform? Nice try but pass.



  1. HOUSEHOLD NAME (Universal Television)

    A family gets a chance to buy the house of their dreams but under extremely abnormal circumstances: they must live with the current owner, an eccentric, larger-than-life actress — until she dies. With Carol Burnett, Matt Oberg, Timothy Omundson, Mary Holland…

This one’s a bit like Hot In Cleveland but more family-friendly with Carol Burnett instead of Betty White. It’s a solid and often hilarious old-school sitcom, that may not belong to ABC in 2017 or any other network. It’s for TV Land, if TV Land was still doing one of those. I’d be very happy to watch it if ABC gave it a chance but I have my doubts they will. The rumor has it NBC -which produces it- will pick it up if ABC passes on. To pair with Will & Grace? It would be an interesting option. Like the “Golden Gay Comedy Hour”.



      An intellectual but emotionally challenged single dad moves to Queens with his two young daughters and forms an unlikely family with the other residents in their apartment building. With Rob Riggle, Lombardo Boyar, Amy Hill…

Yet another old-school sitcom, cute and sweet, almost cheesy. Sadly, the dad character is kind of irritating and the kids characters have nothing special going for them. The neighbours are the funniest ones. It doesn’t sound like ABC to me.



For The People -Black’s Law- (ABC) pilot preview: Shonda Rhimes by-the-book? Not exactly, your honor…

Written and produced by Paul William Davies (Scandal). Also produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, The Catch) & Betsy Beers. Directed by Tom Verica (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal). For ABC Studios & Shondaland. Network draft 1/13/17. 57 pages.

Description: Brand new lawyers working for both the defense and the prosecution at the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Federal Court, aka “The Mother Court”, have to handle the most high profile and high stakes cases in the country – all as their personal lives inevitably intersect. Sandra, Allison, Seth, Jay, Kate and Leonard may not be friends but starting from now, whether they like it or not, they’ll be together almost 24/7, fighting for justice and fighting each others…

With Britne Oldford (American Horror Story, Skins US, Hunters), Lyndon Smith (Parenthood, 90210, Extant), Ben Rappaport (Mr Robot, The Good Wife, Younger), Susannah Flood (Chicago Fire), Wesam Keesh (Awkward), Regé-Jean Page (Roots, Waterloo Road), Anna Deavere Smith (Nurse Jackie, The West Wing, Blackish), Hope Davis (Wayward Pines, American Crime, In Treatment), Vondie Curtis-Hall (Daredevil, Chicago Hope), Ben Shenkman (Royal Pains, The Night Of, Angels in America)…


You’ll like it if you already like: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Law & Order

Likely timeslot: in the TGIT, thursday at 9 after Grey’s Anatomy or at 10 once How To Get Away With Murder ends


A lot of you asked me on Twitter those past three months when the Black’s Law preview would come out. Shonda Rhimes’ pilots always get a lot of attention for very good reasons: after all, she’s the queen. The truth is, it’s one of the first scripts I read this year but I was so conflicted about it that I decided to give it time to let it sink in and not to write about it right away. Weeks have passed and I just couldn’t do it as my first impressions faded away. So I re-read it to make sure I was really thinking what I thought I was thinking. I also read Grey’s Anatomy pilot script for the first time. As you may know, Black’s Law is said to be in the vein of the medical drama when it started. It’s undeniable. Thought it was a good idea to compare. I was wrong. It got me even more disturbed. Now that the upfronts are coming in a few days, I have no choice but to do it. So here we are, friends. Black’s Law will certainly be picked-up to series by ABC anyway. The contrary would be quite a shocker. Not only because it’s Shonda Rhimes and ABC can’t afford to say no to her -which is not entirely true, they already did a few times- but because it’s simply one of the best pilot scripts they have in contention this year. No matter what.

Black’s Law doesn’t start with a crazy flashforward or a steamy love scene. It starts with a black screen and a dictionary entry saying “AB Initio: Latin from the first act, or meaning from the start” and then we’re back to black. Suddenly, it bursts into song. An energetic, propulsive one. And it stops when an alarm rings. Our heroine, Sandra, is waking up in the soft light of sunrise at 5.30. She’s wearing modest clothes in a not so modest apartment. Then she goes out: we’re in the vibrant and awesome city of New York and the song kicks in again. She takes the subway, she’s lost, she buys a banana and she finally arrives at her destination at 6.44: “The Mother Court”. It’s her first day. She wanted to be the first to arrive and she is. It’s a standard, modest but efficient start that tells us two things: this show is mostly about Sandra Black, as Grey’s Anatomy focused heavily on Meredith Grey early on -though there’s no voice over here- and also that the writer is not looking to replicate a Shondaland formula that may have been overused by now. Smart move? Only time will tell. That’s where I am conflicted the most: as a huge Shonda Rhimes fan, I was looking for something splashy and it turns out to be a regular legal drama, less soapier than expected but character-driven of course. It’s a good one, it seems. Not at a The Good Wife level, but still. Is it what ABC viewers want? Isn’t it a bit disappointing? Well. Now you know what to expect.

So, we’re exposed to three main cases in this first episode, which is a lot and doesn’t leave much space to the personal stories of our main characters, though we learn a thing or two about them through the way they handle the situations they’re in. It’s a big ensemble. There are 10 regulars. 6 young lawyers in their thirties. 3 of them are prosecutors. The other 3 are public defenders. They have 4 bosses in their fifties. We meet all of them in the first few pages in a classic Shonda Rhimes’ way that always works. You can already feel the competition mounting. That’s where the show is really smart. There’s not only a competition between the prosecutors or between the public defenders to take the best case or to make the best impression, but there’s also the promise of new battles every week between the prosecutors and the public defenders that are facing each others in court. In general, legal dramas are about the lawyers of one firm and they work together. Here, there is no firm and there is no working together. At least for now. Then love and friendships will complicate things. And we can’t wait to get there! There’s frustration when the pilot ends -without any cliffhanger by the way- but a good one. We can feel great things are coming up but we’re not there yet. In the era of Peak TV, let’s just hope people will give it a chance and a bit of patience.

Let me introduce you to the characters now. I’ll try to be quick. So Sandra is a sensible, fiercely intelligent and independent girl, who’s burdened by the decision to leave a Supreme Court clerkship that made her somewhat famous in the legal world. We learn in the pilot what really happened (don’t expect a big OMG moment) and what drove her to the law. She’s a cute, simple, fresh heroine that I’m already fond of. Allison is Sandra’s best friend. They go way back and now they live together. It’s impossible not to think of Meredith and Cristina. Let’s hope their friendship is as strong. Allison is a wealthy and generous woman and she’s in a relationship with Seth, a smart and reasonable but inexperienced recent law school grad. Of course, they become adversaries in their first case at “The Mother Court”, which causes a lot of drama. It’s not very surprising but perfectly handled. Seth works with Leonard, a cocky and case-stealing colleague, with a considerable swagger, and Kate who just wants to stay out of the drama, do her job and get the win. Of course, it won’t be that simple. Finally, Sandra and Allison are teamed up with Jay, a perhaps too big-hearted fellow. They don’t sound like clichés, they form a promising group but we can’t say they feel like characters we haven’t seen before either (is that even possible though?). Interesting point: Sandra doesn’t have any love interest yet. Which is kind of revolutionary in a Shondaland show!

I won’t describe all the bosses characters, they are not very developed yet but let’s just say they add some humor and more conflicts to the show. Tina, the  tough, intimidating, no-nonsense SDNY court clerk, will probably be the audience’s favorite. She’s a crowd-pleaser. She’s funny. And she happens to be played by Anna Deavere Smith, who’s hilarious. Hope Davis is a great actress too. She plays Jill, the boss of all public defenders; she’s smart and savvy. The equivalent of Miranda Bailey in Grey’s in a way. Maybe you’re asking about the cases tackled -fast- in this pilot. The big one, that Sandra is on, is about a young man who’s accused of plotting the bombing of the Statue of Liberty. Yeah, big one I said. It made me think of a storyline from Homeland‘s recent sixth season. Black’s Law wants to be revelant, so of course they chose to deal with terrorism, THE subject matter these days. It’s done perfectly, with nuance and a bit of criticism against the police and against the law overall. It’s a morally commited show that seems to have a lot to say about the system and how much it can be unfair sometimes, especially when you’re up against the State. The other cases are about a fraud and a con man. Nothing very sexy. You know what it misses? Something fun, eccentric. Yeah but… we’re in the Federal Court so…not gonna happen.

Black’s Law is NOT a Shonda Rhimes by-the-book show. It’s less less soapy than Grey’s Anatomy, less sexy than Scandal, less twisty than How To Get Away With Murder, but it’s engaging and promising nonetheless in a more classic, regular way, with characters that you care about and some Shondaland trademarks. It doesn’t want to make viewers jump out of their seats at every corner, it’s more of a slow burn. It doesn’t ambition to be the “sensation of the year” but more like a sensation for years to come, a show that ABC will be able to rely on for the long haul. Let’s just hope the TGIT viewers will welcome Black’s Law as they’re supposed to: with kindness, goodwill and patience. This one’s a keeper. 

Salamander (ABC) pilot preview: Your conspiracy thriller from the 2000s

Written and produced by Andre Nemec (Zoo, Ninja Turtles, October Road, Alias), Jeff Pinkner (Zoo, Fringe, Lost, Alias), Josh Appelbaum (Zoo, Alias) & Scott Rosenberg (Zoo, High Fidelity, Gone in Sixty Seconds). Based on 2012 Belgian series. Directed by Gary Fleder (Kingdom, Beauty and the Beast, October Road, Kiss the Girls). For ABC Studios, Midnight Radio, Beta Films & Keshet Studios. 58 pages. Network Draft. 01/20/2017.

Description: Ethan Anders, a brilliant but misanthropic engineer, recruits Nora Schaller, a skeptical Homeland Security agent, to help him track a mysterious bank robber whose theft of 66 specific safety deposit boxes, belonging to the elite and powerful, sets in motion a series of blackmails that are linked to a greater conspiracy that is killing people one by one…

With Larenz Tate (Rescue Me, Power, House of Lies, Game of Silence), Allison Miller (Go On, Terra Nova, Incorporated), John Leguizamo (Bloodline, Moulin Rouge, Romeo+Juliet), Elaine Tan (Hand of God), Neil Sandilands (The 100, Hap and Leonard)…


You’ll like if you already like: Prison Break, 24, Designated Survivor, Scandal

Likely timeslot: midseason (as a bridge between Designated Survivor season 2A & 2B?)

Welcome back to the early 2000s folks. Salamander, adapted from a belgian series, looks like a script that was lost during this period of time when every network wanted their conspiracy thrillers after 24 & Prison Break broke out. Remember Kidnapped, Vanished or The Nine? Salamander is one of these. They all tended to be appealing on paper based on the concept with their strong hooks and big twists. But at some point, they all had to face reality: it’s hard to pull off conspiracy-themed series on a weekly basis. They became silly and sometimes even unwatchable. And they got cancelled pretty quickly. Salamander is not totally dumb and silly. At least, not yet. But everything that’s happening is unbelievable and overall not that surprising if you watched the shows I pointed out a few lines ago. I would be very surprised if ABC gives it a chance. It looks like one of those pilots that got ordered “just in case”, just to see. And they could’t assemble an attractive cast, like The Crossing, to compensate. Not a good omen either.

As in Prison Break, the relationship between two brothers is at the center of the story and gives an emotional feel to a pilot that’s mostly about plots and twists. But one of them dies in the pilot, paving the way for another, more conventional relationship between our hero, a “normal nerd” and a psychiatrist who works at Homeland Security. They’re supposed to have a strong chemistry -we’ll see if that translates on screen- and the writer insists on it a lot. Way too much. We get it man. In fact, the pilot starts with them having a date. It goes horribly wrong of course. They agree not to see each other again. But you know fate. It’s twisty. 10 pages later they’re in for a big deadly adventure where everyone in New York seem to be dangerous and hiding a terrible secret. We meet so many secondary characters… it’s overwhelming! Between the senator who causes an explosion on a ferry, the man who commits suicide by jumping out of his office’s window, those you just meet in one scene but the writers warn you they will be more important later on… You can feel they have a plan. And they’d better! It’s based on an existing show after all. The way is already paved.

Despite this waterfall of characters, the story is more plot-driven than character-driven, especially when the leads are not on screen, which happens every other scene. For example, you can sense from the get go that the cops who interrogate Ethan Anders after the death of his brother are corrupt and you think they’ll play a bigger role later. Wrong: they end up killing each other. It’s one of those plot twists that give you an instant hard on because it’s exciting and surprising at the exact moment it arrives. And then you think about it and it just don’t make sense. Salamander asks you not to use your brain too much. Some people are good at it. Others just can’t. Your apprecIation of the show may very well depend on it. But above all, it’s a show where you’re clearly told not to get too attached to the characters because most of them are not there for long and that’s a problem for me. It’s hard to care about anything when you’re sent this message. Last thing that troubles me with Salamander is the fact that Ethan is an engineer. It’s way too convenient for the writers. Too easy. He can crack everything. It’s not the first show to do this but it doesn’t make it okay. And about Nora, she’s “just” a psychiatrist at Homeland Security but she has access to everyting. It just doesn’t make sense.

Salamander is not the type of show ABC should bet on though Designated Survivor proved there’s an audience for thrilling conspiracy series on the network when it’s well done. But this show doesn’t have Kiefer Sutherland, nor legs to work for a long time even if the pilot is efficient and action-packed. ABC has way better options to waste a slot on it. Go back where you belong Salamander: to the early 2000s!