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SCOOP: Netflix preps remake of french series “Ainsi soient-ils” (“Churchmen”) produced by Tom Fontana

David Baïot, Julien Bouanich, Clément Manuel, Samuel Jouy et Clément Roussier in “Ainsi Soient-ils” (“Churchmen”)


Oz creator Tom Fontana is back at work with a Netflix series adapted from french faith-based drama Ainsi Soient-Ils, which ran for 3 seasons from 2012 to 2015 on channel Arte and won the Séries Mania Best Series Award in Paris twice and the Best Film Award winner at the International Catholic Film Festival.

Churchmen is about five young men from very different backgrounds and with different motivations for leaving the lives they’ve known who enter seminary in New York, discovering an institution where ambition and discord could cast a shadow over their strongest belief. Tom Fontana (Borgia, Copper, Homicide) is producing the project through his Levinson/Fontana Company alongside Netflix and Asylum Entertainment, with James Yoshimura, who worked on Homeland & Treme, William Powell and K.C. Warnke. Fontana may have heard about Ainsi Soient-ils for the first time when he came to the Series Mania festival in Paris in 2013. Shooting should start as soon as February in New York. The number of episodes is unclear at this time.

It’s the second time a french TV show is adapted in the US. A&E did “The Returned” two years ago, based on “Les Revenants” from Canal +. It was cancelled after one season. Churchmen will probably have better luck with Netflix behind.