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“Limitless”: Will Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro appear in the CBS pilot?


Have Bradley Cooper & Robert de Niro quietly shot scenes for the “Limitless” pilot in contention for a series order at CBS? It seems so. At least, their characters are part of the script written by Craig Sweeny…

The project is centered on Brian Sinclair (played by American Sniper‘s Jake McDorman) -a character that was not part of the 2011 movie- as he discovers the power of the mysterious drug NZT and is coerced into using his newfound drug enhanced abilities for good, helping the FBI (represented by Agent Rebecca Tate, played by Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter). That’s the official description of the Limitless TV series, as announced by CBS when the pilot was ordered back in January. What it doesn’t say is that Eddie Mora, Bradley Cooper’s character in the movie, is still part of the story. A huge part actually.

As soon as in the first scene of the pilot, Cooper appears via a poster. It says: “Re-Elect Senator Edward Mora. A voice for New York, a voice for the World”. Later on, he’s back again, this time on TV with a brief image of a 60 Minutes style interview he’s giving. Then, he finally makes a real entrance at the end of the fourth act, saying to Brian: “It’s time for you and me to talk.” I won’t spoil the long scene that follows right after that, but it explains with more or less clarity why he’s here and what he has to do with all of this. But it does not end here. He appears one last time in the final scene -compared to the “post credits sequence in a Marvel movie“-  and he’s not alone: he’s with Carl! Remember Carl? It’s the character played by Robert de Niro himself in the movie.

So the question is, will Cooper and De Niro reprise their respective roles in the pilot directed by Marc Webb? Why wouldn’t they? Cooper is credited as an executive producer on the pilot and let’s not forget he started his career on TV (Alias, Nip/Tuck…) while De Niro has a close relationship with CBS since he is producing one of their pilots this year (For Justice) and produced others the previous years, with one going to series: NYC 22. It gives Limitless an extra chance to be picked up to series and it will probably be a huge draw for international buyers at the screenings next June. Limitless is produced by CBS Television Studios.