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EXCLUSIVE: HBO orders “Tin Star” series from “28 weeks later” writer


Endemol Shine North America, already behind AMC’s “Hell On Wheels” & DirecTV’s “Kingdom”, has just sold to HBO a direct-to-series drama called “Tin Star” from “28 Weeks later” co-writer Rowan Joffe.

Set in an idyllic mountain town overrun by migrant oil workers from a nearby fracking facility and swamped by a rising tide of crime,  it tells the emotionnaly charged and sometimes funny tale of Jim Worth, a good-humored, teetotal family man and zealous police chief, whose peaceful life is shattered when a newly arrived gang of criminals murder his infant son in a botched attempt to assasinate him. This act -and the shameful responsibility Jim bears for his own cowardice when he ducks to avoid the assassins bullet combined with his refusal to aknowledge the past triggers Jim’s alchoholism. And Jim’s alcholism takes the form of an alter-ego: a hard-drinking, charming, deceitful and ruthlessly violent past self, called Jack Devlin. This is The United States of Tara meets every gritty cable drama you can think of.

English Kudos Film and Television (Broadchurch, Humans, Utopia…) is co-producing this contemporary gripping drama, set to shoot in Calgary, Canada, starting April 2016.