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Grey’s Anatomy : what if Shonda Rhimes creates another spin-off? Here are 5 ideas!

GREY'S ANATOMY - ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" stars Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, Gaius Charles as Shane Ross, Tessa Ferrer as Leah Murphy, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards, Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson, Sarah Drew as April Kepner, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber. (Photo by Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images)

While ABC is having a hard time finding new drama series that stick, Grey’s Anatomy is still a ratings monster on Thursday in season 13 (!!!) with more than 8 million fans watching the show live, adding another 4 millions in the 7 days that follow. Of course, the show will get a 14th season renewal. But isn’t it the right time and the last chance for ABC to order a new spin-off? That’s probably something the network dreams about for years -since Private Practice run has ended- while Shonda Rhimes is rightfully resisting the urge. She now has 5 shows on the air (Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, The Catch and midseason entry which has yet to be renamed Still Star-Crossed) and a handful of new projects for next season. But what if they do it? What spin-off should they go for? Here are 5 ideas. Feel free to discuss them and add yours!



  1. Callie’s Anatomy

Since Sara Ramirez departed the show in the end of season 12, she cut her hair and came out as bisexual, juste like our beloved Callie. Wouldn’t it be great to follow Callie’s professional and sexual adventures in New York? She could dump Penny quickly and make love to Sofia’s lesbian babysitter! It’s just an idea. We want her to go rock’n’ roll. She would met new colleagues there, new friends, in a little clinic, not a huge hospital, maybe in a poor neighborhood to deal with different issues than in Grey’s and Private. It’d be one of the rare TV shows with a bisexual lead (The 100 and what else?) and one of the rare drama with an hispanic lead (Shades of Blue and ?). Make it happen, ABC!



2. Call Me Izzie

Well, Izzie… Every year, everyone thinks there’s a storyline that might be finaly introducing Katherine Heigl’s long awaited comeback but it never happens. And this year is no exception with Alex and Jo separating. As much as we know, there is no such plan, especially since Rhimes & Heigl are still at odds. But we’re allowed to dream a little. Izzie coming back in Seattle for a few episodes and then leading her own show would certainly be a ratings success if things are done the right way. But Heigl has her new series Doubt (from ex Grey’s Anatomy producers) coming next year on CBS, which rules it out completely, at least for 2017. Too bad.



3. Warriors

It seems like nobody’s missing Kim Raver’s Teddy. It was a nice player though, a really interesting character that departed too soon. It’s certainly too late now to re-introduce her in the show, but a few years back they totally should have given her her own spin-off. It would have been centered on her mourning trip to a war zone where she would have led a team of courageous doctors saving lives in dangerous situations. And sleeping with each others of course. ABC developped similar ideas a few times the past years but without Shonda involved. Maybe they should re-think the idea, with her this time…



4. Grey’s Anatomy: the Young Years

Remember this season 6 episode where we flashbacked to the hospital in the 80s when Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother, and Richard met and fell in love during the AIDS years? It was a damn good one. And the great Sarah Paulson was in it. It was before she became Ryan Murphy’s best friend. Making a whole show about this period of time would be risky, especially since we already know how the couple ended up in life and since period dramas tend to flop on networks, but at least it would have been interesting and kind of new.



5. Grey’s Kindergaten

Okay, this one is very unlikely, but I like it. Have you ever asked yourself what happens for our doctors’ kids when they are all together in the Sloan-Grey Memorial’s kindergaten? That show would be a workplace comedy following the nurses that take care of them. Occasionally, one of Grey‘s stars would make a guest appearance.


And yes, a show about Cristina in Switzerland would make sense too, but I feel like everything has been said and done about her. It wouldn’t be a good idea and we need Sandra Oh in something new!

Zoobiquity (FOX) pilot preview: Animals and television never get along well…


Created and executive produced by Stephen Nathan (Bones, Joan of Arcadia) & Jonathan Collier (Bones, Monk, King of the Hill, The Simpsons). Based on Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz & Kathryn Bowers. Also executive produced by Spencer Medof. For FOX & 20th Century FOX Television. 60 pages.

Description: Dr Kara Martins is a successful, driven cardiologist, who risks career suicide by teaming with a socially-challenged veterinarian, Lucas Cort, who relates better to animals than people. They try to put aside their competitive natures to cure the incurable using a unique and controversial blend of cross-species medicine that’s never been tried before…

With Peter Facinelli (Supergirl, Nurse Jackie, Damages, Twilight), Marsha Thomason (White Collar, Las Vegas, Lost), Kim Raver (24, Grey’s Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle, Third Watch), Antonia Bernath (The Astronaut Wives Club, Downton Abbey) Ben Rappaport (Mr Robot, The Good Wife, Outsourced)…

rate rate

FOX recently decided to bury Bones, at last. Next season, the 12th, will be the last. In the meantime, they have to find their next endless procedural since so boring Rosewood, as expected, doesn’t do the job this season with depressing numbers when Empire is not around; not that bad Second Chance is already dead; and funny Lucifer does okay but is not valuable enough for the network because it’s not produced by 20th Century FOX Television but Warner Bros. Television. So they asked Bones‘ writers and executive producers Stephen Nathan & Jon Collier to come up with an idea, which is adaptating the best-selling book Zoobiquity into a “light and unconventional medical procedural” as they describe it. And it’s true. It’s VERY light. Unconventional? To some extent. That’s one way to put it. They could have said “ridiculous” instead. Would have worked too.

You know, I have not much love and time to give to procedural shows but when they’re good, efficient, I have no problem saying it and enjoy them. I did with Forever, Lucifer and recently Presence (read the preview here). They need to be different to be worth an investment from the audience, especially with this peak TV thing. And Zoobiquity is different. But you can’t do anything. Some ideas should better stay ideas and some books should never be adapted. It makes me think of Zoo, the painful to watch CBS summer show (also adapted from a book). Animals and television never get along well. Remember NBC comedy Animal Practice? Cancelled even before you get to watch it. Most of unscripted shows with animals don’t work either. I don’t know why. So, can Zoobiquity defy the odds? In fact, it’s cool to do an episode of a medical show with animals. Every one of them -the good ones I mean- did it. ER did. Grey’s Anatomy too. Maybe St. Elsewhere. Code Black? Whoops, I said good ones! My point is, you can do it once or twice, for fun, but a whole show based on cases where humans are saved by animals-it can also work the other way around- I don’t buy it. In the pilot, an unknown epidemy is killing both people and animals. Our reluctantly, newly formed team has to tackle this tricky case as quickly as possible since, yeah, people and animals are dying. And they do it brilliantly. I was bored to death after two acts, though.

What is Zoobiquity in a nutshell? A procedural with some deaths but no murders, mostly sick people and sick animals treated by good looking doctors who are supposed to hate each others until they fall in love. Kara Martins (Marsha Thomason), the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, is very smart, tough, agressive, a beauty, the tigress of the jungle; while Lucas Cort (Peter Facinelli) is a compelling, feral, good-looking veterinarian, the alpha wolf of the pack (he takes of his shirt after two minutes in the opening sequence in order to show how strong and manly he is). Of course, they don’t like each other at first, then they sniff each other’s butt and if the show lasts long enough they’ll make wild love sooner or later. Riveting stuff, hum? The actors are good and if they have chemistry, the pair can be attractive enough to sell the whole thing initially. But what’s gonna happen then?

I’m much more interested in the secondary characters but Kim Raver’s one is not one of them. The role was, until they cast her -instead of a man- and decide they have to beef up the character so she can become a third lead. In the version of the script I read, she’s just a pain in the ass for everyone as the hospital’s chief who’s not okay with this cross-species medicine. Yes, she deserves better. A better role. But also a better show! Don’t know what she’s doing with her career but since she departed Grey’s Anatomy, she makes wrong choices. Or maybe she isn’t given the best choices? It’s funny because at some point she says “I never imagined you were the type of person who was foolish enough to throw away her career. Because that’s what you’re doing.“LOL. Most of the other characters are funny/cute/beautiful and make it less painful to read. But it’s not enough. At least for me.

Zoobiquity doesn’t seem like a show that could work for years, which is what FOX is looking for with this kind of unambitious projects. If it was a crime procedural where animals were used to do god knows why that could help the investigators finding the culprit, it would ne ridiculous too but maybe it would stand a chance. But a medical procedural based on the cross-species medicine? I don’t believe in it. At all.