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CBS | 2015/2016 Pilot Season: The Best & Worst


Before CBS reveals its new schedule next Wednesday, here’s the best & worst of their pilot season ! Just my humble opinion.



1. LFE – Officially Dead

“Shares some DNA with Grey’s Anatomy but just the right amount. The resident characters are fresh and a lot of fun (…) It feels cable-y, not network-y. That’s why I don’t think CBS will go for it. And that’s sad, ‘cos it’s the best.” Full preview here

2. FOR JUSTICE – Officially Dead

“No other pilot this season resonates more with what’s happening right now in the United States than For Justice (…)  I wish it were less academical, more serialized too, funnier maybe because it’s deadly serious for the most part, but for what it brings to the table in terms of debate and diversity, without being too sanctimonious, it has to go to series.” Full preview here

3. CODE BLACK – Ordered to series

“Honestly, the script is a page-turner, I was hooked! But it also felt a lot like an high-octane episode of Grey’s Anatomy (…) Code Black is not new, and not particularly modern either (…) lacks a sense of humor.” Full preview here

4. SNEAKY PETE – Officially Dead

“this show imagined by David Shore & Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston doesn’t try to be all shiny and beautiful. It’s not as dark and dirty, but it’s not your smooth cop show with sexy people investigating and/or dying (…) The pilot’s one is kind of funny and action-packed and sets up an efficient template that could work for years.” Full preview here

5. LIMITLESS – Ordered to series

“it’s a police procedural in the end, but with a greater mythology and a science-fiction twist that helps making it special (…) I didn’t fall in love with Limitless but I recognize the script has great qualities and there’s an evident potential here. It may even be a better TV show than a movie.” Full preview here

6. DOUBT – Officially Dead

” Doubt has been created by two ex-writers and producers of Grey’s Anatomy, and it shows. Doubt is soapy (…) Doubt is your classical legal drama with two prominent cases dealt with in the pilot episode. They are not particularly original but they do the job efficiently (…) a decent but shy show developed by/for the wrong network.” Full preview here

7. RUSH HOUR – Ordered to series

It’s exactly what you think it is. What you expect is what you get. It’s funny, for those who like that kind of humor (…) The first Rush Hour movie came out in 1998! You can’t make the same shit as a TV series almost 20 years later and expect the same result and the same welcome from the audience.” Full preview here


Not reviewed: SUPERGIRL – Ordered to series

Not reviewed: CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS – Ordered to series




1. LIFE IN PIECES – Ordered to series

“an uneven but quite good script… but for a show launched 6 years ago, before Modern Family arrives. CBS has definitely found something that looks like a hit, with a terrific cast, but in my opinion, they missed an opportunity to be relevant about diversity. It was the perfect vehicle for it.” Full preview here

2. AMY FROM HELL – Ordered to series

“Not as profound as Mom, not as funny as 2 Broke Girls, but surely an interesting take on women-centric sitcoms. But why isn’t it a multicamera?! Didn’t find the pilot great but I feek like there’s a real potential behind. It could become a must-see, and the fact that the unlikely pair is played by Jane Lynch & Maggie Lawson makes it a safer bet.”


“Very much in the vein of How I Met Your Mother -with Adam Brody playing some sort of cuter version of Ted Mosby, still hopelessly romantic- it takes place at three different times of the characters’s lives, so it’s a real challenge, one that I would like CBS to risk. They need something like this for the younger demo. And it’s funny too, by the way” 

4. SUPER CLYDE – Officially Dead

“Quite liked the first version. Quite satisfied with the second one, even though I didn’t feel like there was such an improvement (and we lose the sister character that I found great). Still doesn’t think Greg Garcia’s style fits with CBS’s but if they are willing to give it a chance with this new cast that looks more attractive, then try it!”

5. THE HALF OF IT – Has a shot

“Too classical, but that may be its force. It’s the only multicamera worth a try at CBS this season. And it works mostly.” 

6. HAPPY LIFE – Officially Dead

“Didn’t like it first, the Joe character was just too happy for my taste, but it’s the secondary characters that made it work somehow along the way. Pretty pleased that I’ve read it in the end, but not sure I would have watched it.


“Generic, didn’t make me laugh once… No need to say more!”


Not read: TAXI-22 (2015 version) – Officially Dead


What pilots are you rooting for?