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NBC| 2016/2017 – Fantasy Schedule


Those are predictions based on feelings and NBC final schedule may end up very differently! It will be announced on Sunday. Stay tuned and until then, enjoy the read!





As the number one network, NBC could simply decide to fill the holes with new shows and hoping they stick. But I hope they will be a bit more ambitious with some bold moves while taking care of their comedy slate, using Superstore and The Carmichael Show as launchpad for new comedies, surrounded by The Voice and Little Big Shots.






Among the new dramas ordered by NBC so far, Timeless is the closest to The Blacklist & Blindspot. And when I say “closest”, it’s still very far from it. The time-travel twist makes it a bit harder to jump on occasionally but as ambitious as the concept is, they did something pretty simple, easy to understand. Will they be able to sustain the premise and the excitement though? I’m not sure. It’s more in the vein of Revolution in the end, that didn’t thrive behind The Voice but did very bad when it was moved somewhere else on the schedule (wednesdays at 8) for the second season. I would have prefered Miranda’s Rights there but obviously, it’s not gonna happen. They could also leave Blindspot there one more year, but it would be a waste of their best timeslot. If Timeless doesn’t do good, the spin-off of The Blacklist could totally end up here for the remaining of the season…






The Chicago Med/Chicago Fire duo does pretty well these days, sometimes matching The Voice ratings. But it’s clear Chicago Med doesn’t really need this to do acceptable numbers. It would probably do the same anywhere else on the schedule. NBC needs to use The Voice to give a good exposition to their comedies, a genre that is still almost dead on the network. Promising Superstore has at least two new shows that would fit well with it : The Good Place with Kristen Bell & Ted Danson and DC Comics’ Powerless. I’ll try The Good Place first in the fall, keeping the other one for a midseason launch when The Voice returns. Trial & Error, Great News & drama Law & Order: True Crime could end up on mondays or tuesdays to fill the holes when The Voice will be gone for a few months.






Wednesdays should remain stable with Chicago Med solidifying the 8pm slot, where The Mysteries Of Laura did ok and Heartbeat failed and got cancelled. Nothing else should change, especially Law & Order: SVU that stays strong despite Empire and ABC comedies still going strong.






NBC has many options for the 8pm timeslot but with the Olympics this summer and the football on Thursdays for one month, they’d better put there a show with a short-term commitment. Taken is only 10 episodes and fit well with high-octane fares The Blacklist & Blindspot, now a duo. They could put a preview somewhere during the Olympics to promote it heavily. It’s a better option than Emerald City, that seems to be a trainwreck from the get go. Chicago Justice could start at 8 during midseason.





The Mysteries of Laura was worth at least a reduced third season but it didn’t happen. Miniseries Emerald City has a shot there. Shades of Blue could take over at midseason, while Midnight, Texas could replace Grimm if they don’t decide to keep it for a summer run.






Any thoughts? Feel free to comment.


NBC 2016/2017 Comedy Pilots ranked


It was a very good year for NBC, as the number one network from start to finish, but they couldn’t escape their comedy curse anyway. Superstore is the only one that showed some promise among the newbies, and got its renewal, with companion show Eva Longoria-starrer Telenovela dead on arrival. Truth Be Told was a huge flop on fridays, as predicted, and Undateable Live was miserable. Second season of The Carmichael Show is doing okay. But in a slot right after surprise success Little Big Shots, it should be doing better. Same goes for family sitcom Crowded. Both have a shot at renewal.

Where will they put their new comedies next season? There’s simply no slot available but they will have to make room for them. The Carmichael Show could be sent to fridays, with or without Crowded. They developped a few ethnic multicamera comedies that look compatible. At least one should be given the honor, even though none are produced in-house. Superstore needs a new companion. It could be straight-to-series Good Place, unless one of their pilots looks like a better fit (Powerless?). And they’ll probably order a couple more comedies for midseason. Here’s all they got:


  1. THE TRAIL aka TRIAL & ERROR (Warner Bros. Television)

rate rate rate rate  follows a young big-city lawyer and his oddball defense team during a high profile murder trial in a small southern town. Conceived as a spoof of crime documentaries like the The Jinx or Making a Murderer… With Nicholas d’Agosto, John Lithgow, Sherri Shepherd, Jayma Mays…

This cast is AMAZING. The script is AMAZING. Laughed out loud, literally. Top-notch writing. This ia a serialized comedy between The Naked Gun, Angie Tribeca & the Serial podcast. They have to give it the thumbs up for obvious reasons but it’s not an easy sell. It was a better fit with a cable network or a streaming platform honestly but it’s important to try.


2. POWERLESS (Warner Bros. Television)

rate rate rate rate  Emily Locke works at the worst insurance companies in America, in the universe of DC Comics where superheroes do exist and cause a lot of collateral damages. How is it like working for a normal, powerless person in a world of superheroes and villains? It’s hard, really hard. You have to be strong, really strong. And that’s the beauty of it. Isn’t it? With Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk…

NBC is the right place for this DC Comics show and the series order looks like a formality to me, even though it will be expensive, a lot of special effects are required. A very promising workplace comedy, a really funny half-hour piece of television that everybody can enjoy.

Read the preview


3. WHITE SHEEP (Universal Television)

rate rate rate rate   Andrew and Josie, a happily married interracial couple, lives take a turn when they move close to Josie’s family in Missouri… With Chris Smith, Elizabeth Ho, Jack McBrayer, François Chau…

This cool comedy could have been born on ABC. It’s exactly in their wheelhouse, and not in NBC’s. It’s as good and funny as the pilots of The Goldbergs or Fresh Off The Boat were. Loved the bitchy grandma character. Loved the sweetness of it all.


4. DUMB PRINCE (Universal Television)

rate rate rate rate  After years of partying that earned him the “black sheep” label, Karl, a reluctant Crown Prince, returns home to compete with his brother for the family throne…  With Nico Evers-Swindell, Tim Baltz, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon…

Pretty good overall, with a Parks And Reacreation vibe, as expected from Amy Poehler as a director and executive producer, and there’s something of Galavant too, which is less of a good news, from a ratings point of view. It has potential. I think it should be tried. It’s the kind of family comedy that could never work on ABC, but has a chance somewhere else.


5. SUNSET PPL (Universal Television)

rate rate rate rate   A group of millennial friends struggles with their own made-up rules for personal and professional success… With Julianna Guill, Cass Bugge, Brandon Kyle Goodman…

Not sure how this comedy can fit in NBC’s schedule right now, but it’s damn good on the page! Fresh, modern, funny…


6. IMAGINARY FRIEND (Universal Television)

rate rate rate rate  an intelligent yet unmotivated woman discovers a special and unexpected way of dealing with her mediocre life: an imaginary friend, who’s everything she’s not: confident and powerful… With Megan Neuringer, Kalia Prescott, Brandon Scott, Allan McLeod…

Top-notch writing. Not surprised it won NBC playground contest. But it’s a cable comedy, not suited for a network. Too bad. (BTW, what’s with this imaginary friend trend??! Angel From HellImaginary Mary… when did it become a thing?)

7. GREAT NEWS (Universal Television)

rate rate rate  When an overly involved New Jersey mom gets an internship at her daughter’s workplace, a cable news network, things are starting to get more difficult for her than ever… With Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin, Adam Campbell, Horatio Sanz…

NBC, didn’t we already tell you you had to stop doing comedies about fake TV shows?! That being said, this one looks fun. The mother-daughter dynamics at the center is the best part. The rest sounds a bit too much like 30 Rock. No surprise here: it’s from Tina Fey after all. Same obsessions, same jokes.


8. ME & MEAN MARGARET (Universal Television)

rate rate rate  The story of a fiercely candid and often offensive legendary actress and the ambitious 27-year-old lawyer forced to babysit her… With Gavin Stenhouse, Stockard Channing, Justin Lupe, Jane Lynch…

There’s something very classical and not particularly modern in this multicamera comedy pilot script but I liked it. Could be fun. Made me think a bit of The Nanny somehow. And The Nanny for me is just extraordinary. I’d be curious to watch it. But it’s a better fit with TV Land, probably.


9. MARLON (Universal Television)

rate rate rate  an inappropriate but loving father is committed to successfully co-parenting with his polar opposite ex-wife… With Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Bresha Webb, Diallo Riddle…

Could turn into a pretty decent multicamera comedy, but a hit for NBC I doubt it. The Carmichael Show is way better… Marlon Wayans is still very popular. It will be hard for them to resist…


10. CRUNCH TIME (Universal Television)

rate rate rate  intercuts between a real game show and the scripted workplace that centers on an up-and-coming producer trying to wrangle the volatile host… With Craig Ferguson, Andrea Anders, Kyle Howard, Kellee Stewart…

High concept show. Good idea. Not so good execution. The real game part is uninteresting, so small. One scene at the beginning, another one in the middle and one in the end. It’s gimmicky. The scripted part is okay. But compared to other behind-the-scenes comedies like 30 Rock, it feels weak… Craig Ferguson can save it though.


11. GOOD FORTUNE (20th Century FOX Television)

rate rate rate  a hyper-structured young woman’s life is upended when she starts taking advice from a mysterious fortune teller… With Jessy Hodges, Blake Lee, Tone Bell, Beau Mirchoff, Diane Guerrero…

It’s okay. And just that. Nothing special. Nothing different. Funny, but just a little bit. The characters work on the page. Individually, and as a group of friends. But I don’t see it ordered. The premise is not strong enough to sustain.


12. SEBASTIAN (CBS Television Studios)

rate rate chronicles Sebastian’s old-school values, instilled by his opinionated Italian father, which are constantly put to the test by his new wife, her family, and the absurdities of the modern world… With Sebastian Maniscalco, Tony Danza, Maria Canals-Barrera…

Damn, that was painful. Everybody’s pretty irritating in that show, especially the father. NBC should pass on this one. But if you compare to Bronx Tale, with more of the same premice, this one is slightly better…


13. BRONX TALE (Warner Bros. Television)

rate rate   Inspired by Caamaño’s real-life family dynamic living with his Dominican father and older brother in the Bronx, which is often featured in his stand-up. In the show, Vlad, the son of Dominican immigrants, wants to carve his own path in life which proves difficult as his father has no desire to change their extremely co-dependent relationship… With Vladimir Caamaño, Josh Segarra, Lilah Richcreek…

Mostly irritating because of the not so funny dad character. Most of the jokes rely on his accent. I get what they tried to do there about family values and origins, but it’s not working. It just made me want to watch Master of None episode 2 once again… The Carmichael Show does the same thing way better. It’s a pass!


GOOD PLACE – Ordered to series (Universal Television)

Eleanor, a woman from New Jersey comes to realize that she hasn’t been a very good person. She decides to turn over a new leaf by learning what it actually means to be “good” or “bad,” and then trying to make up for her past behavior… With Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper,

Not available.

Powerless (NBC) pilot preview: Is DC comics’ first comedy any good?


Created & executive produced by Ben Queen (A to Z, Cars 2). Directed by Michael Patrick Jann (A to Z, Little Britain USA, Reno 911!). For NBC, Warner Bros. Television, DC Comics & BQ Productions. 35 pages.

Description: Emily Locke works at the worst insurance companies in America, in the universe of DC Comics where superheroes do exist and cause a lot of collateral damages. How is it like working for a normal, powerless person in a world of superheroes and villains? It’s hard, really hard. You have to be strong, really strong. And that’s the beauty of it. Isn’t it?

With Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical, Spring Breakers, Sucker Punch), Danny Pudi (Community), Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Suburgatory, Dollhouse), Christina Kirk (Manhattan A to Z)…

rate rate rate rate

I really didn’t expect it before reading, but I enjoyed way too much Powerless script. And I’m not a DC Comics universe nerd. In fact, I don’t watch any of their shows on a regular basis (but I tried them all). That means this comedy is not specifically made for DC Comics die-hard fans. It’s for everyone. And by everyone, I mean everybody who enjoy upbeat workplace comedies NBC is famous for, from The Office to Parks And Recreation and recently added newbie Superstore. In fact, Powerless shares a lot with Superstore and it would totally make sense to pair them next season. Both have cute latinas for leads (America Ferrera & Vanessa Hudgens) and an interesting social subtext about work nowadays with a hint of feminism. And both are very funny, but Powerless may have the upper-hand on this. At least pilot vs. pilot. So, fear not: NBC is the right place for this show and the series order looks like a formality to me, even though it will be expensive, a lot of special effects are required.

Of course, we get the inevitable and necessary implied references to DC comics’ characters but nothing a novice wouldn’t understand and they are never too many. Just the right amount. By the way, there’s a description of the main titles (that could change) where we see classic panels from DC including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman… all of them saving the day, but we quickly pop zoom past them, focusing on the civilians in the background while introducing the show’s cast. Smart idea. Efficient. The first sequence starts with Crimson Fox (I googled her, that super-woman is something!) battling a super-villain, Jack O’Lantern ( I googled him too, less impressive if you ask me). And they’re using a train full of civilians to make their point. Inside of it, there’s our heroin, Emily Locke, who has had enough of superheroes (she tells us about it with a voiceover, sorry voiceover haters) and that’s when SHE saves the day for everyone in the train with a brilliant speech and becomes a hero herself, at least for one day. It’s a wake-up call for Emily, who’s now determined to show to her whole office and especially her new crazy boss she’s not the nice little girl they all think she is. She’s on a journey, she won’t shut up and she won’t back down. Take that, Supergirl!

The story doesn’t take place in Metropolis or Gotham or National City but in the little town of Charm City and most of the action happens at the office building and Big Belly Burger, the McDonalds of the DC Universe, right at the corner. We meet Emily’s colleagues and they all make a pretty good impression, especially Teddy (Danny Pudi), Emily’s best friend, and Jackie (Christina Kirk), 45, a woman who really needs to get laid but she’s only interested in super-heroes. She even fantasizes about Aquaman. She’s all wet when she thinks about him (see what I did there?). Anyway. There are also Marvin & Wendy, twins who finish each other’s sentences but they always do it wrong. And there’s Dell Heller (Alan Tudyk), the new boss, who is some sort of human super villain. Except he’s worse. Everything that comes out of his mouth is offensive and that makes him super funny. He’s a caricature of a boss and make totally outrageous decisions, like buying standing desks for the employees and take away their chairs, so they have to stand up all day long. Told you there was a social subtext. Here it is. And it works. You can only relate to it. Oh and there’s Marco, Del’s assistant. Let’s just say he is a potential love interest for Emily. And it’s not a good news for Teddy, who’s probably in love with her in secret. Office love stories, people. Powerless is the whole package.

Powerless is a very promising workplace comedy that happens to take place in the DC Comics universe and that’s what makes it different and special, but most of all it’s a really funny half-hour piece of television that everybody can enjoy. And for NBC, being just that is already a powerful force.