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ABC | 2015/2016 – Fantasy Schedule



Those are predictions based on feelings and ABC final schedule may end up very differently! It will be announced on Tuesday. Stay tuned and until then, enjoy the read!








10pm- CASTLE

For years, ABC played the safe card and never moved Castle from the post-Dancing With The Stars. Though season 8 could very much be its last, I don’t see them deciding to move it to another night to end its run. It’s too late and only a procedural seems to be working here. But ABC didn’t order any. Let’s leave it that way. ABC has biggest fishes to fry.




10pm- AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Even though The Middle is still a strong asset for ABC, it started to fade on the younger demo on Wednesdays and became the weakest link the past few months. The best way to finally start Tuesday night with a bang is to move it at 8 (as Fresh Off The Boat proved there is an appetite for family comedy on Tuesdays too) and associate it with something new. The Real O’Neals would fit perfectly with it and could even do better on the younger demo. A match made in heaven! And since we’re talking about heaven, Kings and Prophets, religious-themed drama with a Game Of Thrones feel, could take the 9pm slot, moving Agents Of SHIELD to 10 where its underwhelming performances would be no longer an issue, at least for the next two years, until it gets a syndication deal. It’s a male oriented night from 9 to 11. Of course, it’s a real bet on Kings and prophets but ABC seems to be very high on it so… It’s a go big or go home situation!





The Goldbergs blossomed beautifully on Wesnesdays and constantly did better on the younger demo than The Middle. It’s strong enough now to anchor the night, paired with Fresh Off The Boat that is too promising to stay on Tuesday. Hopefully, Fresh Off will become the new The Goldbergs! At 9, slowly fading Modern Family won’t move, of course. And Blackish is probably too young and too fragile for now to be tried elsewhere on the schedule (whatever happens with Empire on FOX). Plus it’s in-house produced, so ABC would better not mess with it. At 10, Quantico is one of the rare new dramas ordered that could deliver 22 episodes per season. It’s probably not the best option to make it a hit (in the #TGIT, it would have been one instantly) but with a black lead and a very diversified cast, it makes sense to put it right after Blackish. If CBS and NBC doesn’t put big guns there -and there’s a fair chance they won’t- the show can really explode!





What can I say except: why fixing something that doesn’t need to be fixed? ABC would be crazy to mess with its successful TGIT night. Plus now, with a new Shondaland drama –The Catch– they can air a “real” TGIT from September to May. That being said, ABC could be tempted to launch The Catch during fall. But it would be a mistake in my opinion…




10pm- 20/20

Maybe Dr Ken will be able to break the curse? More family-oriented than Cristela was, it’s the perfect companion for Last Man Standing. And it’s co-owned by ABC so they’ll make a little more money with it.





Once Upon A Time has no reason to move and Nashville has to take the Revenge spot to get its 88 episodes and die there. The Family seems to be the best option for 9pm. First because it fits with the female and soapy oriented shows all around, and because similar dark stories Resurrection and Secrets & Lies proved there is an audience there. Since The Family is way better than those two, a miracle could happen!



The Muppets & Galavant would make a great quirky pair when Once Upon a Time is away on January. Secrets & Lies could fit once again towards the end of the season in the same slot, sunday at 9 (I suspect The Family won’t have more than 15 episodes). Agent Carter will take Agents of SHIELD‘s slot during the midseason break. The Catch will replace How To Get Away in the TGIT. Uncle Buck is a back-up if another comedy fails. BoomWicked City & American Crime are wild cards, back-ups, break fillers or bound to a summer run.

What do YOU think?


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ABC | 2015/2016 Pilot Season: The Best & Worst


Before ABC reveals its new schedule next Tuesday, here’s the best & worst of their pilot season ! Just my humble opinion.



1. QUANTICO – Ordered to series

“an incredibly strong contender at ABC, not only because it’s a great pilot script that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole time but above all because it’s the promise of a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat EVERY WEEK for an ENTIRE SEASON -and hopefully more- alongside characters you can only care about, through a journey that’s relevant to the world we live in. It’s a bomb in the making that’s about to explode. The Clock is already ticking. Tick tock… Tick Tock…” Full preview here

2. THE FAMILY (aka ORIGINAL SIN) – Ordered to series

“a family drama, a very human one, more than a mystery or a detective show, or even a soap. (…) People can relate to this family and its members, they can feel for the detective, they can get excited by the investigation and the secrets that will be found along the way… And it won’t even feel like a sin to love it (…) Everything’s in place to make a great show out of the already great pilot.” Full preview here

3. THE BROAD SQUAD – Dead but could be redeveloped

” This pilot manages to be both entertaining and intelligent, even important I might add (…) The Broad Squad is not your usual cop show, not only because it’s a period drama but because it aims to be different, not a crime-solving straight procedural but a heavy serialized and character-driven one, with no strong emphasis on romantic storylines.” Full preview here

4. THE CATCH – Ordered to series

“it’s in the same vein as Scandal and entirely devoted to Alice Martin, a strong leading woman, brilliant at her job but who can also prove to be fragile when it comes to her messy personal life, in the same fashion as Meredith Grey, Addison Montgomery, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating (…) The Catch comes off as a thrilling ride, but I can’t say it blew my mind… yet.” Full preview here

5. OIL (aka BOOM) – Ordered to series

“it is as ambitious as it looks, and as ambitious as the couple at the center of the show is. t has what it takes it to be a good entertaining TV series that doesn’t take its viewers for morons and which offers a little bit more than just fun. That being said, Boom may be a little too smart and intricate for its own good…” Full preview here

6. KINGMAKERS – Officially Dead

“Kingmakers is ABC wanting to recreate the magic they once had with Revenge. It’s not a spin-off, it’s not officially a reboot. It’s the same show but different. You know you’ve seen it before but you don’t really care as long as they keep it entertaining and fresh somehow. Let’s call it a spiritual spin-off!” Full preview here

7. MIX – Officially Dead

“Mix finds the right balance between the prime time family soap like Dallas and the more emotion-based family drama like Parenthood, the same way Brothers & Sisters did in fact. Let’s call it a family dramedy, with a lot of heart, a bit of laughs and the inevitable dirty little secrets we’re exposed to throughout the pilot (…) It’s almost too simple and too sweet to be really good.” Full preview here

8. RUNNER – Officially Dead

“ABC has better things to pick up, but it’s a solid pilot script that embarks us on a thrilling ride.” Full preview here

9. KINGS AND PROPHETS – Ordered to series

“Game of Thrones is a soap opera in its bones. The Bible is too, in a way. Kings and Prophets even more. It’s about lies, treasons, revenge… Death is everywhere all the time.  I wouldn’t have bet on it before reading the script, now I’m intrigued though not totally convinced. It could crash, it could work, it could even be a hit. Everything’s possible.” Full preview here

10. WICKED CITY (aka LA CRIME) – Ordered to series

“Dark and twisty. It takes a dangerous road for a network show because of the way the serial killer called Clark Gallagher operates (…) But I’m not sure in this crowded television landscape, already full of serial killers, this show has something more to offer…” Full preview here

11. THE ADVOCATE – Officially Dead

“An interesting way of spinning your gold ol’ medical drama, but not distinctive enough to make a splash and be a game changer. It’s nice, it’s a good vehicle for Kim Raver, but it’s boring most of time. The medical part is okay, but the soapy part is just too generic”. 

12. THE ADVERSARIES – Officially Dead

“not something new, not something bad, not something we’d be willing to really give a chance (…) trying to distinguish itself through the family drama perspective, but even that has already been made and it doesn’t make that much of a difference in the end (…) It will skew old and it doesn’t really fit with the schedule. It’s efficient and pleasant but a little outdated.” Full preview here

Not reviewed: UNTITLED AGENTS OF SHIELD PROJECT – Officially Dead


Martha Plimpton as Virginia Chance, Jimmy's mother.


1. THE REAL O’NEALS – Ordered to series

“it fits perfectly with ABC’s brand, alongside Modern Family, The Goldbergs and all the others (…) The fact that the narrator is a teenage boy makes it sound like Fresh Off the Boat too, which can’t be a bad thing. Honestly, I’m already in love with these people (…)”  Full preview here

2. NERD HERD – Officially Dead

“I laughed out loud while reading it, which doesn’t happen very often to me (…) Just picture all of the smart ass kids of TV -like Manny from Modern Family or the adorable Brick from The Middle– and make them brothers and sisters, living in the same house.Full preview here

3. DELORES & JERMAINE – Officially Dead

“This shit is good. Better than expected, better than you think and even better than it should have been. I mean: a young man living with his grandma, it’s quite exciting on paper I think -I love grandmas on TV- but it’s paper thin at the same time. Somehow, the magic happens and at the end of the pilot, nothing about it seems thin anymore.” Full preview here

4. CHEVY – Officially Dead

“it’s in the vein of The Middle. They share the same kind of sweetness and warmness, and they aim at the same sort of truth of what a family really is, or should be, based on everyday life (…) It would fit perfectly in ABC’s line-up”  Full preview here

5. FORTUNE FAMILY – Officially Dead

“TV definitely needs a lesbian heroin, even more if she’s not the pretty kind. That’s diversity too, guys! Outside of the coming-out part, which is dealt with really well, the sitcom is probably less original than The Real O’Neals for many reasons, especially the mother & father dynamic that we have already witnessed countless times, but it works” Full preview here

6. ALL STARS – Officially Dead

“Better than expected, really funny at times, with an extravaganza you don’t find on the other ABC projects. But it’s more niche and the sports part lost me a bit. Not the best choice.” 

7. THE 46 PERCENTERS – Officially Dead

“Liked this one way more than expected and I can totally picture it lasting for years. But too many farts jokes for my taste, probably.” 

8. DR KEN – Ordered to series

“Liked this one way more than expected (again) and I can totally picture it paired with Last Man Standing. Good for diversity, good for laughs, but not especially great regarding originality” 

9. THE KING OF 7B – Officially Dead

“Quite daring, totally original and crazy, but a bit of a mess, with a feeling that it can’t last very long with such a pitch. Would better fit on Netflix or something!”

10. UNCLE BUCK – Ordered to series

“Not impressed. But it has some potential somehow…” 

11. KNOXVILLE – Officially dead

“A family comedy about rednecks? Already done by Greg Garcia with Earl and then Raising Hope. We don’t need this one even if it’s fine.”

12. WARRIORS – Officially Dead

“Don’t understand the attractiveness of this project. But apparently it has one. Maybe not being remotely interested in basket ball didn’t help. I have faith in producer Dan Fogelman -and ABC too since they can’t keep ordering his shows- but I don’t think it belongs to ABC, even if they broadcast NBA…”

Not reviewed: THE MUPPETS -Ordered to series


What pilots are you rooting for ?

“Quantico” (ABC) pilot preview: A bomb in the making that’s about to explode! Tick Tock Tick Tock…


Written & produced by Josh Safran (Smash, Gossip Girl). Co-produced by Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Criminal Minds) & Nick Pepper (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders). Directed by Marc Munden (Utopia, Black Sails). For ABC, ABC Studios & The Mark Gordon Company. 58 pages.

Description: A group of young FBI recruits, all with specific reasons for joining, battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia. Between target practice and tests of physical endurance, they have to learn the art of investigation while competing against each others. They only have a 50/50 chance of finishing and there are no second chances. But they’re about to face something even bigger: 9 months later, one of them is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on American soil since 9/11…

With Aunjanue Ellis (Mentalist, The Help, Ray, The Book Of Negroes), Dougray Scott (Hemlock Grove, Desperate Housewives, Hitman, Taken 3), Priyanka Chopra (Barfi!), Jake McLaughlin (Believe, Crash), Graham Rogers (Revolution), Tate Ellington (Straight Outta Compton, The Mindy Project), Johanna Braddy (UnReal, Greek, The Riches), Yasmine Al Massri (Crossbones)…

rate rate rate rate rate

Here it is. The best script of 2015/2016 pilot season (so far). And probably one of the best and most efficient I have ever read. As soon as I laid eyes on the logline a few months ago, I knew it would automatically become a frontrunner in the pilot race at ABC, the way How to Get Away With Murder was a non-brainer last year. And it is NOT Shonda Rhimes written or produced this time, though Mark Gordon, the actual producer, worked on her first two shows, Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice. Queen Shonda’s perfect recipe to cook up a bomb is no longer a secret. Josh Safran fabricated his own, a very well crafted one. Quantico is exactly what ABC’s audience and to a larger extent what the young demo craves for: a fast-paced thrilling ride full of twists & turns that deals with what’s happening in the world right now through relevant and intriguing characters. From the first act to the very end, it’s exciting, unpredictable… It’s a gift that keeps on giving and that leaves you breathless and hungry for more. People will tweet like crazy with this. If Quantico doesn’t become a hit, then there won’t be any hit next season.

Let me introduce you the characters now. First, you have Alex Weaver, a tough and gorgeous girl, a little bit wild, played by Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood star ABC signed an exclusive talent deal with and gave a role in the best pilot they had in store. Remember her name. She’s the central character of the show since she’s heavily featured in the present as well as in the future. Yes, in the same fashion as How to Get Away With Murder‘s complex structure, the pilot starts with a flashforward -at the time of the bombing in Grand Central, New York- then goes back and forth between the story of what happened on the first days of training, flashes from the recruits’ past and other post-apocalyptical scenes. Then there’s good looking Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), with whom Alex hooks up, Meredith & Derek style; Brooklyn gay hipster Simon Asher (Tate Ellington); clean cut Mormon Eric Packer; southern belle Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy); golden boy Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers); and hijab wearing Nimah Anwar (Yasmine Al Massri), a character that we will probably talk about a lot, since she’s a Muslim and a woman of many secrets. Once again, ABC nailed it in the diversity department, with a young cast and set of characters that represent what America and even what the World looks like. There are two other very important faces, adult ones, 40ish: Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis), their Olivia Pope/Annalise Keating style teacher and most importantly director of Quantico; and Special Agent Liam O’Connor (Dougray Scott), their supervisor who knows all their secrets and who’s a bit of a mess himself.

They all have very good -or not so good- reasons to be here and one of the best quality of this pilot is the way he delivers these informations to us, using the first exercise of the recruits to do so. Every trainee is attached to one another and have to look for his deepest secret, the one the FBI didn’t even find during the preliminary tests. This task proves to be very enlightening, exposing them more than they would like. At the end of the pilot, we already have a good idea of who they are and what we can expect from them, but we also know at least one of them is a terrorist and that changes everything. There is a tragedy happening at the end of the third act, and the fourth and fifth acts insanely pile up twists, the way Scandal did when it is at its best. Only one of them, the cliffhanger at the very end, left me doubtful. Maybe because it’s a little too easy, déjà vu. But it opens up to what could be either the starting point of the second part of the season or the starting point of the second season entirely. Since there is no Viola Davis in this show, we can bet ABC will be able to squeeze 22 episodes out of it, so they can use the first season to cover the 21 weeks of training, then move on with life after the explosion.

Quantico is an incredibly strong contender at ABC, not only because it’s a great pilot script that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole time but above all because it’s the promise of a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat EVERY WEEK for an ENTIRE SEASON -and hopefully more- alongside characters you can only care about, through a journey that’s relevant to the world we live in. It’s not a soapy Homeland. It’s not just Grey’s Anatomy or How To Get Away With Murder at the FBI Academy. It’s a bomb in the making that’s about to explode. The Clock is already ticking. Tick tock… Tick Tock…

ABC starts pilot season with 5 drama orders!


After NBC, FOX & CBS, ABC finally enters pilot season with first five drama orders, all very different from each other.

First one is a surprise, since it was a project set-up at FOX for the last two years. New regime there decided 20th Century FOX-produced Runner would be a better fit with ABC because of the female perspective of it. The idea was very welcome at the alphabet and now a pilot is on the rails. Runner centers on Lauren Marks, whose seemingly perfect life is ripped apart by one simple twist of fate. To uncover the truth, she must follow a trail of lies that takes her into the world of cartels and the illegal gun trade between the U.S. and Mexico. It is an adaptation of Turkish series Son.

Second one is a biblical drama, a very trendy genre since the success of The Bible on History. NBC has its follow-up A.D. coming this spring, and CBS has mini-series The Dovekeepers. ABC is trying it with Of Kings And Prophets, an ABC Studios production, which is an epic saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet and a resourceful young shepherd on a collision course with destiny. This is the very very serious version of Galavant.

Third one is a family dramedy, as Parenthood is ending on NBC next week. Mix, produced by Rashida Jones and written Jennifer Cecil (Private Practice) explores the realities of modern-day families — multi-cultural, multi-generational, built through divorces, affairs and adoptions — set against the backdrop of a revered family restaurant at a crossroads. 

Fourth is L.A Crime, an anthology detective drama based on true stories. It explores sex, politics and popular culture across various noteworthy eras in Los Angeles history. In Season 1, two LA cops will be searching for a Bonnie & Clyde-esque serial-killing team amidst the coke-infused rock ‘n’ roll, revelry of the 1980s Sunset Strip. ABC Studios is producing.

Last but not least, Quantico, a very hot project that could be a perfect companion for How To Get Away With Murder, written by Josh Safran (Smash) and produced by ABC Studios. It centers on a group of young FBI recruits, all with specific reasons for joining, who battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia. As the show intercuts between their hidden pasts and their present training, it also flashes forward to the near future, where one of the recruits will turn out to be a sleeper terrorist responsible for the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. A very ambitious idea that unwillingly echoes what just happened in France…

ABC is expected to order 5 more drama pilots and 10 comedy pilots in the next days.