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NBC picks up first 3 comedy pilots of the season


A few days after ordering its first drama pilot of the season “Warrior”, NBC picks up its first three comedy pilots, all in-house produced by Universal Television.

First one is untitled and comes from TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland creator Suzanne Martin, who previously worked on Frasier and Ellen. The multicamera style comedy chronicles how things backfire for recent empty-nesters when their children and their parents move back home. Sounds like a certain comedy called Empty Nest, The Golden Girls’ spin-off (1988-1995) but in reverse! It is co-produced by comedian Sean Hayes via its production house Hazy Mills, already behind Hot In Cleveland, its spin-off The Soul Man and fantasy drama Grimm.

Second one is the single-camera family project How We Live, written by Steven Cragg & Brian Bradley who both worked previously on Scrubs and Happy Endings. It centers on a blogger and his wife who move to the suburbs where he begins writing about marriage and the family lives of his suburban friends and neighbors, in the style of an anthropologist who’s stumbled on an undiscovered tribe.

Last but not least is pretty exciting single-camera comedy Superstore, about a group of employees at a big box store and examines love, friendship, and the beauty of every day moments. It is written and directed by Ruben Fleischer, who worded on The Office like executive producer Justin Splitzer, and directed movie Zombieland. Let’s just hope it’s not another mockumentary!