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Comedy 2015 #PilotWatch : the full recap

It’s this time of the year when we get all judgy and mean, happy because we enjoy a show we didn’t think we would, sad because our expectations were too high for some others… It’s time to make tough choices (some are really easy though) and decide whose are the characters, the families, the places, the writers we want to spend the rest of the year with! Game ON.


First, on the comedy side, let me summarize it simply by saying almost nothing that has been picked up really stink but nothing really stand out either. That’s the ugly truth. In my opinion, The MuppetsThe Real O’Neals at ABC and Life In Pieces at CBS are the safer bets. NBC can do something with the duet Hot & Bothered/Superstore with a good lead in and a heavily marketed night. Sadly, I don’t see Grandfathered & The Grinder staying very long on FOX because of the channel’s recent track record… The rest is DOA. Dead on arrival.



  1. THE REAL O’NEALS   rate rate rate rate

Already in love with this family. They put a huge smile on my face. Kudos to always great Martha Plimpton and very talented newcomer Noah Gavin, who nails it as the narrator. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work, except a bad timeslot. ABC, give it at least a Fresh Off The Boat treatment!

2. THE MUPPETS  rate rate rate rate

I’m not a fan of the original The Muppets. Not my thing. But this pilot presentation took me by surprise. Love the idea of the mockumentary twist. Could be a great deal of fun. But still not for me. It could become a huge hit for ABC, though.

3. DR KEN  rate rate rate

Dr Ken is so far the best match with Last Man Standing ABC found. Ken Jeong will divise the audience: some will love his performance, others will hate it. Liked it (and him) way more than I expected. Good for diversity, good for laughs, but not especially great regarding originality.

4. UNCLE BUCK  rate

Not funny in any way. The title character is plain stupid & irritating. The cast never clicks. The kids are meh but the adults are way worst. It’s fixable, the set up is not that bad, but no thanks. Not sure ABC would have ordered it if the cast was not black, in fact.


CBS-Logo  life-in-pieces

  1. LIFE IN PIECES  rate rate rate rate

Could have turned into a huge hit… if Modern Family never existed! Writing’s good, people can relate, a bit raunchy. The cast is great on paper but… except Josh Brolin & Zoe Lister Jones, where are the funny people?! BTW the concept is just cosmetics. That being said, wanna watch more. It’s really fun at times, potential is here.

2. ANGEL FROM HELL  rate rate rate

Not an amazing pilot but it’s kinda cool. Jane Lynch & Maggie Lawson have a real chemistry. There’s potential. It’s not CBS-y at all though. Probably won’t work. They could have made a great multicamera with it, that’s too bad.


nbc  2015-0507-Upfront2015-Superstore-KeyArt-1920x1080-ml

  1. SUPERSTORE  rate rate rate

Glad to have America Ferrera back on TV! Fun & sweet but a little too focus on a potential love story. Could turn great.

2. HOT & BOTHERED  rate rate

Eva Longoria is stunning, but something’s a little off… The other castmembers? The whole concept? Not sure. Didn’t laugh much, not “30 Rock” clever… It doesn’t have much going for it in the end, except Longoria (who has been better). And surprise! Zachary Levi (Chuck, Heroes Reborn) appears in a very Susan Mayer kinda scene. He’s playing the new network president.

3. CROWDED  rate rate

Loving Carrie Preston is not reason enough to get excited about this. It’s really old-school -which is not a problem for me- and a waste of her talent. She can do better. She’s worth better. Next!

4. TRUTH BE TOLD  rate

Not as raunchy as NBC wants us to believe. Ordering 13 comedy pilots for ending with such a generic Rules Of Engagement-y sitcom… Really NBC? The cast is meh, with the exception of Tone Bell.


fox   Grandfathered-John-Stamos-as-Jimmy-and-Josh-Peck-as-Gerald

  1. GRANDFATHERED  rate rate rate

Far from hilarious but John Stamos’ charm is in full force & Josh Peck’s a good surprise. Really sweet & has potential. It’s actually nice to see a pilot that improves the script and not the other way!

2. THE GRINDER  rate rate rate

Rob Lowe & Fred Savage make an interesting duet but as much as I liked the script, the concept has a hard time coming together on screen. It’s not as funny as it should have been. Episode 2 will be decisive. It needs to loosen up a bit.

3. THE GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE  rate rate rate

Cool concept, cool pilot and cool & cute lead (Jack Cutmore-Scott). Hope FOX won’t give it their usual midseason bad treatment…