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CW’s 5 most exciting projects for 2015/2016 pilot season


The following article is based on descriptions mixed wih talents attached ONLY. None of the scripts have been read at this point. 

What are The CW’s needs for next season:

– A Supernatural spin-off, to be able someday to let the original show die, finally… Another planted spin-off is in the works after the first one didn”t make it last year.

– News shows which aren’t adapted from DC Comics, to diversify its offer.

Drama Scripts ordered: around 20

Drama pilots ordered last year: 6

5-6 Drama Pilots should be ordered this year

Observation: It’s hard to tell if The CW had a strong year so far, since two new shows out of four have yet to premiere (iZombie, which got a chance to shine, and The Messengers, which is sent to a Friday certain death). But with The Flash, the network found a great hit, an even bigger one than its spin-off Arrow, which is rare and quite surprising to say the least. Jane The Virgin is not a ratings success but it’s the first CW show which won a Golden Globe (for best comedy)! But at the same time, The Vampire Diaries is fading, The Originals is already a disappointment, The 100 doesn’t get the ratings it deserves and Reign is just so-so. Plus, Hart Of Dixie isn’t dead yet.

For next year, The CW needed another DC Comics show in my opinion. Just one. But as it turns out, The Atom one won’t be ready on time, Teen Titans landed on TNT and Supergirl went to big sister network CBS for very mysterious reasons (I still think it could join CW’s schedule in the end, despite what Nina Tassler said). Here are some of the projects that could be ordered to pilot, but know the CW probably has scripts we never heard of…


What?  a disgraced CIA agent-turned-teacher at an elite Washington D.C. prep school  trains a select few students to be his eyes and ears into the world of international espionage and help him earn his way back into the agency

Why? FOX will have its Scream Queens when The CW could have its Cheerleaders. It’s hard to take this pitch seriously, just imagining how those boys and girls will look like when doing espionnage things: models chasing, the hair in the wind, trying to look clever at the same time… But it is produced by Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids creator Marc Cherry. That could only mean one thing: there will be a lot of humor, writers won’t take themselves too seriously so it could be a lot of fun! And also very repetitive. It might be a cool companion for female-oriented Jane The Virgin.

FIRST LADY (Warner Bros. Television)

What? one woman’s rags-to-riches journey from illegal immigrant to the White House, where she battles injustice and her own sordid past which has come back to haunt her

Why? This one too could be a companion for Jane The Virgin, and it’s adapted from the Chilean series Primera Dama. It’s ridiculous, especially if the heroine really becomes the first lady of The United States, but you never know… It is produced by Jennifer Garner, a woman of taste. Maybe she saw a potential where no one else could…

THE MAGELLAN (Warner Bros. Television)

What?  revolves around what happens when a mysterious global cataclysm strands a group of students, teachers and crew on a Semester at Sea sailboat; With the entire planet seemingly covered in water, they begin to wonder if they are the only survivors left. As they explore their strange — yet strangely beautiful — new world, this group of strangers must join forces to survive, all while facing the equally daunting challenges of friendship, family and even love.

Why? I have no idea how the Spanish series El Barco is doing over there, but The Magellan is the american adaptation of this apocalyptic drama and it sounds exciting, the way The 100 sounded like when the project was first announced. It will probably require quite a big budget but Warner Bros. proved many times they can do it well (unlike ABC Studios and its atrocious green screens). Jennifer Johnston from The Following is writing.

THE PHOENIX PROJECT (Warner Bros. Television)

What?  three friends who, in an attempt to combat apathy, take an anarchistic, dangerous and morally questionable approach to save society from itself

Why? the creator of this show, Martin Gero, already got a pilot order for one of the three projects he developed this year –Blindspot at NBC- so it could prove complicated to do both. This one sounds original, and more personal, but it’s hard to tell where it’s headed. But it is billed as a “vigilante drama”, so these guys will pretend to be superheroes. And the CW doesn’t really need new ones, especially when they don’t come from prolific DC Comics universe…


What?  a peek behind the curtain of Hollywood’s hip-hop dance scene, centering on a top-flight back-up dancer who dreams of becoming a choreographer

Why? Musical shows are still very much trendy but dance oriented ones are nowhere to be found. Maybe it’s time to give it a chance (just forget the horrible Hellcats), especially since it’s produced by John Wells. We can expect something smart and interesting from him. Plus, it’s adapted from real choreographer Kenny Wormald’s life. Could feel real.

Note: The CW still have a Misfits remake in the works but I think we all agree they’d better not touch it. It’s way too crude and crazy for them.