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Drama 2015 #PilotWatch : the full recap

It’s this time of the year when we get all judgy and mean, happy because we enjoy a show we didn’t think we would, sad because our expectations were too high for some others… It’s time to make tough choices (some are really easy though) and decide whose are the characters, the families, the places, the writers we want to spend the rest of the year with! Game ON.


Again, this year is not the year of comedy and like last year the drama field is filled with quite capable new entries, some of them having the potential to break out but none of them being exceptionnally original and a game changer. While soaps are gonna invade next pilot season, this time it’s The Blacklist clones, mixing procedural elements and mythology with big male leads (Blindspot, The Player, Game of Silence, Minority Report, Limitless, Lookinglass). Heavily serialized shows are once again mostly in ABC’s territory with Quantico, The Family, Wicked City and The Catch, a very solid freshman class. Blood and oil could be a goner very soon. CBS might be in big trouble if Supergirl doesn’t deliver, Code Black & Limitless are wild cards and the schedule is not great, to say the least. NBC only have Blindspot as a potential breakout hit, with Heroes Reborn which could surprise, at least at the beginning. FOX might be okay and will have to rely on Empire and possibly Scream Queens to spend a decent fall. Rosewood and Minority Report are not the ones to bet on. Midseason will be more exciting for everyone with such shows as The Family, The Catch, Lucifer and of course the return of The X-Files.

abc  The-Family-Saison-1-ABC

  1. THE FAMILY  rate rate rate rate rate

A dark, sometimes brutal, smart family soap, gripping and devastating. Perfectly cast. Joan Allen is incredible. Could be ABC’s Broadchurch. Critically acclaimed. Wow. Very few pilot can make you cry. I remember Homeland did. The Family is one of these. Chills.

2. QUANTICO  rate rate rate rate rate

The best pilot you’ll see this fall. It’s fast-paced, smart, exciting, fun, sexy, full of twists and turns. GREAT. Though it is not produced by Shondaland, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Shonda Rhimes show. It is written HIT all over it. Priyanka Chopra really is a revelation. She’s not just stunningly beautiful, she’s good, really good. Though I still don’t get why ABC didn’t give it the best timeslot they had, it’s strong enough to stand on its own and explode.

3. THE CATCH rate rate rate rate 

Mireille Enos is stunning and gives an intense & subtle performance. Pilot is classy, in a Scandal fashion. It’s too bad the secondary characters are so weak, they doesn’t spark any interest for now. Fired actors Damon Dayoub & BethanyJoyLenz were not bad at all. But I guess Mireille Enos is worth better performers. Peter Krause & Sonya Walger can turn this good pilot into a great show. Looking forward to it! Shonda Rhimes never disappoints.

4. BLOOD AND OIL rate rate 

Bo-ring. Script was great so what happened? Too cute cast. Too cable-y feel with no substance. Too serious, no fun. It’s not steamy, not soapy enough. No pleasure & no guilt. Hard task to make it better but not yet a lost cause. The cast is so meh, though. Why ABC is giving it a better timeslot than Quantico is beyond me, honestly… Two good points: Don Jonhson & the natural setting. But I fear it will be all green screen by the second episode…


Not seen: WICKED CITY, KINGS AND PROPHETS (entirely being rewrote & reshot).



CBS-Logo  code-black


  1. CODE BLACK  rate rate rate

Going after ER & Grey’s Anatomy is an impossible task. They did their best to make it similar and different at the same time. It can be boring in spite of everything that is happening. We need to care about the characters and right now we don’t. Marcia Gay Harden could make me watch anything so I’ll give the show the time it needs… But damn, it’s depressing

2. SUPERGIRL  rate rate rate

Certainly not a CBS show, except for the big budget. It’s in the same range as The Flash, but with a story really too similar to Superman’s to suprise us in a any way. And it goes fast, too fast. Plus, there’s a girly vibe that feels outdated. No idea if it’s gonna work but it’s a show we didn’t need. They did their best. But the best version of this story can’t be geat, it seems.

3. LIMITLESS   rate rate rate

Not sure what to say about this one. Could go either way. I didn’t like it but there’s an audience for it. CBS-y but not too much. Boring, a bit. Not as efficient as Scorpion, for example. But there’s Bradley Cooper (temporarily). A waste of Jennifer Carpenter’s talent. Didn’t know Ron Rifkin is playing the hero’s dad! Nice surprise. Oh and Fringe‘s Blair Brown is playing the mother!




nbc  Blindspot - Season Pilot

  1. BLINDSPOT  rate rate rate rate

First Blindspot pilot scenes: how not to show any intimate body parts with a standing naked character all along in 10 lessons. This is a very entertaining and enjoyable pilot, with enough mistery for wanting to be back. A potential hit for NBC

2. HEARTBREAKER rate rate rate

Very surprised! Lots of rewrites. Melissa George is more charming than ever. It feels fresh, funny, warm, moving. Soundtrack is perfect, montage is efficient. Probably too close to Grey’s Anatomy but good job!

3. GAME OF SILENCE rate rate rate

Psychological thriller, not very thrilling though, dark and depressing for the most part. Cable-y. Could have been excellent, but for some reason it’s “just” good but it’s hard to imagine the show lasting for more than one short season, whatever happens ratings-wise. Should have been announced as a miniseries in my opinion.

4. THE PLAYER rate rate rate

If the show wasn’t doomed (timeslot…) I would have bet on it. But Blindspot is stronger, NBC made the right call. High octane. Sometimes it’s dark and not very convicing. Sometimes it’s fun and it works. Shares an awful lot with The Blacklist. Best things about the show: Wesley Snipes of course and Charity Wakefield ! She’s just great and… playful!


It’s a dramedy but it’s not really funny nor emotional. Not that English either. Dunno what is. A bit of a mess? You have to wait for Rob Lowe to appear to really get pleasure out of it. And he’s not there much. Megan Mullally is almost unrecognizable. Seems like she’s just out of an Orange is the New Black episode. Which is good (Jenji Kohan, think about her!) Anyway NBC won’t be able to do anything with it. Hidden next summer or on fridays at 10? It’s likely and that’s OK.  I’ll be watching episode 2 though. It finally gets interesting in the very end…



fox  Lucifer

  1. LUCIFER  rate rate rate rate

A very suitable substitute for gone too soon Forever. Same kind of fun police procedural, entertaining & warm. Tom Ellis is charming as hell.  After Castle, Bones… it doesn’t add anything new to the game, but TV needs shows like these. That being said the supernatural part/mythology could be more exciting than that. And the pilot takes too long to start


Kinda like it in a weird way. It’s far from perfect but it’s emotional and fun at times. What I’m concerned about is the subsequent episodes. Will it become a procedural of some sort? Hope not… I think it would be a better fit with The X-Files than Lucifer. But Lucifer has better chances to work so it makes sense… It’s not really Frankenstein it’s more… FrankHulkenstein! / Really good looking pilot, kinda fun and badass. Convincing cast, good chemistry. A Fringe vibe. Great attention to details. More into it than I expected. Wondering how long it can last without becoming boring… and going off the air…

3. ROSEWOOD rate rate 

Lazy & sometimes ridiculous shiny procedural. Tries too much to be cool & fun. Everything feels fake. Annoying hero even if Morris Chestnut is very good to watch. Ordered only because FOX desperately needed something to pair Empire with. The african-american hero was reason enough it seems. And it’s a shame.

Not seen: Scream Queens

cw   Pilot

  1. CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND rate rate rate rate

Really liked it! There’s an unexpected Ally McBeal vibe! The kind of show you wanna watch cosy while eating an ice-cream. That was not a good fit with Showtime but it could have been their Girls. A weird fit with The CW. I just hope they won’t sweeten the whole thing up. Take the curse words out and keep the fun & spirit. The masturbation scene will be dearly missed. It’s the best one!

2. CONTAINMENT rate rate rate 

Kinda hooked by the story but not much by the characters. Not totally convinced. Disgusting and entertaining. But isn’t it just one of those mediocre catastrophe TV movies turned into a 10-episode season?

Not seen: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (not shot yet)