“Criminal Minds” team readying a new spin-off


Seems like the Criminal Minds franchise won’t come to an end any time soon. CBS & ABC Studios are preparing a new spin-off with a pilot implanted in a current season spring episode of the mothership show.

Even if, so far, networks tend to go lighter on spin-off projects from their hit series -there’s just a Castle‘s one about fictional Rick Storm in the mix at ABC- CBS just can’t help itself! The project, written by showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer, is about a Special FBI unit with agents helping American citizens who find themselves in trouble abroad. It sounds very derivative from Criminal Minds (where are the horrible crimes and their serial killers?) but it’s an interesting idea. The filming will start in january for an airing targeted at april.

The action drama will have to prove stonger than Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, the previous spin-off attempt that didn’t last long in 2011. In a tough place this season, CBS is trying to keep its franchises alive after the successful launch of NCIS New Orleans last september and Patricia Arquette’s starrer CSI:Cyber starting next march. Next step: a spin-off for their only hit comedy The Big Bang Theory? Seems inevitable…

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