Too Old To Die Young

Genre: Crime Drama

Description: explores the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles. It explores various characters’ existential journeys from being killers to becoming samurai’s in the city of angels.

Cast: Miles Teller…

Created by: Nicolas Winding Refn & Ed Brubaker. Directed by: Nicolas Winding Refn.

Produced by: Nicolas Winding Refn & Ed Brubaker.

Studios: TBA

Carnival Row

Genre: Fantasy Drama

Description: In a noir, Victorian-tinged city where humans, fairies and other creatures co-exist, a detective investigates a serial killer who is preying on mystical creatures, only to find that he has become the prime suspect in the murders.

Cast: Cara Delevingne, Orlando Bloom, Indira Varma, Jared Harris, Karla Crome, Andrew Gover…

Created by: Travis Beacham & Rene Echevarria. Directed by: Jon Amiel.

Produced by: Travis Beacham & Rene Echevarria.

Studios: Amazon Studios & Legendary Television.

Jack Ryan


Genre: Action Drama

Description: A new contemporary take on the CIA hero in his prime as a analyst/operative…

Cast: John Krasinski…

Created by: Carton Cuse & Graham Roland. Based on: Tom Clancy.

Produced by: Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Lindsey Springer, Mace Neufeld, Carton Cuse & Graham Roland.

Studios: Platinum Dunes, Carlton Cuse Productions, Sydance Media, Paramount Television & Amazon Studios

The Boys

Genre: Superhero Drama.

Description: In a world where superheroes embrace the darker side of their massive celebrity and fame, The Boys centers on a group of vigilantes known informally as “the boys,” who set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than blue collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty…

Cast: TBD.

Created by: Eric Kripke. Based on: comics by Darick Robertson & Garth Ennis. Directed by: Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen. 

Produced by: Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, James Weaver, Neal H. Moritz, Ori Marmur, Pavun Shetty, Darick Robertson & Garth Ennis.

Studios: Sony Pictures Television, Original Film & Point Grey Pictures.

Good Omens

Genre: Fantasy Drama.

Description: It’s 2018, the Apocalypse is near and Final Judgment is set to descend upon humanity. The armies of Good and Evil are amassing, Atlantis is rising, and tempers are flaring. Everything appears to be going according to Divine Plan. Except a somewhat fussy angel and a fast-living demon are not actually looking forward to the coming war, and someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist.

Cast: Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Jack Whitehall, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Jon Hamm, Mireille Enos, Adria Arjona, Nina Sosanya, Ned Dennehy, Ariyon Bakare…

Created by: Neil Gaiman. Based on: Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. Directed by: TBD.

Produced by: Neil Gaiman, Rob Wilkins, Chris Sussman, Caroline Skinner & Rod Brown. 

Studios: Amazon Studios & BBC Worldwide Production.


Genre: Thriller Drama.

Description: around a caseworker at a secret government facility and a soldier eager to rejoin civilian life…

Cast: Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James…

Created by: Micah Bloomberg & Eli Horowitz. Based on: Podcast. Directed by: Sam Esmail. 

Produced by: Micah Bloomberg, Eli Horowitz, Julia Roberts, Sam Esmail, Matt Lieber, Chad Hamilton, Marisa Gill, Lisa Gillan & Alex Blumberg. 

Studios: Amazon Studios, Universal Cable Productions, Anonymous Content, Esmail Corp & Gimlet Media.

Tong Wars

Genre: Drama

Description: set against the Tong Wars of 19th century San Francisco and tells a story spanning a significant period of time about Chinese immigrants and the clashes between organized-crime families in the city’s Chinatown…

Cast: TBD.

Created by: Paul Attanasio. Directed by: Wong Kar-Waï.

Produced by: Paul Attanasio & Wong Kar-Waï.

Studios: Amazon Studios.

The Lord of the Rings

Genre: Fantasy Drama.

Description: TBD.

Cast: TBD.

Created by: TBD. Based on: J.R.R. Tolkien. Directed by: TBD.

Produced by: TBD.

Studios: Warner Bros. Television & Amazon Studios.

Untitled Rudolph & Armisen Project

Genre: Comedy (Single-Camera)

Description: about a long-term married couple residing in Southern California…

Cast: Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Catherine Keener…

Created by: Alan Yang & Matt Hubbard. Directed by: TBD.

Produced by: Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Dave Becky, Tim Sarkes, Alan Yang & Matt Hubbard.

Studios: Amazon Studios & Universal Television.

Dangerous Book for Boys

Genre: Comedy.

Description: Wyatt and his brothers are coming to terms with the death of their dad, a wonderful, whimsical inventor who touched the lives of everyone who knew him. He leaves the boys with a copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys, and the how-to book inspires fantasies for Wyatt. While in his fantasy world, he reconnects with his father and learns life skills that help him navigate real life.

Cast: Gabriel Bateman, Drew Logan Powell, Chris Diamantopoulos, Erinn Hayes, Kyan Zielinski, Swoosie Kurtz…

Created by: Bryan Cranston & Greg Mottola. Directed by: Greg Mottolo.

Produced by: Bryan Cranston, James Degus & Greg Mottola.

Studios: Sony Pictures Television & Moonshot Entertainment.

Making Friends

Genre: Comedy (Multicamera)

Description: Mark is a brilliant guy with an artificial intelligence degree who creates robots and spends his days hanging out with them as his main group of friends…

Cast: Adhir Kalyan, Georgia King…

Created by: Craig Thomas & Carter Bays. Directed by: Pamela Fryman.

Produced by: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Pamela Fryman, Brian Brockrath, James Weaver, Craig Thomas & Carter Bays.

Studios: Sony Pictures Television, Bays/Thomas Productions & Point Grey.


Genre: Comedy (Single-camera)

Description: Set in a future where humans are able to “upload” themselves into their preferred choice of afterlife. When Nathan meets his early death, he is greeted by the Nora in his version of heaven. As Nathan grows accustomed to life away from his loved ones, the alive Nora struggles to stay afloat working her job alongside Nathan in the afterlife.

Cast: TBD.

Created by: Greg Daniels. Directed by: Greg Daniels.

Produced by: Greg Daniels & Howard Klein.

Studios: Deedle-Dee Productions.

The Legend of Master Legend


Genre: Superhero Drama

Description: centers on Master Legend and his sidekick, the Ace, real life superheroes…

Cast: John Hawkes, Shea Whigham, David Castaneda…

Created by: Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster. Based on: Joshuah Bearman. 

Produced by: Joshuah Bearman, Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster.

Studios: Amazon

Untitled David O’Russell Project

Genre: Crime Drama

Description: TBA

Cast: Robert de Niro, Julianne Moore…

Created by: David O’Russell. Directed by: David O’Russell.

Produced by: David O’Russell, Alexandra Milchan, Scott Lambert, Harvey Weinstein, David Glasser & Megan Ellison. 

Studios: The Weinstein Company & Annapurna.

The Romanoffs

Genre: Anthology Drama 

Description: contemporary anthology set in multiple locations worldwide

Cast: consist of eight hourlong episodes, each of which will tell a standalone story with no recurring plot elements or actors. The only common thread is that each episode will tell the stories of people in contemporary times who believe they are descendants of the imperial family that ruled Russia from 1613 until the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917.

Created by: Matthew Weiner. 

Produced by: Matthew Weiner, Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Semi Chellas & Blake McCormick.

Studios: Amazon & The Weinstein Company.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Genre: Dramedy

Description: In the 50s, Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel, a 25-year-old sharp, sunny, energetic and absolutely adorable Jewish girl married and living with her husband and two children in NYC. A woman of her time, Midge is a dutiful daughter and a cheerleader of a wife to a man who, though he has a good job in his father’s company, sadly harbors delusional dreams of a stand-up comedy career. One day, Midge’s perfect life blows up when her husband leaves her for another woman. Completely unprepared, Midge suddenly finds herself at sea with only her wit to help her build a brand new life for herself. She goes on to become one of the first female standup comics.

Cast: Rachel Brosnahan, Tony Shalhoub, Marin Hinkle…

Created by: Amy Sherman-Palladino. 

Produced by: Amy Sherman-Palladino & Dan Palladino.

Studios: Amazon


Genre: Sci-fi Drama

Description: revolves around Peter Leigh, an English pastor who embarks on the journey of a lifetime into deep space that takes him light years away from his beloved wife, Bea…

Cast: Richard Madden, Haley Joel Osment, Anil Kapoor,  …

Created by: Matt Charman. Directed by: Kevin MacDonald.

Produced by: Andy Harries, Matt Charman &  Kevin MacDonald.

Studios: Amazon


Genre: Period Drama

Description: in pre-revolutionary Cuba in and around the world of The Tropicana nightclub.  With the club as a focal point, the series explores the intersection of entertainers, the mob, Batista loyalists, Castro revolutionaries and the American CIA…

Cast: TBA

Created by: Josh Goldin and Rachel Abramowitz. 

Produced by: Andrea Simon, Josh Goldin and Rachel Abramowitz

Studios: Amazon

Sea Oak

Genre: Supernatural Drama

Description:  Aunt Bernie, a working-class woman in a Rust Belt city (meek, unmarried, no kids), dies tragically in a home invasion. Compelled by sheer force of dissatisfaction, she comes back from the dead full of rage, determined to get the life she never had. She proceeds to inflict a range of demands on what’s left of her nuclear family (a quasi-stripper nephew and two feckless nieces), who live in a low-end subsidized hellhole of a housing complex called Sea Oak. 

Cast: Glenn Close…

Created by: George Saunders. Directed by: Hiro Murai.

Produced by: Hiro Murai, George Saunders, Jonathan Krauss, Lael Smith & Evan Dunsky.

Studios: Amazon Studios & Affiliated Pictures.

The Interestings


Genre: Drama

Description: about a group of friends who meet at an arts camp when they’re 15 in 1974. The series chronicles their relationships throughout the next three decades dealing with the great expectations of youth juxtaposed with the realities life hands you as you get older…

Cast: Lauren Ambrose, David Krumholtz, Jessica Collins, Corey Cott, Matt Barr, Jessica Paré, Sarah Mezzanotte…

Created by: Lyn Greene & Richard Levine. Directed by: Mike Newell.

Produced by: Lyn Greene & Richard Levine. 

Studios: Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures Television & TriStar Television



Genre: Legal Drama

Descrption: Billy McBride, a once respectable lawyer was ousted from the high-profile firm he co-founded. Billy now spends his days getting drunk, with the occasional case tossed his way by his ex-wife. However, Billy is reinvigorated professionally when a young lawyer who has just been fired from his old firm brings him a wrongful death case that pits him against the head of his former firm.

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Maria Bello, Molly Parker, Tania Raymonde, Olivia Thirlby…

Created by: David E. Kelley & Jonathan Shapiro. Directed by: David Semel

Produced by: David E. Kelley & Jonathan Shapiro

Studios: Amaon Studios & David E. Kelley Productions

One Mississippi


Genre: Dramedy

Description: Tig Notaro has just recovered from an abdominal disease that has left her gaunt, wasted, exhausted and pretty much stripped of everything except her finely honed sense of the absurd. Abruptly summoned home to Pass Christian, Miss., to take her ailing mother off life support, Tig finds herself dealing with her clingy girlfriend, her dysfunctional Gulf Coast family and the loss of the one person who held everything together.

Cast: Tig Notaro, Noah Harpster…

Created by: Tig Notaro & Diablo Cody Directed by: Nicole Holofcener

Produced by: Tig Notaro, Diablo Cody, Louis CK, Blair Breard & Dave Becky.

Studios: Amazon Studios


Jean-Claude Van Johnson


Genre: Action Drama

Description: Jean-Claude and all other actors are secret agents working for the government moonlightning as actors…

Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Phylicia Rashad, Kat Foster, Moises Arias…

Created by: Dave Callaham. Directed by: Peter Atencio.

Produced by: Dave Callaham, Ridley Scott & David Zucker

Studios: Ridley Scott Films & Amazon Studios

The Last Tycoon


Genre: Period Drama

Description: centers on Stahr, Hollywood’s first wunderkind studio executive in the 1930s as he climbs to the height of power pitting him against his mentor and current head of the studio Pat Brady, a character based on Louis B. Mayer. With Stahr as a focal point, the series delves into the true violence, sex and towering ambition of Hollywood in the ’30s.

Cast: Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer, Lily Collins, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jessica de Gouw, Mark O’Brien,  Enzo Cilenti…

Created by: Billy Ray Directed by: Billy Ray

Produced by: Billy Ray, Chris Keyser, Perri Kipperman, Josh Maurer, David Stern & Alix Witlin

Studios: Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures Television & TriStar Television

I Love Dick


Genre: Dramedy

Description: about a married, failed independent filmmaker in her forties, who falls in love with a well-known theorist and endeavors to seduce him with the help of her husband. But when the man refuses to answer her letters, the husband and the wife continue the correspondence for each other instead, imagining the fling the wife wishes to have with Dick. What follows is a breathless pursuit that takes a woman across America and away from her husband and far beyond her original infatuation into a discovery of the transformative power of first person narrative.

Cast: Kathryn Hahn, Kevin Bacon…

Created by: Sarah Gubbins. Based on: Chris Kraus. Directed by: Jill Soloway.

Produced by: Jill Soloway & Sarah Gubbins.

Studios: Amazon Studios

The Tick


Genre: Comedy

Description: revival of the 2001 cult series…

Cast: Patrick Warbuton, Valorie Curry, Griffin Newman…

Created by: Ben Edlund. Based on: Ben Edlund. Directed by: Wally Pfister. 

Produced by: Ben Edlund, Barry Josephson…

Studios: Sony Pictures Television.

Crisis In Six Scenes


Genre: Dramedy

Description : In the 60s…

Cast: Woody Allen, Miley Cyrus, Elaine May, John Magaro, Rachel Brosnahan, Becky Ann Baker, Margaret Ladd, Joy Behar, Michael Rapaport, Rebecca Schull, David Harbour, Christine Ebersole….

Created, directed and produced by: Woody Allen

Studios: Amazon Studios



Genre: Period Drama

Description: chronicles a little known period in the life of one of world history’s most famous libertines and playboys. After Giacomo Casanova’s wicked escapades run afoul with the inquisitors in his native Venice, he is sent to prison. The drama focuses on what happens next –– after escaping, the once materialistic and womanizing Casanova moves to Paris with nothing, determined to start his life over.There he met with royalties and luminaries, introduced the state lottery, which made him rich, and traveled. Casanova’s memoir, which he wrote in French, is considered one of the most important testaments of 18th century European customs and norms.

Cast: Diego Luna, Sarah Winter, Ben Daniels, Bojana Novakovic, Miranda Richardson, Amelia Clarkson…

Created by: Stu Zicherman. Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Produced by: Stu Zicherman & Ben Silverman.

Studios: Electus.



Genre: Comedy

Description: Highston Liggetts, a kind 19-year-old is perched on the edge of adulthood. When he encounters a world he doesn’t understand, like Elwood P. Dowd, he retreats into his vast imagination, where famous “friends” are his companions and mentors.

Cast: Mary Lynn Rasjkub…

Created by: Bob Nelson. Directed by: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris.

Produced by: Bob Nelson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Todd Shchulman, Todd Hoffman, Bob Friedman, Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris.

Studios: Four by Two Film, Amazon Studios & Bungalow Entertainment.

The Patriot


Genre: Family Dramedy

Description:  about a father working at the state department and his two sons, a senator and a Iraq war veteran with PTSD who wants to be a folk singer….

Cast: Kurtwood Smith, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Dorman…

Created by: Steve Conrad

Produced by: Steve Conrad


Good Girls Revolt


Genre: Period Drama

Description: set in 1969 at the beginning of the women’s rights movement when a group of young women at the hottest magazine in the world ask to be treated fairly, setting off a convulsive chain of events.

Cast: Jim Belushi, Anna Camp, Joy Bryant, Chris Diamantopoulos, Genevieve Angelson…

Created by: Dana Calvo

Produced by: Dana Calvo & Lynda Obst

Studios: TBA



Genre: Western Drama

Description: about a guy who sets out to avenge his brother’s murder.

Cast: TBA

Created by: Shane Black & Fred Decker.

Produced by: Shane Black, Fred Decker, David Greenblat & Barry Josephson

Studios: TBA

Point Of Honor


Genre: Period Drama

Description: At the start of the Civil War, a Virginia family, led by their West Point bred son, John Rhodes makes the controversial decision to defend the South while freeing all of their slaves. At battle against his northern brethren and his best friend and brother-in-law Robert Sumner, John leaves his three strong-willed sisters at home to run the plantation that is now without a free labor source. The choice to protect the life they have always known and defend the moral high ground will pit the family against one another and test their strength, courage and love.

Cast: Nathan Parsons, Patrick Heusinger, Lucien Laviscount, Annabelle Stephenson, Adrienne Warren, Christopher O’Shea, James Harvey Ward…

Created by: Carlton Cuse & Randall Wallace. Directed by: Randall Wallace.

Produced by: Carlton Cuse, Randall Wallace & Barry Jossen.

Studios: ABC Signature & Amazon Studios.



Genre: Drama

Description: Richard Paxson, a family man and corporate lap dog left his family in rural Virginia twenty years before and vowed never to go back. After some unfortunate circumstances, he is forced to leave the big city and return home to help his family’s gun business – one of the oldest in the country. But no good deed goes unpunished. Older brother Grady Paxson, who’s a bachelor, playboy and gun aficionado, isn’t so happy to have him back, and Richard’s liberal wife and two opinionated teenage children are horrified by the world they have been thrown into. Hilarity, epic fights and emotional breakdowns ensue.

Cast: Sam Trammell, Jason Lee, Dreama Walker, Laura Fraser, Brian Dennehy…

Created by: Samuel Saum & Sam Shaw Directed by: Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Produced by: Samuel Saum, Sam Shaw & Erwin Stoff.

Studios: Amazon Studios.

The Man in The High Castle


Genre: Drama 

Description: What would have happened if the Allied Powers had lost World War II. Some 20 years after that loss, the United States and much of the world has now been split between Japan and Germany, the major hegemonic states. But the tension between these two powers is mounting, and this stress is playing out in the western U.S. Through a collection of characters in various states of posing (spies, sellers of falsified goods, others with secret identities), The Man in the High Castle provides an intriguing tale about life and history as it relates to authentic and manufactured reality.

Cast: Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell, Michael Rispoli, D.J. Qualls, Joel de la Fuente, Rupert Evans…

Created by: Frank Spotnitz Directed by: David Semel (Pilot).

Produced by: Frank Spotnitz, David Semel, David W. Zucker & Ridley Scott.

Studios: Scott Free Productions, Fremantle Media North America, Headline Pictures & Electric Shepherd Productions. 

Mad Dogs


Genre: Drama

Description: Based on the hit UK series, Mad Dogs follows the twisted reunion of a group of underachieving forty-something friends – a mixture of single, married and recently divorced – who are all at different crossroads in their lives. Celebrating the early retirement of an old friend at his gorgeous Belize villa, grudges begin to emerge and secrets explode as their trip becomes a labyrinthine nightmare of lies, deception and murder. Mad Dogs is a twisted tale of friendship put to the ultimate test. As an inconceivable chain of events unfolds, cracks within the group widen before the friends realize that the only people they can trust are each other, the last people they want to be relying on.

Cast: Steve Zahn, Romany Malco, Michael Imperioli, Ben Chaplin & Billy Zane.

Created by: Cris Cole. Directed by: Charles McDougall.

Produced by: Shawn Ryan, Cris Cole & Charles McDougall.

Studios: Sony Pictures Television, Amazon Studios, Left Bank Pictures & Middkid Productions.

Salem Rogers


Genre: Comedy (Single-Camera)

Description: Salem Rogers, an overly confident, outrageously blunt, and hard-partying former supermodel is forced to face her past and re-enter the real world after ten years in a posh rehab center. Intent on recreating her glamorous lifestyle and modeling success, she tracks down Agatha, her former assistant who has since built a career as an author of self-help books to help her win back the spotlight.

Cast: Leslie Bibb, Rachel Dratch, Jane Kaczmarek, Toks Olagundoye, Harry Hamlin & Brad Morris.

Created by: Lindsey Stoddart. Directed by: Mark Waters.

Produced by: Lindsey Stoddart & Will Graham.

Studios: Amazon Studios


Down Dog


Genre: Comedy (Single-Camera)

Description: Blessed with good looks, a winning smile, hippie parents and a Southern California upbringing, life has been relatively easy thus far for Logan Wood. In his late 30’s, having coasted through romances with countless women and various random jobs, he now teaches yoga to the trophy wives, hot moms and aspiring celebrities of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. And he’s damn good at it. But when Logan and his current girlfriend, a successful and attractive older woman named Amanda who happens to be the owner of the yoga studio, break up, life starts to get more complicated.

Cast: Josh Casaubon, Lyndsy Fonseca, Paget Brewster, Andrea Savage, Will Greenberg…

Created by: Robin Schiff. 

Produced by: Robin Schiff, Bob Cooper & Michael Fuchs. Directed by: Brad Silberling.

Studios: Amazon Studios & Full Fathom Five.