EXCLUSIVE: BET orders soapy legal drama pilot “Sullivan’s Travels”


On the heels of the successful BET Awards 2015 ceremony, musical channel BET orders soapy legal drama pilot “Sullivan’s Travels”, which has nothing to do with the Preston Sturges’1941 comedy movie. 

The show is about Gwen Sullivan, a quick-witted, impassioned and bold African-American legal aid in her thirties who works for “The Legal Aid Society” in Tribeca, New York, along with her gorgeous ex-boyfriend Charlie. Interestingly, the pilot script was written by Terri Kopp — a writer and producer on Law & Order who also worked on short-lived In Justice & Justice — on 2009! Seems like the success of Empire motivated other channels to scavenge in order to find a forgotten project that could attract a Black audience towards the legal drama genre where they don’t already have any representative. Sullivan’s Travels could join The Game and Being Mary Jane, BET’s other two scripted dramas.


        • Lulla says:

          I’m not comfortable with justifying myself, but I’ll do it one last time and then you can go elsewhere with your bitterness, I won’t approve your comments anymore.
          NBC Fall Schedule was not false (there was a last minute change because of the late and surprise pick-up of “The Mysteries Of Laura” but that’s all, it’s just one timeslot) And I leaked the cast and key arts for NBC shows at the same time… I didn’t make them up!
          And for “Studio City”, I used the conditionnal and the news title was a question mark. You don’t seem to be able to understand such a simple thing but sometimes plans fall apart at last minute. That being said, there is still no official word on whether the project is totally dead.

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