UPDATE: “Legend of Zelda” TV series adaptation not going to pilot stage at Amazon


UPDATE: As some of you have mentionned in the comments, there was a bit of confusion about the “Zelda” project for Amazon. Turns out it’s not “Legend Of Zelda” but “Zelda” (working title “Z”), about novelist Zelda Fitzgerald, played by Christina Ricci. Sorry for the false alarm, but rest assured Season Zero will continue to provide you pilot previews and reliable news about TV projects, as we’ve done before with exclusive contents like NBC’s 2015 Fall Schedule and new series key arts, the Bradley Cooper guest-starring in Limitless pilot, HBO’s order for new Jenji Kohan show or AMC’s series order for “Fear The Walking Dead”. Thanks for your understanding. Mistakes happen.


Once rumored in development for Netflix, Nintendo’s “Legend Of Zelda” live action TV series is still alive but with another streaming platform attached: Amazon.

Aiming to be a “Game of Thrones” for a family audience” as reported by The Wall Street Journal at the time of the project’s announcement, epic Zelda would be the perfect bridge between the ambitious and provocative dramas & dramedies Amazon starts delivering (as Transparent or The Man in the High Castle) and their kids’ programming offer including both animated and live action series. A pilot will be shot this August, between New York and Savannah in Georgia, and will join Amazon’s next batch of pilots for an early 2016 due date, alongside Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Casanova, Guillermo Del Toro’s Carnival Row, David E. Kelley’s Trial, possibly Bryan Cranston’s Sneaky Pete previously for CBS and The Untitled Woody Allen Project (if it ever sees the light of day). A new Zelda game for Wii U has recently been postponed to 2016. Coincidence?


  1. Brad says:


    He lied like he did with Studio City getting picked up like he lied about NBCs schedule.

    This site is a joke.

  2. McBarles says:

    You didn’t even say who, or even allude to talking to anyone about where your information is coming from. None of this is remotely convincing. Nice try.

  3. insider says:

    Hahahah, oh boy, you just made a big confusion. Zelda Fitzgerald project is what amazon is doing. They are actually shoting in new york and georgia, so this zelda is no the same zelda you are talking about.

  4. The Truth says:

    If you are the source, does that mean you work for Nintendo or Amazon? Because “source” generally means the person (who may be anonymous) from a company involved in the news that provided information. Where did you, Lulla, hear about this “EXCLUSIVE” information?

  5. The Truth says:

    If you are the source, does that mean you work for Nintendo or Amazon? Because “source” generally means the person (who may be anonymous) from a company involved in the news that provided information. Where did you, Lulla, hear about this “EXCLUSIVE” information?

  6. Joshawott says:

    I wonder what the chances are of this being a misunderstanding regarding “Z”, a TV pilot that Amazon and Christina Ricci are producing about Zelda Fitzgerald that was reported across the web yesterday?

  7. John says:

    Bruh. There’s not a Legend of Zelda show coming to Amazing. It’s a show about Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of the famous author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Just look up “Zelda TV Show”. There’s articles all over the place.

  8. Sam says:

    “I’m my own source.” aka you just made this up out of thin air…lol, you need more of a source than your imagination or no one will take this seriously, as nice as it sounds.

  9. J says:

    Wow, not sure if this article is a troll, if the guy who wrote it is a muppet and can’t understand what a source is trying to tell him, or if the supposed source is an idiot themselves, but the upcoming ‘Zelda’ pilot from Amazon has nothing to do with the Legend of Zelda. It’s about Zelda Fitzgerald.

  10. thelorianlibrarian says:

    No source? Nintendo denied this rumor when it was the Wall Street Journal posting, now you expect us to believe that someone from Nintendo gave you this exclusive interview/info? Where are the details that would make this believable? Where’s the “according to a source at Amazon”… there’s nothing in your “article” that points to where you got this information. It’s laughable.

  11. Daniel says:

    It’s not a pilot for TLOZ:

    Christina Ricci Will Play F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Wife In New Amazon Pilot.

    Christina Ricci has found a new project: starring in and executive-producing a new pilot for Amazon.

    TVLine reports that Ricci and Amazon’s streaming arm are working on a new pilot about American novelist Zelda Fitzgerald, who also happens to be the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The hour-long project’s working title is Z.

    Zelda Fitzgerald began writing essays for magazines, short stories and was long an inspiration for her husband’s own writing. She penned the novel “Save Me the Waltz.”
    Photos: Paul Rudd takes a swing, Arnold Schwartzenegger hits the red carpet and more
    This would be Ricci’s latest turn at playing an iconic woman, after her starring role as Lizzie Borden in Lifetime’s The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and its preceding TV movie.

      • Bob says:

        Sure, but there are no details on the source? Employee at Amazon? Someone at the company? Etc. you can have your own source, but without any background info, for all we know it’s a random person who emailed you.

        It doesn’t even say according to an inside source. Unless you yourself are the source who works at Amazon and knows this, you have to be for forthright.

      • AD says:

        Unless you’re providing some source from Nintendo or Amazon then I call BS.

        And no, “I’m my own source” doesn’t count.

      • Johnathon says:

        Just because its “exclusive”, it doesn’t make you the source. You can’t just say something and it be true. Who at Amazon told you this?

      • Colin says:

        That’s bullshit. You cannot be your own source or else that means you’re making the information up. Even with an exclusive report, you need to explain where your information comes from to have any ounce of credibility.

      • BobbyW says:

        Sorry dude but you sir are wrong. The movie is about zelda fitzgerald. It’s an hour long documentary and had absolutely nothing to do with the video game.

      • Hihowareyou says:

        Your so full of it…Your the source? You speak with higher ups at Nintendo or Amazon? Lol, clickbate at it’s finest.

      • Christopher Swedorske says:

        Well where did you hear about it then? I won’t believe it until I have a reputable source tell me it’s happening.

      • Ziva says:

        No, exclusive means that someone in the know gave only you the information about the Zelda project. Since you didn’t indicate where the “news” came from, then it is natural for readers to think you just made it up without any substantiation. You could at the very least add “a source close to the production company,””a source from Amazon” – anything to indicate someone actually in know gave you this scoop.

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