UPDATED: Is “Supergirl” in great danger at CBS? Here’s where we stand…


THIRD AND FINAL UPDATE : The show is now officially ordered to series at CBS !

SECOND UPDATE: Things are looking good for “Supergirl” now, with a series order definitely on the table. CBS president Nina Tassler reportedly “loved it”. Conflicting rumours tend to prove though CBS really doesn’t what to do with it. Some say it might end up in the summer (2016), with companion shows like “Under The Dome”, which would make sense. But others say Sunday at 8 is discussed… 

UPDATE: According to Variety Supergirl is too expensive for the CW and is seen more profitable for CBS. The show has “a good chance to go to series“. Stay tuned!

What’s happening with the Supergirl TV show? In spite of its series commitment at CBS, it may never see the light of day… 

Is it Wonder Woman all over again? Superheroins definitely have a hard time flying on their own, both on cinema and television. Some sort of curse as every project developed goes to trash at some point. This time it’s Supergirl who’s facing difficulties at CBS. As the series order seemed like a sure thing when the pilot was announced in January, backed up by a series commitment, it’s less and less a sure thing now. In their last “Primetime Pilot Panic Early Buzz“, Deadline qualifies it as appearing to be “a contender“. That doesn’t sound good actually. It means, at least, CBS is not that satisfied with it, after the extensive post-production it required. Or at best, they like it but less than other pilots. It’s a tight race and they may have to make a very tough call.

Of course, there’s always the solution to make room for it on sister network The CW (like they did with Ringer a few years ago, originally set up at CBS), especially as it seems a better fit since the beginning. But does CW really has room for it? With Arrow, The Flash and the upcoming spin-off due for midseason, plus virtually all their other shows renewed (at the exception of Hart of Dixie and probably late entry The Messengers) and 4 pilot contenders, things are complicated. The show could be abandoned, pure and simple.

So what might have happened?

Bad script. I have it on good authority that the script is firmly kept under wraps at the moment with very few people authorized to read it. There was presumably a lot of rewrites at last minute and they may even have to reshoot scenes if the show is finally ordered to series. It’s not totally uncommon for high profile projects but it can’t be a good sign either.

Bad Buzz. When CBS decided to show how the new Supergirl‘s costume looked like in a picture sent to the press, the comments from both journalists and people were not very kind, to say the least. Not only about the costume itself but also about Melissa Benoist who, it has to be said, lacks charisma. Since people were not that interested in the show in the first place, bad buzz won’t help…

Bad screenings. Even if it’s too soon to have real informations about how the pilot was received in the inside of the network -especially considering the fact that the official screenings phase has not started yet- they may not have liked what they’ve seen so far through rough cuts. That doesn’t mean the final product won’t satisfy them, even though the real test is with the panel audience…

Now, we’ll have to wait a few days to know more. CBS upfronts are on May, 13 and we should hear more rumours until then. One thing’s for sure: Supergirl is an important asset for Warner Bros. Television, it has a great appeal internationally, so if CBS really doesn’t want it and The CW can’t shelter it, they’ll probably try to shop it elsewhere. Supergirl is not deat YET!

Show’s description: Born on the planet Krypton, Kara Zor-El escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin. But now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and become the hero she was destined to be.



  1. Kara says:

    I don’t see Supergirl moving to the CW. There’s no room for it over there. I don’t know what could be wrong with it but I hope it has nothing to do with the viewership age of CBS. Shouldn’t they want to pull in the younger demographic? They have enough shows to cater to the older demographic already.

  2. Boby says:

    Peux-tu nous rappeler la liste des séries avec “series commitment” qui n’ont pas été retenues ces dernières années par les networks ? Merci 🙂

      • Lulla says:

        Thanks for the example! (I remember everybody expected it to go to series… Instead we had a british version called “Marchlands”, that was boring.

    • Lulla says:

      Thanks for the link. It clearly sounds like a celebration for the end of the post-production! Shooting wrapped up in March but post-production took time. Plus, a network doesn’t order anything -even unofficially- until they have seen and tested all of their pilots. So, at this point, a decision can’t have been made.

  3. tash says:

    (The only superheroin I need for now is Jessica Jones on Netflix played by Krysten Ritter ^^)

    First, I’d like to say that it’s very nice to read articles that are not previews because different factors are in play when it comes to pilots. Too bad, you don’t have more intel about SuperGirl bacause yes, it’s weird that it’s not an obvious contender at cbs. But let’s not forget that the primetime pilot panic is often wrong about cbs dramas (at least that’s the feeling I have) so maybe cbs is just very secret on this.
    Concerning the bad buzz, I think everytime expectations are high, so is the disappointment for some people. The designers of the costume said they wanted it close to the one of SuperMan in Man of Steel and I think it’s a good argument. I don’t know the actress playing SuperGirl and she looks like a girl next door but this is probably what the writers want (in the vampire diaries (the book), elena is supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the world but for the series, they chose a girl the audience can identify with).

    I guess it’s Wait & See… if we get the chance to see.

  4. John says:

    I feel like you’re making a fuss for nothing. Deadline said it’s a “contender”. I just think it was bad wording on their part.

    • Lulla says:

      I don’t believe in “bad wording” in that particular case. And it doesn’t change the fact that the show has a series commitment and should have been seen as a sure thing at this point if there weren’t a problem somewhere…

      • John says:

        In the originally article by Deadline, they list a few pilots that are most likely going to be picked up, and then say “Supergirl also appears to be a contender for a pickup”. Multiple sites have stated that even with the series commitment, Supergirl just needs to be officially picked up. That’s all.

        • Lulla says:

          That was two months ago. Things may have changed since then. It wouldn’t be the first time these things happen. Nothing is never a sure thing til it’s on the air! (even picked up, a show can be abandoned later on, we had a few examples these past seasons).
          That being said, this is not an article about “Supergirl won’t get picked up in the end” but about “Supergirl is not the sure thing it once was”. And it’s not just the Deadline article…

          • John says:

            What do you mean that was two months ago? Sites have still been saying that Supergirl just needs to the official pickup. Not to mention that Geoff Johns held a celebration with Glen Winter about the Supergirl show, so it’s very likely the show is a go.

          • Lulla says:

            I don’t know about the celebration you’re talking about -if it’s a celebration for the end of the shooting, it’s not a proof of anything, it’s common, a tradition. And yes, sites keep saying the show just needs an official pickup because of the series commitment behind. But a series commitment, which is the closest thing to an actual straigh-to-series order, is not a straight-to-series order! It means, CBS can still decide not going forward with it. And the sites you’re talking about are certainly not Deadline, Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. If “Supergirl” was such a sure thing, they would have said it! That’s what they usually do, like this year with the “Minority Report” pilot (and this one only had a pilot production commitment if I remember correctly). We’ll probably have a better idea with the next “primetime pilot panic article” but until then, I stand by my article.

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