Kevin Can Wait (CBS) quick preview: CBS, it’s still time to cancel the whole thing!


Created by Kevin James, Rock Reuben (The King of Queens) & Bruce Helford (Anger Management, The Drew Carey Show, George Lopez). Produced by Jeff Sussman (The King of Queens), Kevin James, Rock Reuben & Bruce Helford. For CBS, Sony Pictures Television & Eddie Prods. 51 pages.

Description: a newly retired police officer looks forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids… only to discover he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets.

With Kevin James (The King of Queens, Zookeeper), Taylor Spreitler (Melissa & Joey)…


I wanted to pretend this reading never happened. But after a while, I thought I couldn’t have read this shit for nothing. So here is a very quick article to tell you how bad this pilot is and how much CBS should better cancel their series commitment before it’s too late. Yes, the pilot script of Kevin Can Wait is THAT bad. IMHO.

Honestly, I just don’t get why CBS ordered it in the first place. I mean, The King of Queens was a success for them. 9 seasons. 206 episodes. Okay. Sure. But it started almost 20 years ago and ended almost 10 years ago! Comedy changed a lot since then. Do people still want to watch this kind of old sitcoms? The King of Queens was already old-fashioned when it came out. And somehow, it worked. But Kevin Can Wait? Kevin Can Wait is more outdated than The King of Queens was at the time! It’s just not possible airing this in 2016. It could have been tacky in a sweet and nostalgic way. Like let’s say Hot in Cleveland was for TV Land not so long ago. But it’s just tacky as… shitty tacky.

It’s never funny. Same old jokes that don’t work anymore. No diversity. Just a very white family having terrible problems like “OMG, my daughter wants to marry a guy I have never seen before because I’m a big pain in the ass, a huge embarrassment for my whole family!”. And Kevin eats a burger. And drinks beer with his stupid friends. And god knows why he already retires at the age of 50 (Kevin James is 50). It really sucks. Big time. I think I’ve made myself clear. Oh, I can add even Last Man Standing & Dr Ken‘s pilots were better than this one (with the same plot!).

I do believe in multicamera comedies. I do think they can still attract a big crowd on network television. The Big Bang Theory is the only one doing so right now, but the genre is not dead. Just resting. CBS has to keep believing in it and stop ordering single-camera comedies that never work for them. They’re no shame being successful with multicamera comedies, as long as they’re good. Like Mom is really good. Like 2 Broke Girls is still very decent. But Kevin Can Wait is already a mistake. It’s just not the right way to go, CBS. At least, Kevin won’t wait long before the cancellation.


  1. Dan says:

    Went to the pilot taping last night and you cannot be so wrong. THIS brand of comedy is still needed, and wanted.

    You sound like a angry blogger….

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