#PilotSeason 2016 by the Cities


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This pilot season, there are three major places-to-be if you want to stumble upon a pilot shooting. For the second consecutive year, Los Angeles is rebounding from 2014 all-time low of dismal 5 broadcast pilots with 10 of them (9 last year). As always, it concerns a vast majority of action dramas like 24:Legacy, Lethal Weapon, Marvel’s Most Wanted or Training Day. Keep in mind even though comedies are not included here most of them, both singlecam & multicam, are shot in Los Angeles, as well as many cable and streaming series. California also has Pitch, shooting in San Diego. The second most popular location is Vancouver, Canada, with 5 drama pilots. That’s where Prison Break sequel will be shot. Many movies and series are already shot there, and as a consequence it has been hard to find crews and production facilities available for pilots. Comedy pilots Imaginary Mary & DC’s Powerless will be shot in Vancouvert too. Toronto, Canada, is gaining ground with 5 pilots (against 3 last year). Among them, there are straight-to-series Designated Survivor & Taken.

After 2014 all-time high of 10 broadcast drama pilots, New York is losing ground with only 4 this year (Drew, Time After Time, Model Woman & Bull Doubt has been shot off-season). But on the bright side, the deal with Disney/Marvel for Netflix series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones…) is the largest film or television production project commitment in New York State! Atlanta & Chicago are still in the running with respectively 4 and 3 drama pilots shot over there. Altanta has also scored two comedy pilots: Hail Mary & Making History.

It’s not the year of exotic locations, but Europe has won 2 ABC pilots: Spark in Prague & Still Star-Crossed in Spain. In the states, rarely used Portland has Macgyver revival; Myrtle Beach The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez; Pittsburgh Sensory; Dallas Please Don’t Go & Charlotte Shots Fired. Missing from last year are Las Vegas, Miami, Austin, Boston and Salt Lake City. Hawaii & Wilmington are still nowhere to be found for the second consecutive year.

Of course, those which will be granted a series order in May could move to some place else. For example, How To Get Away With Murder pilot was shot in Phildalphia before moving to Los Angeles for the rest of the show.




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    Some of the pilots need to be changed for their locations. Deadline has many these different. Not sure hoe you get your information

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