Saddest news ever in pilot season history: Calista Flockhart joins “Supergirl”!


Look at that face. How could Calista Flockhart betray us like that? I mean… We loved her so so much on Ally McBeal. She was just perfect in this crazy and beautiful role where she had to be fun and touching, delirious most of the time, serious when needed, where she had to sing and dance -with a fake baby- and be sexy wearing the littlest skirts ever. After it ended, we waited for 4 years to have her back on our TVs on a weekly basis. An eternity.

And then she wisely chose Brothers & Sisters. She couldn’t have found a better show in fact. She was the heart and soul of this wonderful family dramedy, facing the great Sally Field and also very capable Rachel Griffiths. She made the impossible with Kitty Walker: she manages to make us forget Ally. And we cried a lot because of her/thanks to her. I’m not sure how to phrase it.

And what do we learn today? She has just decided to join… Supergirl pilot for CBS. Supergirl! I have nothing against this show.. Well maybe I do. But why, o why? She refused a ton of pilots these past 4 years, waiting for the perfect vehicle for her… She would have been great in one of those new medical dramas, or in a cable show, or even in a nice single-camera comedy. The one to blame may be Greg Berlanti, producer of Brothers & Sisters and now of Supergirl (and almost all things DC Comics like Arrow & The Flash). She’s a loyal friend and I’m happy to learn that about her but it’s not reason enough. I mean, thank God she didn’t go for The Mysteries Of Laura last year (also Greg Berlanti-produced)!

So she will play Cat Grant, Kara aka Supergirl’s boss. She’s described as “a self-made media magnate and founder of CatCo who started her career as a reporter and has built her company into a global powerhouse”. It doesn’t sound like the role of a lifetime, but it may be not that bad… The worst thing is the show is very likely to be picked up to series. And if it works… well then she’ll be stuck in this for at least the next 4 or 5 years, and I’m being optimistic…

Calista, what have you done with yourself? 🙁

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  1. SAMURAI36 says:

    Just curious: I’ve read several of your articles, & you seem to have a serious DC bias. Well, at least on regards to Super Girl. What’s that all about?

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