SCOOP: Darren Criss, Damon Wayans Jr. & How I Met Your Mother’s creators back at FOX with comedy projects


FOX is developing two starring vehicles for Glee‘s Darren Criss & New Girl‘s Damon Wayans Jr., while How I Met Your Mother‘s creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas are behind a third. Get the details!

The Jackal Group owned by Gail Berman is working on a musical comedy project called Royalties starring Darren Criss, which centers on a trio of songwriters at a Burbank recording complex enduring the minutiae of issues in the music business while collaborating to crack the next saccharine hit song of the summer… Allyn Rachel & Patrick Carlyle (Couple Time webseries) are the writers. 20th Century FOX Television is the studio. UPDATE: Per The Hollywood Reporter, should it move forward, Darren Criss won’t star in hit, just produce.

New Girl‘s Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr. are behind The Henchman, a comedy project they wrote about a man (Wayans) who fights to find the right balance between his family and pursuing his dream of being a successful henchman. It’s produced by 20th Century FOX Television with Johnson’s shingle The Walcott Company.

Open Arms, the last effort from How I Met Your Mother & The Goodwing Games‘ creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas as producers, is written by Peter Warren and tells the story of Howie and Joy, a couple who can’t have a baby that buys the Vermont inn they visit every year but soon realize they’re in over their heads… It’s produced by Sony Pictures Television where they are under an overall deal.

We’ll see in a couple of months if one of those is picked-up to pilot.


  1. Naruto says:

    Damn,Bays and Thomas make always the same show,again and again. It seems they can only talk about boring couples and families. I won’t be surprised if no one of their 3 projects (This one,the comedy with DiStefano and My Time/Your Time) will get picked up next year. They all sound too similar to HIMYM.

  2. Franco says:

    Criss really managed to stick out as a terrible actor on a show that had terrible actors from wall to wall (minus the guest actors) so this might get picked up for pilot on the power of goodwill from the network but it won’t go to series. Beyond Criss, the premise sounds boring and with the Empire decline and Nashville cancelation it’s pretty obvious the musical show genre is dead on network television. Most especially after Rocky Horror was a bomb for Fox.

    • Samuel says:

      Orrrr maybe some of us are people that follow this site and television development news and watched Glee up until Season 3 so we’re unfortunately familiar with Criss’s acting. But yeah, “gleeks,” that’s it.

  3. A says:

    Crossing my fingers for the Darren Criss project. I miss him on TV. He was great on Glee and maybe they would even let him compose some music for it since Glee let him write 2 for the final season and one of them got nominated for an Emmy.

  4. Samuel says:

    Darren Criss wasn’t even a good supporting actor on Glee and we’re supposed to buy him as lead? There’s no way this is going to pilot/series unless the other actors somehow lift the dead weight.

      • Franco says:

        Theater acting =/= television acting, but it’s not hard to believe that his hammy delivery would land better on stage.

        • DKaps says:

          I saw him as Hedwig on Broadway and read the reviews for Hedwig San Fransisco last month and first few LA dates. He kills it as Hedwig with no “hammy” delivery. All of the the critics are giving him rave reviews. He oozes stage presence and maybe that will make him better suited for Broadway than TV, but don’t write him off because of work you saw 5 years ago. He has matured since the early days of Glee.

        • Mii says:

          Then you’re missing out. I saw the show and he completely embodied Hedwig Robinson in the least hammy way I’ve seen the role played. It was pretty delicious

      • IDK says:

        And I thought it was because of the terrible writing with tons of plot holes and no continuity whatsoever and Ryan Murphy having no interest in it anymore past season 4.

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