SCOOP: Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy developing “Control” for FOX


While HBO has yet to order a second season of Westworld (there’s no doubt it’s coming), creators and showrunners Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy are developing a new ambitious drama project for FOX. 

Control is written by Greg Plageman (Person Of Interest, Cold Case, NYPD Blue) and executive produced by Athena Wickman (Person Of Interest, Westworld, Fringe, Alias) with Nolan & Joy. Warner Bros. Television is producing with the married couple’s company Kilter Films. The project tells the story of a group of New Yorkers in a cross section of the city, all with no apparent connection, save one: they are each filled with anxiety, stress and panic. After receiving an unorthodox form of treatment for their fears, they discover something extraordinary within but they also find themselves caught in the lethal test run by a secretive and all-powerfull group… Sounds more like a cable show. We’ll see if FOX orders a pilot in a few weeks. Pilot season is coming!



  1. Esther E. says:

    “Would you like a treatment?”
    They’re all dolls from Dollhouse, right? lol If this project doesn’t include Amy Acker as Dr.Saunders I’m not interested.

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