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UPDATED | 2015/2016 Ratings Predictions: which new shows will be hits? which ones will get the ax?

This article is pure predictions (based on timeslots, buzz, critics) and has no other value than having some fun. Feel free to comment and give our own predictions.

First published on september 15th 2015


abc Blood-and-Oil

BLOOD AND OIL – Cancelled by december – Will swap timeslot with Quantico at some point check

DR KEN – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2  check

THE MUPPETS  – BIG HIT – Back nine (or even more) – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

QUANTICOMODEST HIT – Back Nine – Will swap timeslot with Blood and oil at some point – Renewed for season 2 check

WICKED CITY – Cancelled by january check


THE CATCHMODEST HIT Renewed for season 2 check

THE FAMILY – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

KINGS AND PROPHETS – Cancelled by may check

THE REAL O’NEALS – Renewed for season 2 check

CBS-Logo Angel-From-Hell

ANGEL FROM HELL – Cancelled by january check

CODE BLACK – Cancelled by december CROSS

LIFE IN PIECES – MODEST HIT – Back Nine (or less) – Renewed for season 2 check

LIMITLESS – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

SUPERGIRL Could go either way… Back Nine – Cancelled by may check CROSS



RUSH HOUR – Cancelled by may check


nbc hero

BLINDSPOTHIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 check

CHICAGO MED – MODEST HIT – Back Nine – Renewed for season 2 check

HEROES REBORN – Renewed for season 2 CROSS

THE PLAYER – Cancelled by december check

TRUTH BE TOLD – Cancelled by november (october?) check


CROWDED – Cancelled by may check

GAME OF SILENCE – Cancelled by may check

HEARTBREAKER – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre ratings CROSS

HOT AND BOTHERED – Cancelled by may check

SHADES OF BLUE – Renewed for season 2 with mediocre ratings check

SUPERSTORE – Cancelled by may CROSS

fox Rosewood-FOX

GRANDFATHERED – Back Nine – Cancelled by may check

THE GRINDER – Cancelled by december checkCROSS

MINORITY REPORT – Cancelled by december check

ROSEWOOD – Cancelled by december CROSS

SCREAM QUEENS HIT Renewed for season 2 CROSS check


THE GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE – Cancelled by may check

LOOKINGLASS – Cancelled by may check

LUCIFER – Renewed for season 2 check

THE X-FILESBIG HIT – Renewed for another season check

EXCLUSIVE: First look at NBC new shows!

Here’s your first look at new NBC shows for 2015/2016.


Hot & Bothered (Telenovela) Artwork


Heartbreaker Artwork


Blindspot Artwork


Game Of Silence Artwork


People Are Talking Artwork


Superstore Artwork


Coach Artwork


Crowded Artwork


The Player Artwork


Chicago Med Artwork


Shades Of Blue Artwork


You, Me and The End of the World (Apocalypse Slough) Artwork


NBC | 2015/2016 – Fantasy Schedule


Those are predictions based on feelings and NBC final schedule may end up very differently! It will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned and until then, enjoy the read!



Comedies renewed: UNDATEABLE






Even if The Voice is down versus last year -but just a little bit- Monday at 10 is still the best launchpad NBC has in store. But State Of Affairs & The Night Shift‘s failures proved they can’t just throw anything there and hope for the best. Blindspot seems to be the safest bet: their best shot in the best slot! It can skew young, both male and female -with Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton being a really hot pair- it’s ambitious but procedural-y enough to be enjoyed by the casual viewers and most of all, it has a Blacklist feel. That’s where the James Spader-starrer became a hit before being moved to Thursdays. Shades of Blue could have been an option, but it’s only a 13-episode season.





It’s not easy scheduling variety show Best Night Ever With Patrick Harris Show. NBC made clear live events are their way of differentiating themselves from the other networks. They tried comedies after The Voice results show on Tuesday and they all failed. Only multicamera sitcom Undateable deserved a third season but launching it in the fall doesn’t seem to be the best idea (even with the live episodes twist). They need tro try something else first. So I decided to put The Neil Patrick Harris show at 9 with a possible special preview after America’s Got Talent‘s season finale in early September. Scheduling a variety show after The Voice totally makes sense. 10 episodes are ordered, it means by late november, they could finally launch new comedies and I’m thinking of a pair formed with Eva Longoria’s Telenovela and America Ferrera’s Superstore. If The Neil Patrick Harris Show is a hit, they will be able to promote them heavily during it for weeks! Undateable could be used during springtime with another multicamera comedy, either Coach or Crowded. At 10, stability is required with Chicago Fire doing OK.





Since The Mysteries Of Laura obtained a third season at eleventh hour (consisting of 13 episodes), they should move it to day, I’m thinking friday. NBC might want another light fare to start the night and soapy/cheesy medical Heartbreaker is their only option in that regard. I really don’t think it will work. That’s where Mercy failed a few years ago. Bur since they ordered it… Expect a cancellation sooner or later! The rest of the night remains the same. There’s no reason to change it. Lots of new crossovers between the Dick Wolf’s shows will help introduce Chicago Med at midseason.





Yes, placing Heroes Reborn, which is aiming at attracting the young (male) demo, right in front of Thursday Night Football on CBS for the first weeks of the season and then The Big Bang Theory is not the best idea ever, but where else could they put the 13-episode mini-series? Certainly not at 10, where a big chunck of the audience is not there anymore. I thought of Friday nights, paired with Grimm, but I guess they are a little bit more ambitious than that (though they shouldn’t…). The Blacklist stays where it is, even if the results are meh. It’s still better than the previous years with comedies. At 10, Jennifer Lopez’s cop show Shades of Blue could do the trick for 13 weeks. It should be kept far from the successful shows broadcasted between 8 and 10 on spanish-language networks. Chicago Med should go there at midseason (the ER spot for 15 years).



9pm- GRIMM


Grimm should stop trying fantasy shows on fridays, they’re doomed to fail. Grimm is not strong enough to launch anything and a new show can’t self-start on a Friday Night. Put The Mysteries Of Laura there, then why not, The Night Shift or another season of The Biggest Loser later in the season.




As usual, NBC has a lot in store for midseason, especially since they have to replace Sunday nights once the Sunday Night Football has ended and start something new wherever Heroes Reborn and Shades Of Blue end up. The first spot could be filled with another 10-episode mini series, Emerald City, and the second one with Chicago Med or The Player, that could do well with The Blacklist. The Player could also be launched on Monday after The Voice if the first season of Blindspot is split into two parts. I don’t see English co-produced Apocalypse Slough appearing anywhere on the regular schedule but Friday is a possibility, and I guess Game Of Silence will end up at 10 on Sundays during springtime. The extra comedies ordered could take The Voice‘s slot on Tuesday between two editions.


What do YOU think?

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NBC | 2015/2016 Pilot Season: The Best & Worst


Before NBC reveals its new schedule next Sunday, here’s the best & worst of their pilot season ! Just my humble opinion.



1. BLINDSPOT – Ordered to series

an high octane thriller with two kick-ass characters at the center of it, that will please those who like action scenes as much as those who are more into suspense and mysteries. It’s a no-brainer pick-upFull preview here

2. THE PLAYER – Ordered to series

it’s fast-paced, it’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s smart and it’s kind of fun. There is a mythology behind, a lot questions to be answered, a lot of characters whose motivations need to be explained and the promise of a thrilling ride.Full preview here

3. GAME OF SILENCE – Ordered to series

 “this one is probably the hardest to sell on this network. Not only because it’s the darkest, with less action and more psychology -which is definitely a good thing- but because it’s heavily serialized with just one little procedural element.” Full preview here


mostly ridiculous, with some crazy scenes (…)  but that’s exactly what makes the show attractive at the same time.Full preview here

5. SHADES OF BLUE – Ordered to series

It’s basically a female character driven procedural that tries to be a little bit more. Jennifer Lopez may have found the right vehicle to remind people she’s not just a singer and an American Idol judge.” Full preview here


the closest thing to Empire any network has to offer as of now. It is very different in many ways but NBC certainly has something to play with here. But they should not expect the same ratings.Full preview here

7. HEARTBREAKER – Ordered to series

as cheesy as it sounds. But I’m not saying it’s a total mess. In fact, it’s quite solid. But for a show developed during 2004/2005 pilot season (and I may be indulgent), not 2015/2016.Full preview here

8. WARRIOR – Has a shot

it’s not fun, most of the time. It’s not emotional (…) the perfect example of those projects not worth a pilot order that get it anyway for whatever mysterious reasons.Full a preview

9. UNVEILED – Looks dead

should never ever see the light of day. Not on a network. Not in 2015. Not in real life! Full preview here




1. STRANGE CALLS – Officially Dead

“Really different, really special, really funny. Loved it! Maybe not broad enough but definitely a keeper!”

2. SUPERSTORE – Ordered to series

NBC desperately needs a broad comedy that can please low and middle class America as much as well-educated viewers, young and old people, blacks and whites and latinos… Superstore can be this one.Full preview here

3. TELENOVELA – Ordered to series

“It’s not as good as Desperate Housewives was when it started and it’s different in many ways but it’s good enough to entertain us once a week and do the trick, but for how long?”  Full preview here

4. HOW WE LIVE – Has a shot

“Not as original as it wants to be, but pretty funny overall. Tries too hard to be the next Modern Family, but can’t blame them.”


“Isn’t it a waste of Carrie Preston’s huge talent? A multicamera comedy is not really where we want to see her, but she certainly can improve the material, which is not bad to begin with. Just déjà vu.”

6. TAKE IT FROM US – Looks dead

“Some sort of How I Met Your mother type of comedy, by one of How I Met Your Mother’s writer. Found the characters really cool. Wouldn’t mind watching it.

7. NOT SAFE FOR WORK – Looks dead

Most of the pilot is about embarrassing scenes with awkward people you’re slowly falling in love with. I’m not sure there’s really a show in there, it’s too much of a love triangle and not much of anything else, but it’s not bad at all. Just not what NBC needs right now.”

8. PEOPLE ARE TALKING – Ordered to series

“Too much. People are talking too much! This multicamera comedy has an interesting diversity cast element -blacks, asian, white- and some really funny lines but in the end, it’s not a show and characters I feel like I want to go back to.”

9. SHARING – Looks dead

Too geeky, definitely not broad enough. Might be cool. Might be fun. But won’t last long. That’s old NBC.”

10. PROBLEM CHILD – Has a shot

With Bishop, the famous Problem Child, talking directly to the camera all along the episode, you can’t keep thinking about Malcolm. The show has a hard time becoming its own thing. And the cast is not crazy attractive. It’s a pass for me.

11. CUCKOO (US) – Officially Dead

Have never watched the British show it’s based on, but pretty sure it’s as awful as this one. I mean, Cuckoo is a fucking pain in the ass, whatever the side of the Pond. I didn’t find him funny any second. Just wanted to slap him in the face. The saddest thing is the cast is pretty great (Cheryl Hines & Michael Chicklis, husband and wife!) But please don’t NBC.

What pilots are you rooting for?

“Game Of Silence” (NBC) pilot preview: when NBC goes dark(er)…


Written & produced by David Hudgins (Everwood, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights). Based on Turkish series Suskunlar. Co-produced by Carol Mendelsohn (CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, CSI Cyber, Melrose Place), Julie Weitz, Tariq Jalil & Timur Savci (Suskunlar). Directed by Niels Arden Oplev (Millenium, Dead Man Down, Under The Dome, Unforgettable). For NBC, Sony Pictures Television, Intrigue Entertainment, Carol Mendelsohn Productions & TIMS Productions. 65 pages.

Description: Jackson, Gil, Tony, Scrub… They were just four little boys from Dalton, Georgia. They were bound to each other as brothers. One day, they made a childish mistake. It was an accident that came at a high cost and their lives would never be the same again. They took an oath to never tell a single soul about what happened, they were going to keep this a secret until the end of their days. But keeping this burden was not going to be an easy task. Twenty five years have passed since that unfortunate day. Jackson is now a rising attorney on the brink of success but he could lose his perfectly crafted life when his long lost childhood friends threaten to expose this dark secret from their violent past…

With David Lyons (The Cape, Revolution, ER), Michael Raymond-James (True Blood, Terriers, Once Upon A Time), Bre Blair, Demetrius Grosse (Justified, Banshee), Conor O’Farrell (CSI, Medium), Larenz Tate (House of Lies, Rescue Me), Claire van der Boom (Hawaii 5-0), Deidrie Henry (The Riches)…

rate rate rate rate

Wow. After three months of pilot scripts reading, I have to say I’m a little fed up with the thriller dramas. Before the pickups started we were all about “it’s the year of medical drama” but in fact, the real tendency is the thriller. I don’t really know where it comes from (The Following?) but here they are, all over every network, especially at NBC & ABC. And all over the place story-wise, sometimes. We can’t say Allegiance or Odyssey did great, just to name a few. But don’t be scared. It didn’t cloud my judgement about Game of Silence. I just had to get it off my chest once and for all. That being said, the problem with the thriller dramas is it’s hard making 22 episodes out of it when it’s the network’s goal or even imagining going beyond one season. And that’s what I fear here: we could have a great first 13-episode season because the concept is strong and the pilot hooks you up, but then? What happens? We’ll have plenty of time to discuss it later if it goes to series but still. You can’t ignore the menacing cloud up there…

What I like about Game of Silence it’s the fact that there’s not a great and mysterious conspiracy behind the events that are happening. Or anything supernatural/sci-fi. The characters brought it upon themselves. They made a mistake a long time ago and now they suffer the consequences. The show tries to unfold on a human scale, with some sort of psychological narration thanks to Jackson’s voice-over, wrapping the story in nostalgia, sorrow and regrets. The numerous flashbacks telling their youth are sweet at first, filled with light and hope, then they become darker and darker, to the point it gets painful. They all spent six months in a refarmatory for teens, that’s when things started to go bad, very bad. Some guys beat the crap out of them, they were even raped! All of them. At the same time. I have to admit I was a little shocked. I didn’t expect that, especially on a network. We don’t really see it. But we realize it. And the reason why they promised to each other they won’t talk about it, ever, to anyone, is because of shame. And it has repercussions in their adult life. One character has an intimacy problem. With his own wife! They’re all very damaged. That’s why even when they do something stupid, out of rage, we can’t really blame them. But it’s not easy loving them either. I’m telling you that after reading the whole script, knowing all the facts. But while reading it, sometimes I just thought these morons were wasting my time.

Game of Silence has a little soapy element, with a love triangle that goes way way back. Jackson was in love with a girl, they were together for a long time before he abandoned her and his friends to live a better life in Atlanta. But now she’s with one of them. And him, he is about to get married. Classical but the show needed just that. Sadly, the writer couldn’t help himself putting big bad guys linked to drug-trafficking and so on right in the middle of the story and it begins to irritate me, after The Affair and Bloodline played that card already. That’s not what we’re interested in. It’s just a way to gain time. I just hope they won’t focus too much on it. There’s a political aspect to the story too, surrounding some of Atlanta’s biggest names. It’s a little bit more exciting and it’s not just gaining time, this time. It’s really important. One of the men who rape them is now an important figure of the city. And they won’t let him get away with it…

Game Of Silence is one of the three thriller dramas NBC ordered to pilot this year, with Blindspot and The Player. They are all very different and they could all go to series but this one is probably the hardest to sell on this network. Not only because it’s the darkest, with less action and more psychology -which is definitely a good thing- but because it’s heavily serialized with just one little procedural element since the hero is a lawyer and he has a case in the pilot, as he will probably deal with other ones in subsequent episodes. Game of Silence is cable-y and finding the audience it deserves won’t be easy. Hoping it won’t be silenced after four or five episodes, I wish it good luck!

Catches of the Week: it’ all about diversity! Vanessa Williams, Laverne Cox, Natalie Martinez…


While the directors’ jobs are filled quickly, casting is tough this pilot season. Because of the increasing competition from cable and most importantly digital platforms like Netflix & Amazon, the talent pool of experienced actors is almost empty. The pressure over channels and talent agencies is higher than ever. So far, catches are not impressive. But most of them have something in common: diversity! 

NBC is very high on diversity, something they made pretty clear since their pick-ups of series Telenovela (Eva Longoria) and Shades Of Blue (Jennifer Lopez) and pilots Go, Jerrod Go!, The Curse of the Fuentes women, martial arts Warrior, and Love is a Four Letter Word. They all requires latinos, afro-americans and asian americans in lead roles.

This is how Nadine Velasquez and Cynthia McWilliams have been cast this week in the marriage drama Love is a Four Letter Word which chronicles the collision of race, sexuality and gender roles when three diverse couples put modern marriage to the test. The My Name is Earl alumna will play play Rebecca, a Cuban American who is deeply in love with Julie and very happy with their marriage, but doesn’t realize her wife is actively considering getting back together with her ex, Nick. McWilliams will play Tandi, one half of a happy couple with a young son who is experiencing difficulties fulfilling her dream of having another child. Hot Adan Canto, seen in The Following and Mixology, got the part of the mysterious man who brings the Curse to the Fuentes women in the pilot from Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta. Natalie Martinez, most recently seen in Under The Dome, will star in Warrior as Kai Forrester, a damaged heroine who works undercover with physical and spiritual guidance from a mysterious martial arts master to bring down an international crime lord. Finally veteran S. Epatha Merkerson from Law & Order is reuniting with producer Dick Wolfe with a lead role in the Chicago Fire and Chicago PD planted spin-off Chicago Med. She will be the head of the hopistal.


In other diversity casting news, Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives will play the bold and unapologetic new boss of Kevin Connolly (Entourage) in comedy pilot Fantasy Life for FOX, where Mitch (Connolly) lands his ultimate dream job hosting a fantasy football show, he’s forced to navigate office politics while becoming the star he never thought he could be. Asian American actor Daniel Henney has joined the Untitled Criminal Minds spin-off with Gary Sinise & Anna Gunn. Last but really not least, Laverne Cox, discovered in Orange is the new black, got the part of a transgender attorney in Reasonable Doubt for CBS. If the show is ordered to series, then she’ll become the first transgender regular character on broadcast TV, which is exciting and groundbreaking.

In other non-diversity news (!), cancelled Perception‘s star Eric McCormack, pursued for different roles, will star in musical drama pilot Studio City for FOX, where he’ll play the songwriter father of a young singer who’s trying to make it big in Hollywood, but the man turns out to be a drug dealer to the stars! Ex-Breaking Bad actress Betsy Brandt wants to prove she can be funny after the Michael J. Fox Show demise, so she accepted one of the female leads in CBS’ Life In Pieces comedy pilot, with Colin Hanks playing one of her siblings. David Lyons (Revolution, The Cape) toplines drama pilot Game Of Silence, which NBC is very high on. Sweet Zach Gildford (Friday Night Lights, Off The Map), coming off Stanistan‘s pilot USA Network sadly just decided not to pick-up to series, lands on ABC in soap pilot Flesh & Blood. Finally, excellent Annie Potts & John Carroll Lynch will play the heroine’s parents in comedy pilot Family Fortune for ABC, where the central character comes out to her family.