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EXCLUSIVE: Eva Longoria’s “Hot and Bothered” (aka “Telenovela”) pictures



TELENOVELA -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: (l-r) Jencarlos Canela as Camilo Amante de la Rosa, Eva Longoria as Pasion Bustamante, Jose Moreno Brooks as Cesar Rojo Roberto Ramirez Ruiz Casagrande -- (Photo by: Danny Feld/NBC)
TELENOVELA — “Pilot” — Pictured: (l-r) Jencarlos Canela as Camilo Amante de la Rosa, Eva Longoria as Pasion Bustamante, Jose Moreno Brooks as Cesar Rojo Roberto Ramirez Ruiz Casagrande — (Photo by: Danny Feld/NBC)


TELENOVELA -- Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r) Eva Longoria as Ana Sofia Calderon, Diana Maria Riva as Mimi -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)
TELENOVELA — Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Eva Longoria as Ana Sofia Calderon, Diana Maria Riva as Mimi — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)


TELENOVELA -- Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r) Jencarlos Canela as Xavier Antonio Castillo, Eva Longoria as Ana Sofia Calderon -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)
TELENOVELA — Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Jencarlos Canela as Xavier Antonio Castillo, Eva Longoria as Ana Sofia Calderon — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)


NBC | 2015/2016 – Fantasy Schedule


Those are predictions based on feelings and NBC final schedule may end up very differently! It will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned and until then, enjoy the read!



Comedies renewed: UNDATEABLE






Even if The Voice is down versus last year -but just a little bit- Monday at 10 is still the best launchpad NBC has in store. But State Of Affairs & The Night Shift‘s failures proved they can’t just throw anything there and hope for the best. Blindspot seems to be the safest bet: their best shot in the best slot! It can skew young, both male and female -with Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton being a really hot pair- it’s ambitious but procedural-y enough to be enjoyed by the casual viewers and most of all, it has a Blacklist feel. That’s where the James Spader-starrer became a hit before being moved to Thursdays. Shades of Blue could have been an option, but it’s only a 13-episode season.





It’s not easy scheduling variety show Best Night Ever With Patrick Harris Show. NBC made clear live events are their way of differentiating themselves from the other networks. They tried comedies after The Voice results show on Tuesday and they all failed. Only multicamera sitcom Undateable deserved a third season but launching it in the fall doesn’t seem to be the best idea (even with the live episodes twist). They need tro try something else first. So I decided to put The Neil Patrick Harris show at 9 with a possible special preview after America’s Got Talent‘s season finale in early September. Scheduling a variety show after The Voice totally makes sense. 10 episodes are ordered, it means by late november, they could finally launch new comedies and I’m thinking of a pair formed with Eva Longoria’s Telenovela and America Ferrera’s Superstore. If The Neil Patrick Harris Show is a hit, they will be able to promote them heavily during it for weeks! Undateable could be used during springtime with another multicamera comedy, either Coach or Crowded. At 10, stability is required with Chicago Fire doing OK.





Since The Mysteries Of Laura obtained a third season at eleventh hour (consisting of 13 episodes), they should move it to day, I’m thinking friday. NBC might want another light fare to start the night and soapy/cheesy medical Heartbreaker is their only option in that regard. I really don’t think it will work. That’s where Mercy failed a few years ago. Bur since they ordered it… Expect a cancellation sooner or later! The rest of the night remains the same. There’s no reason to change it. Lots of new crossovers between the Dick Wolf’s shows will help introduce Chicago Med at midseason.





Yes, placing Heroes Reborn, which is aiming at attracting the young (male) demo, right in front of Thursday Night Football on CBS for the first weeks of the season and then The Big Bang Theory is not the best idea ever, but where else could they put the 13-episode mini-series? Certainly not at 10, where a big chunck of the audience is not there anymore. I thought of Friday nights, paired with Grimm, but I guess they are a little bit more ambitious than that (though they shouldn’t…). The Blacklist stays where it is, even if the results are meh. It’s still better than the previous years with comedies. At 10, Jennifer Lopez’s cop show Shades of Blue could do the trick for 13 weeks. It should be kept far from the successful shows broadcasted between 8 and 10 on spanish-language networks. Chicago Med should go there at midseason (the ER spot for 15 years).



9pm- GRIMM


Grimm should stop trying fantasy shows on fridays, they’re doomed to fail. Grimm is not strong enough to launch anything and a new show can’t self-start on a Friday Night. Put The Mysteries Of Laura there, then why not, The Night Shift or another season of The Biggest Loser later in the season.




As usual, NBC has a lot in store for midseason, especially since they have to replace Sunday nights once the Sunday Night Football has ended and start something new wherever Heroes Reborn and Shades Of Blue end up. The first spot could be filled with another 10-episode mini series, Emerald City, and the second one with Chicago Med or The Player, that could do well with The Blacklist. The Player could also be launched on Monday after The Voice if the first season of Blindspot is split into two parts. I don’t see English co-produced Apocalypse Slough appearing anywhere on the regular schedule but Friday is a possibility, and I guess Game Of Silence will end up at 10 on Sundays during springtime. The extra comedies ordered could take The Voice‘s slot on Tuesday between two editions.


What do YOU think?

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NBC | 2015/2016 Pilot Season: The Best & Worst


Before NBC reveals its new schedule next Sunday, here’s the best & worst of their pilot season ! Just my humble opinion.



1. BLINDSPOT – Ordered to series

an high octane thriller with two kick-ass characters at the center of it, that will please those who like action scenes as much as those who are more into suspense and mysteries. It’s a no-brainer pick-upFull preview here

2. THE PLAYER – Ordered to series

it’s fast-paced, it’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s smart and it’s kind of fun. There is a mythology behind, a lot questions to be answered, a lot of characters whose motivations need to be explained and the promise of a thrilling ride.Full preview here

3. GAME OF SILENCE – Ordered to series

 “this one is probably the hardest to sell on this network. Not only because it’s the darkest, with less action and more psychology -which is definitely a good thing- but because it’s heavily serialized with just one little procedural element.” Full preview here


mostly ridiculous, with some crazy scenes (…)  but that’s exactly what makes the show attractive at the same time.Full preview here

5. SHADES OF BLUE – Ordered to series

It’s basically a female character driven procedural that tries to be a little bit more. Jennifer Lopez may have found the right vehicle to remind people she’s not just a singer and an American Idol judge.” Full preview here


the closest thing to Empire any network has to offer as of now. It is very different in many ways but NBC certainly has something to play with here. But they should not expect the same ratings.Full preview here

7. HEARTBREAKER – Ordered to series

as cheesy as it sounds. But I’m not saying it’s a total mess. In fact, it’s quite solid. But for a show developed during 2004/2005 pilot season (and I may be indulgent), not 2015/2016.Full preview here

8. WARRIOR – Has a shot

it’s not fun, most of the time. It’s not emotional (…) the perfect example of those projects not worth a pilot order that get it anyway for whatever mysterious reasons.Full a preview

9. UNVEILED – Looks dead

should never ever see the light of day. Not on a network. Not in 2015. Not in real life! Full preview here




1. STRANGE CALLS – Officially Dead

“Really different, really special, really funny. Loved it! Maybe not broad enough but definitely a keeper!”

2. SUPERSTORE – Ordered to series

NBC desperately needs a broad comedy that can please low and middle class America as much as well-educated viewers, young and old people, blacks and whites and latinos… Superstore can be this one.Full preview here

3. TELENOVELA – Ordered to series

“It’s not as good as Desperate Housewives was when it started and it’s different in many ways but it’s good enough to entertain us once a week and do the trick, but for how long?”  Full preview here

4. HOW WE LIVE – Has a shot

“Not as original as it wants to be, but pretty funny overall. Tries too hard to be the next Modern Family, but can’t blame them.”


“Isn’t it a waste of Carrie Preston’s huge talent? A multicamera comedy is not really where we want to see her, but she certainly can improve the material, which is not bad to begin with. Just déjà vu.”

6. TAKE IT FROM US – Looks dead

“Some sort of How I Met Your mother type of comedy, by one of How I Met Your Mother’s writer. Found the characters really cool. Wouldn’t mind watching it.

7. NOT SAFE FOR WORK – Looks dead

Most of the pilot is about embarrassing scenes with awkward people you’re slowly falling in love with. I’m not sure there’s really a show in there, it’s too much of a love triangle and not much of anything else, but it’s not bad at all. Just not what NBC needs right now.”

8. PEOPLE ARE TALKING – Ordered to series

“Too much. People are talking too much! This multicamera comedy has an interesting diversity cast element -blacks, asian, white- and some really funny lines but in the end, it’s not a show and characters I feel like I want to go back to.”

9. SHARING – Looks dead

Too geeky, definitely not broad enough. Might be cool. Might be fun. But won’t last long. That’s old NBC.”

10. PROBLEM CHILD – Has a shot

With Bishop, the famous Problem Child, talking directly to the camera all along the episode, you can’t keep thinking about Malcolm. The show has a hard time becoming its own thing. And the cast is not crazy attractive. It’s a pass for me.

11. CUCKOO (US) – Officially Dead

Have never watched the British show it’s based on, but pretty sure it’s as awful as this one. I mean, Cuckoo is a fucking pain in the ass, whatever the side of the Pond. I didn’t find him funny any second. Just wanted to slap him in the face. The saddest thing is the cast is pretty great (Cheryl Hines & Michael Chicklis, husband and wife!) But please don’t NBC.

What pilots are you rooting for?

“Hot And Bothered” ( aka”Telenovela”) (NBC) preview: when Eva Longoria goes from Gaby to Ana Maria


Single-Camera comedy written and produced by Chrissy Pietrosh (Earl, Cougar Town) & Jessica Goldstein (Earl, Cougar Town). Co-produced by Eva Longoria & Ben Spector (The Wedding Band). For NBC, Universal Television & UnbeliEVAble Entertainment. 41 pages.

Description: Ana Maria Calderon is the ambitious star of Latin America’s most beloved tenovela, Las Leyes de Pasion. She strives to stay on top in a world where the drama on-camera is nothing compared with what’s happening offscreen. The day her ex-husband who cheated on her is cast as her new love interest on the show, she goes totally crazy… until she decides it’s time to bury the hatchet. Something she will regret quickly… 

With Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break), Diana Maria Riva (The West Wing, The Bridge US), Jencarlos Canela

rate rate rate

First things first: like it or not, Telenovela is one of those shows you will hear about a lot next fall -and even before that- because NBC will surely spend a ton of money to promote it, hoping it will become their next great comedy hit, their first in years indeed. They have already committed to 13 episodes, without ordering any pilot first, just based on the script, the potential it demonstrates and the power of its leading lady (and producer): Miss Eva Longoria. Plus, as diversity is the most discussed subject on TV right now, Tenevola fits perfectly with what networks are looking for in that department: an almost all latino cast with a very popular latina at the center of it, who can heavily attract Spanish speaking americans as much as white people and every minority you can think of (afro-americans, gays…). Of course, that’s the plan on paper. But things don’t always turn out the way they should. In the end, the show needs to be good. The rest is luck… and good scheduling. So, is Telenovela good?

No. It’s not. it’s just OK for now, with decent writing but nothing much new to offer. Showing the behind-the-scenes of a TV series, whereas it’s a comedy, a soap opera or a telenovela has already been done too many times, 30 Rock being the best example there is. And Tina Fey is clearly nowhere to be found on this project. The bigger than life tone of telenovelas has already been gently mocked by fellows Ugly Betty, 30 Rock itself, and more recently by Happyland and Jane The Virgin. Telenovela does the exact same thing, without throwing anything new into the mix. It makes most of the twists way too obvious. That being said, some lines made me smile and I nearly laughed once or twice, some situations totally work. It’s fast-paced and energetic. But be aware you won’t get punchlines every five seconds in here, which is sad because Eva Longoria knows how to deliver them every time she gets the chance. She had plenty of time to exercise during Desperate Housewives 8-years run.

But forget about Gabrielle Solis. Welcome to Ana Maria. Oh and be careful: you might not be able to notice the difference, and for a good reason! There is none. You won’t discover a new side of Eva Longoria’s talent in this show. She’s playing the exact same funny bitch we are used, who’s not as bad as she wants people to think she is. She has a big heart and can be sweet at times… bla bla bla. She’s Gaby, if Gaby was a real star, not just the star of Wisteria Lane. She’s the diva Eva Longoria was born to play (over and over again). We can’t really complain about that since she’s really good at it and pretty bad for pretty much anything else. But still. Been there, done that. Either you miss Gaby and you will be happy to have her back (kinda), either you had enough of her and won’t be able to watch Telenovela more than 5 minutes. Me, I chose to be happy. The eccentric galery of secondary characters who revolves around her is promising, with the gay paranoid co-star, the jolly bestfriend, the cat… yes, there’s a cat, a wicked one… great stooges!

I may not sound too excited by Telenovela but deep down inside I think I am a little bit, and I’m sure you are too. Because we all miss Desperate Housewives to varying degrees. It’s not as good as DH was when it started and it’s different in many ways but it’s good enough to entertain us once a week and do the trick, but for how long?

“Telenovela”: Eva Longoria comedy is a go at NBC!



UPDATE: NBC made it official! Telenovela is ordered to series for 13 episodes.

Ex-Desperate Housewives alumna is bound to come back to TV in the lead role of a new comedy called “Telenovela” for NBC. The shooting of the pilot should start next February. Still, the Peacock has yet to announce the order.

She’s producing the single-camera project via her own studio UnbeliEVAble with Universal Television, about an ambitious telenovela star (played by herself of course!) who struggles to stay on top in a world where the drama on-camera is nothing compared to the drama off-camera. If NBC sticks to the plan, it should get a direct-to-series order for a 13 episodes commitment. It was one of the two projects created for her in the past few months revealed Deadline last September, in competition with an ABC’s Untitled Comedy Project written by Trophy Wife‘s creators. It tells the story of a successful home renovator who can’t stop problem solving when she leaves the job site – especially when it comes to her boyfriend, her family, a random delivery guy, and basically everyone she comes into contact with.

She had to decide before the end of 2014 and it seems like Telenovela is the winner, for obvious reasons: better suited for her, more distinctive from Desperate Housewives, greater control on the show since she’s a producer, much more money to make out of it also… and the opportunity to give her best-friend Mario Lopez a job! It doesn’t mean ABC’s project won’t be ordered to pilot but she won’t be attached to it anymore. Should Teri Hatcher try to take over?

NBC’s 20 most exciting projects for 2015/2016 pilot season


The following article is based on descriptions mixed wih talents attached ONLY. None of the scripts have been read at this point. 

 What are NBC’s needs for next season:

– A new The Blacklist, for takings its place on mondays or pairing it with on thursdays

 – At least one original comedy that can attract people one way or another… before extinction!

– Finally a good companion for Grimm on fridays

– Some more old school tepid dramas like the Chicago‘s ‘cos it partially works for now….

– Mini-series to follow the steps of A.D. (The Bible follow-up that could score big this spring)

Drama Scripts ordered: around 35 / Comedy Scripts ordered: around 55

Drama pilots ordered last year: 8 /  Comedy pilots ordered last year: 17

8 Drama Pilots should be ordered / 12 Comedy pilots should be ordered

Observation: NBC’s list of projects is surprisingly weak for next season, with very few attractive ones, most of them sounding the same: déjà vu, very dark, with a supernatural twist… and it doesn’t look like what works for them at all! I have no idea what they’re doing, but they’re doing it wrong. This year, Odyssey and Allegiance are steps in the right direction… creatively… until ratings come probably!  A to Z and Marry Me were not awful comedies, but it was clear from the get go they could’nt get huge. The Mysteries Of Laura… Well… They succeed with it for something like two seconds. State Of Affairs was a no-brainer order but it turned out people didn’t want to have Katherine Heigl on their couch every week.

NBC is not ambitious enough anymore. They are still trying to find their identity and it’s taking a very very long time. The Voice is already declining as everybody expected because of two seasons every year. Be careful, NBC…



BLINDSPOT (Warner Bros. Television)

What? An FBI agent is drawn into a complex conspiracy when a naked amnesiac is found in Times Square covered in fresh tattoos… including his name on her back

Why? This wannabe The Blacklist produced by hit maker Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Brothers & Sisters) has an exciting premise even if the word “conspiracy” should be banned from any new pitch. It always sounds like catastrophe. Anyway, if the conspiracy is only adressed every other week and if it starts more like an ambitious procedural, NBC might have a winner!

DECALOGUE (Wonder Monkey Entertainment)

What? Domestic take on the Danish mini-series of the same name, which examines the Ten Commandments in a modern setting, with each episode exploring one or several moral and ethical issues

Why? Here is the mini-series project that could be an interesting follow-up to A.D. The Bible, if one is needed in case of a large success. I wouldn’t consider it a perfect one since it’s a bit derivative but with Todd Ellis Kessler as a writer (The Good Wife, The Practice, Nashville), we can expect at least something good.

THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE (Warner Bros. Television)

What? Based on the novel-turned-feature of the same name about a public defender who joins a law firm that is run by the Devil himself

Why? It’s easy to be against movie adaptations just for the sake of it, especially this year when there are plenty of them in development. But sometimes a good idea is a good idea, no matter what. And trying to refresh the good old legal drama with a supernatural twist can’t be that bad. If NBC let it be suitably dark with a deeper mythology than the movie, plus the usual cases of the week, then there’s hope. John Wells (ER, Shameless) is producing. That’s reassuring.

ENDGAME (Sony Pictures Television)

What? A former intelligence officer, while working as a security expert for the wealthy, is wrongly accused of the brutal murder of his wife; a syndicate of powerful people offers him freedom in exchange for stopping high-stakes crimes, as he continues to avenge his wife’s death and uncover the game-like conspiracy among his mysterious employer

Why? Pretty strong premise, even if nothing here sounds original. It comes from John Rogers, creator of Leverage and The Librarians for TNT. He’s able to make entertaining TV. It wouldn’t hurt to add some dark humor to the story. Why so serious?

FREQUENCY (Warner Bros. Television)

What? small screen take on the Jim Caviezel/Dennis Quaid-led 2000 feature, in which an NYPD detective connects with his son, 30 years in the future and the two must work together to change the history of tragic events to come while also getting the chance to heal their complicated relationship

Why? The Fringe vibe of this project makes it sound like something we already know, besides the fact that it’s a movie adaptation of course, and something we’d be interested to return to ‘cos there’s a lot to say and do with this story. It’s basically the promise of an effective procedural with strong characters driving it towards a solid mythology. Person Of Interest isn’t that far either…

MANHUNT (Universal Television)

What? Anthology-style drama focusing on the mounting tension of an entire city on the hunt for a fugitive roaming the streets at large. Each season will examine the moment an American, or International City becomes a police state, a war zone or a ground zero and the ensuing bloodlust it inspires.

Why? If this show makes it to series, then it would be a great opportunity for young writers Whit Brayton & Zach Rice, creators of the show, who are just starting their career. Their spec script was hot last summer and NBC entered a bidding war with a cable channel to get it. It’s already a 10-episode commitment with a cast contingent, meaning it’s looking good. The story is exciting, the promise is all action and suspense. This is a great idea for an anthology. Really looking forward to it…

RAVEN ROCK (Paramount Television)

What? drama which explores the history of our government’s secret efforts to ensure survival if most of America or its leaders are killed in a nuclear attack on the U.S.

Why?  Can we call it the most ambitious & exciting drama project of NBC’s plate this season? Yes, we can. Based on a book not yet published, it is Robert Zemeckis produced. What is Raven Rock you’re asking? Raven Rock is a massive, classified, underground military installation in Pennsylvania (one of several secret military bunkers), which will serve as the central command post for the U.S. government in the wake of a nuclear attack. I think there’s no need to explain more: this show has to get off the ground!


What? limited series about the Beatles that would tell the story of the greatest band of all time

Why? From the channel that brought you Smash, Sound Of Music Live!, Peter Pan Live! and The Voice of course… It seems like a no-brainer, also considering it is written by Michael Hirst, the man behind The Borgias, The Tudors & Vikings.  It’s a very different beast but I’m sure he can make something great out of it. Let’s do it before movies do!

WASTELAND (Sony Pictures Television)

What? limited series about a hardened U.S. Marshal, who in the wake of a massive prison break, is charged with hunting down fugitives with supernatural powers, while unlocking the mystery of his past

Why? First, I’m not sure why this particular project is billed as a limited series since it’s a premise that could sustains for many years. Let’s make it a real drama series! Second, why is it a man at the center of the show? It’s the case of 90% of NBC’s projects and it is starting to get irritating and suspicious. Anyway, if Manhunt is not going to series, it could be a good alternative. Pairing it with Grimm is a possibility, if they are still hoping to find a companion for the friday show.

THE ZONE (ABC Studios)

What?  In a present-day prison colony situated in an uninhabited area of California where there are no guards, no laws, and the prisoners are left to fend for themselves, a young woman, skilled in combat and survival, has gotten herself incarcerated so that she can find her father who went missing before his sentence was up

Why? It’s pretty clear why ABC’s chiefs decided not to keep this project for themselves. They couldn’t have paired it with anything already existing. But I still find it a little sad. They could have tried. This is an out of the box idea and they need some. On NBC, I’m not sure it’s a good fit either but it surely has a potential and this time it’s a female-lead project! Still, I don’t think they can make 22 episodes per season out of it…



BEWITCHED (Sony Pictures Television)

What? re-imagining the famed 1964-1972 series which centers on Daphne – Samantha’s granddaughter and Tabitha’s daughter – a single twentsomething witch who has always used her magical powers to conjure herself the perfect life

Why? In time of crisis -and NBC’s comedy department is in a serious one obviously- cinema and television tend to rely on established properties people already know about. So they can get publicity without even spending a dollar. As stupid as this new Bewitched sounds -and I actually don’t think it sounds that bad- NBC really should try it. Order a pilot, sign Malin Akerman for the role -or any other skilled AND blond comedy actress- and shoot the best show you can! If it really stinks, just forget about it. If it’s good, give it the best timeslot you can, advertise it a bit and just pray for a miracle!

DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS (Sony Pictures Television)

What? an irreverent family comedy about three teenage boys who are given a dad’s guide to living lives full of adventure after he passes away

Why? Sir Bryan Cranston -yeah Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston- is producing this comedy written by Greg Mottola, mostly known for his directing (Supergrave, Paul, The Newsroom recently). It looks emotional and funny, add it a Malcolm vibe of some sort. I’m not saying it can become THE comedy. But it sure can be a good one.


What? a disparate group of employees working at a big-box store in Middle America and the love stories that ultimately will unfold among them

Why? Apart from winning the price of “the most pretentious title” of the season, this comedy from writer Justin Spitzer (The Office) is trying something kind of new: mixing the workplace comedy style with the romantic/friendship one. Friends meets The Office. Interesting. I wouldn’t bet a lot on it though…

HOSPITALITY (Universal Television)

What? multi-camera comedy which would air live every week, set in a midtown Manhattan hotel and focuses on the hospitality staff

Why? Will & Grace days are long gone now. It’s one of the few recent shows that made a couple of live episodes, on NBC already. Sean Hayes was part of it, as an actor. He witnessed the process. And now he is much more a producer (he’s behind Hot In Cleveland and Grimm) and he’s offering to do that live episode thing every week. It is coming back to the roots of television. It is a crazy idea but a damn exciting one! If NBC can budget it and order it, Hospitality can really make noise and motivate people to watch live. Imagine it behind The Voice live performances. They can really make a difference here!

THE IT CROWD (Warner Bros. Television)

What? import of the U.K. series, about two IT nerds stuck in the basement of a major corporation who know nothing about how to interact with people, and their newly installed, ambitious female manager, who knows nothing about computers

Why? Just before The Big Bang Theory became a hit for CBS, before geeks became a thing on fiction, NBC worked on the adaptation of The IT Crowd and even shot a pilot with Joel McHale (who became one year later the star of Community) and Jessica St. Clair. It was even ordered to series before NBC decided to call the whole thing off for mysterious reasons. Now, they want to try it again, with new writers and Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougar Town) attached as a producer. It’s probably too little too late but it’s worth a try.

TELENOVELA (Universal Television)

What? an ambitious telenovela star who struggles to stay on top in a world where the drama on-camera is nothing compared to the drama off-camera

Why? NBC still has the bad habit to order shows where television and its messy behind-the-scenes are dealt with every week, even when this is not the major plot point. For one great 30 Rock who was all about it, we had so-so Up All Night, Go On, The New Normal and The Michael J. Fox show, who mixed it with family or romantic elements. Nobody cared about it. Here it’s just television and behind the scenes. And it is a vehicle designed for and by Eva Longoria, whose return to television can be a real event. She’s still very popular. It’s a better option than Kate On Later, a project starring Lauren Graham (we love her, that’s not the point) about the female anchor of a late show. Something that doesn’t exist in real life at this point, sadly.

TUNED (Universal Television)

What? an ambitious New Yorker whose life is upended by sudden musical hallucinations; while these vivid hallucinations threaten to completely derail his enviable life, he’ll eventually realize that they might lead him on a more fulfilling journey

Why? Eva Longoria is also producing this project, with the delicious Zachary Levi attached to star. This man can do everything, especially singing (Remember his voice in animated movie Tangled). Just for the pleasure of seeing him every week doing its magic, Tuned is an exciting project. The story reminds me of Eli Stone, an ABC’s legal dramedy from a few years ago (which was good). A comedy format is probably better suited for that kind of idea.


What? a young, agnostic woman inherits a church and the crew of strong-willed characters makes up her new community

Why? Parks And Recreation is coming to an end this year, and NBC definitely needs some more Amy Poehler in its schedule (even if her ratings suck). She’s producing this one and probably don’t plan to have a role in it -except for a guest stint- but it sounds different enough. If they can make it less “niche” than Parks -meaning no mockumentary format- maybe people could get excited about it. I am. If it’s too good for them, just pull an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

UNTITLED BILL COSBY PROJECT (Sony Pictures Television)

What? multi-camera comedy about a patriarch of a multi-generational family who shares his many years of wit, wisdom and experience to help his daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren navigate their complicated modern lives

Why? This project won’t make it to pilot nor to series for very good reasons we all know about (for those who weirdly don’t: Bill Cosby is in the middle of a multiple rapes scandal). NBC officially announced the cancellation a few weeks ago and obviously made the right call. Still, it had potential. The potential to become the Modern Family of NBC. That won’t happen now. And we won’t cry over it.

THE WALK-UP (Universal Television)

What? multi-camera comedy about two 30-something couples – one with a baby on the way – who decide to buy and live in a Brooklyn brownstone together, creating their own version of the modern urban family

Why? The idea of a pilot season without a project from Jason Katims is atrocious, all the more with Parenthood ending and About a boy probably getting canceled. So there’s that. Plus, this premise is interesting, especially for a multi-camera show. It sounds warm. It needs to be funny too. With the right actors, there’s the potential to do something great. Fingers already crossed!