“Blackbirds” (“Titans”) TNT pilot from DC Comics postponed…


FOURTH UPDATE: TNT has decided to pull the plug on the project (01/07/16)

THIRD UPDATE: The “Blackbirds” pilot is a never-ending story… I just learned the project is still very much in the mix but the shooting is now postponed to october, still in Toronto. Another pilot for TNT, “Animal Kingdom”, adapted from the Australian movie of the same name, will start shooting before, in July (in Los Angeles) (06/26/15)

SECOND UPDATE: The show is now entitled “Blackbirds” and the shooting is expected to start in the summer, in Toronto. With the upfronts coming soon (TNT is on May 13th), more informations may come out. 

UPDATE: The pilot will be shot more precisely this spring! Cast announcements will happen shortly. 

Article initially published on December 14

A couple of months after the rumored pilot order by TNT -which has never been confirmed by the network so far- Geoff Johns , one of the writers of Titans, answered to a fan on Twitter that it will be shot in 2015.

The Warner Horizon project adapted from DC Comics’ famous Teen Titans series focuses on Dick Grayson, who emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new super heroes including Starfire, Raven and many others. Probably better suited for the CW, which has already found success in Arrow and The Flash, Titans is the clear proof that TNT is looking for younger viewers after the cancellations of Dallas, Franklin & Bash and some others that struggled to attract the demo. The channel ordered mostly supernatural drama pilots, since their last successes are genre shows Falling Skies & The Last Ship. The casting process on Titans has already started. The question is: will the superheroes stay teens in this version? Not so sure. The shorter title already looks like a clue…


    • Lulla says:

      I don’t know about the “Blackbirds” pilot for Starz, but TNT’s one is scheduled for an october shoot. It seems like a coincidence.

  1. Nerder says:

    Since Starz already has a “Blackbirds” TV show (based on the book series) in development since last year + that name makes no sense for the (Teen) Titans at all. Plus, it doesn’t seem that TNT is referring to it as Blackbirds at all.

      • Nerder says:

        So “Blackbirds” is basically just a code name or some sort of cover name for the pilot, is that what you are saying?

        • Lulla says:

          Nope. It just means it still can change, but it’s not a cover or anything. This is how it is called for the time being, whether you like it or not.

          • truthseeker says:

            Blackbirds could be the title they will be using when they are filming and has nothing to do with the script. Studios often use code names while shooting so that the public won’t bombard the location area they are filming at. Just like Torchwood was used when Doctor Who was first being shot on location 10 years ago. You really need to learn the industry. This is the second false “scoop” I’ve seen from you within a couple weeks.

          • Lulla says:

            You have absolutely nothing to teach me about the industry. I know exactly what a code name is. And telling you the show is called “Blackbirds” is the scoop. Whether they change it later on is another thing I’m not responsible for…

          • truthseeker says:

            Not a scoop as you are intentionally trying to pass off a series title that is not the title. You did the same thing with your Zelda “scoop” by saying it was going to be at Amazon when that was a totally different project. How did that turn out for you? Oh yeah, you were WRONG!

          • Lulla says:

            You’re getting ridiculous, man. I don’t try to pass it off as the title : IT’S THE FUCKING TITLE, at least for now. This is the information. It has nothing to do with Zelda, for which I apologized. And please, I had other scoops before, which revealed true. You can see the only mistake I made if you want to, but that’s dumb.

      • Alex says:

        Hi do you by chance know any information on where or when I could audition for a role, unless they all have been already casted for? But I only heard that Steven McQueen or nick theurer were competing for the role of robin but I havnt heard about any of the other charictars?

      • GachFacj says:

        where are your sources, everywhere else you find this article it links back to yours. you’re not the hollywood reporter, your site is practically fake. i trust the hollywood reporter because there would be backlash, and you need credibility. you’re just some random hobo making articles in the internet cafe down the block ya old turd

        • Lulla says:

          My site is practically fake? Thanks for that! And you think my pilot previews are fake too?
          I don’t force you to believe me. You’ll see.

          • Tydeus says:

            Calm down, it’s legit. The TNT guys said they’d be open for a CW crossover, and the show is now called Blackbirds. The lineup includes Nightwing, Oracle, Raven, Starfire, Hawk and Dove. Hopefully Arsenal joines.

          • Tydeus says:

            Although all info does report back to this site with no source other than “my own”, everything else is right and already known but “Blackbirds” seems like you’ve pulled it out of a hat. “Hey, lets mess with people today and claim we know stuff” 😛

          • Lulla says:

            I already gave other informations that proved to be right in the past, for other projects. I don’t have to give away my sources.

  2. John says:

    Oh my god, where did you find this out at? I’m so excited! And is the Arrowverse connection speculation, or…. ?

  3. Tonya says:

    I will be sad if this goes the way of Wonder Woman. I am not going to lie Supergirl the movie is guilty pleasure of mine. I loved seeing Kara fly through the air with John Williams music (even if the backdrop was cheesy). There was something so innocent and beautiful about Kara and her school girl shenanigans with Lucy. I didn’t even mind Faye Dunaway’s over acting too much. Point being I was looking forward to seeing this show, it is about time we got a female superhero show that was good. I was hoping this one would stick because Supergirl really is a great character.

    As far as this being on cbs, it could work but it is going to have to nurtured heavily as it is a different demographic for cbs. The question is whether cbs would consider that a sound investment given there other tv pilots.

  4. Ned says:

    I don’t think the characters will be teens in this show. I figured that out as soon as the original title of the show was revealed to be Titans and not Teen Titans. Nightwing, Starfire, Raven and the others became Titans once they were too old to be Teen Titans.

  5. Boby says:

    We don’t see a teenage show like “Melrose Place” or “The OC” because networks don’t try to have something really good which can attract a lot of people ! There is not even a single drama pilot ordered this year focusing on a young cast ! And did you already forget “Glee” ? It was a massive success for FOX during 2 years and it was not in the 90s !
    But I’m sure something fresh will explode one day and everyone will try it again, like with “Empire” : you can be sure to see a lot of pitchs for new soaps next year !

    • Lulla says:

      I don’t see how you can consider “Supergirl” is this “really good thing” that can attract a lot of people.
      Not a single drama pilot ordered focusing on a young cast? Well… I can give you 6! Studio City, Quantico, Kingmakers, LFE, Cheerleader Death Squad, and of course Scream Queens.

      • Boby says:

        First, I was not talking about the CW of course.
        Second, “Scream Queens” is a series order, there is not pilot here (:D).
        Third, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT !? You change the subject !
        I was talking to you about TEENAGE SHOWS like “90210”, “Melrose Place” or “The OC” or “Glee” ! OK, I can consider that “Scream Queens” is somewhere a teen show (and not on CW), but not the others !! So how can you tell that teenage shows can not work on a network if no one try to schedule it or even try to develop it ? And “Glee” proved that it can still work in 2010 ! Because I can’t remember a teenage show like “The OC” and Co. that flopped in recent years !

        • Lulla says:

          As you said, “Glee” was a phenomenon… for 2 seasons. “The OC” really worked for one. Both were on FOX, where the expectations are a little less higher than on other networks. If networks didn’t try much, there’s probably a reason why: studies may have proved they shouldn’t count on it. ABC, CBS & NBC never had successful teen shows. ABC tried with “Life as we know it” and “My so-called Life”. NBC with “Freaks & Geeks”. They all flopped hard. And now, even The CW goes more and more adult. Then again, there’s a reason why. It’s a target harder and harder to catch, and too little for what networks are looking for, money-wise. Teen shows don’t attract beyond 34… It means 34 to 49 are elsehwere in the mean time.
          Let me add “Studio City” has many teenagers and twentysomething characters at the center of it. The heroin is 17. And again, it’s for FOX 🙂
          And it’s not me who changed the subject. We were talking about “Supergirl” and “Teen Titans” at the beginning. My point was “Supergirl” is not a CBS show. Period.

  6. Boby says:

    You have to stop saying that the DC Comics are “better suited for CW” like you do here and like you do with “Supergirl” ! The Super-Hero treatment can be more adult and not only for the 18-34 years old ! Watch “Lois & Clark” : it deals with a super-hero and it was an adult show for ABC, and it was not better suited for a CW-like channel (for example WB). Stop being so narrow-minded with these projects ! It’s like saying that all procedurals should go to CBS !

    • Lulla says:

      First, “Loïs & Clark” was broadcasted 20 years ago! TV changed a LOT since. The WB (equivalent of the CW now) didn’t even exist when it was created! Plus, the characters were +30 years old. It helped. FOX had “90210”, “Melrose Place”, “The OC”. Do you see the same type of teenage show on a network now? No. There’s a reason. Here, we’tre talking about teenagers for “Blackbirds” and a twentysomething for “Supergirl”. It’s not “Superwoman”. With the fragmentation of the audience -I’m sure you’re aware of that tiny little fact…- it’s even more difficult now to reach the audience you’re targeting. “Blackbirds” on TNT, why not. If it’s dark, male-oriented, maybe it has a chance. But “Supergirl”, I still don’t see it working on CBS. Older viewers won’t try it, and the younger audience will be hard to reach. The numbers will be low. It’s not about a DC Comics show on a network (Gotham is right where it should be in my opinion), it’s about the right show for the right channel.
      And just so you know, I don’t think all procedurals should go to CBS (even if Forever on ABC, Backstrom on FOX and some others prove it’s always harder for a procedural to work outside of CBS now). But procedurals are almost dead; he doesn’t really matter.

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